Bet99 is mixing things up with exciting new Crazy Billions partnership
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Bet99 is mixing things up with exciting new Crazy Billions partnership

As time passes on, betting fans all over Canada are seeing all of the gambling laws change, and it's become more and more exciting. Now, Bet99 has decided to add some more fun ways to place wagers for its users, and it's being talked about quite a bit. That's because Bet99 is mixing things up with an exciting new Crazy Billions partnership that was just announced in early January.

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  • Normally, folks would go to Bet99 to check out the different sports odds and place bets. Things are receiving plenty of new attention now that single-sports betting has been made legal in Canada as well as in the summer. But with this new partnership with Crazy Billions, it's now allowing for Bet99 users to play online casino games such as slots, table games, lottery and so much more.

    This is adding a totally different kind of betting experience for people who have used Bet99. Now, though, it's going to entice even more users to sign up with their sportsbook over other competitors. The feedback for this decision from both parties has been well received, as people are excited to take advantage of all these new offerings. The Bet99 team is quite excited about things too.

    “Crazy Billions being available to our platform has enhanced our offering and an even greater selection of games," Bet99 CEO Milena Tsekova said shortly after the partnership with Crazy Billions was announced earlier this year. "Lottery and instant win games help drive acquisition and retention rates thanks to game-speed and regular mega prize draws.”

    Bet99 is now loaded with an array of casino games for its users

    As you might have been able to guess, Bet99 is now loaded with an array of casino games for its users to have fun with. When you head to their site, you can see casino games for people. At the top of the site, the first option is sports, but then you'll see the casino, live casino, bingo and lottery. For people who prefer the casino-type method for having some fun and placing bets, Bet99 really is the place to be for you.

    With that said, the fact that Bet99 is so diverse and also offers full sports odds for people to take a look at and bet on as well is special. This gives people the best of both worlds for all of their wagering needs. This has been something that Bet99, founded back in 2019, has taken great pride in. Now with this partnership with Crazy Billions, they're indeed taking things to a fun, new and exciting level.

    “We’ve been impressed right from the start of our relationship with Bet99 and believe our portfolio of more than 50 titles will benefit their offering," Crazy Billions director Ashley Sandyford-Sykes said in a statement. "Crazy Billions delivers value to its partners by leveraging the games library to streamline customer journeys and meet demand in a fast-paced industry.”

    As you can see from Sandyford-Sykes' quote above, Crazy Billions has also been quite content with this partnership and things are only going to get better in the future. With more and more users signing up for Bet99, it's only going to add to the great publicity for the two companies. All in all, this has been a great decision for the two sides. Exciting things are on the way down the road as well.

    Crazy Billions partnership isn't the only exciting news for Bet99

    Elsewhere, the Crazy Billions partnership isn't the only exciting news for Bet99, as it was just announced by the company that they've agreed to a seven-figure deal with Toronto Maple Leafs superstar Auston Matthews. This is a major endorsement deal for Matthews, but this is also nothing short of massive for Bet99 as well. To be able to sign a player of Matthews' calibre is unreal.

    Matthews is one of the first hockey stars to reach an endorsement deal like this too. Previously, players were banned from working with sportsbooks, but things were recently lifted. Now, Bet99 has shown just how serious they are in making noise with their competitors by landing Matthews. Matthews is widely considered one of the best young talents in the league.

    Bet99 of course is no stranger to attracting top talent for endorsement deals, as the partnership with Georges St. Pierre of the UFC really made a major impact. St. Pierre is one of the most respected athletes in all of Canada, so for Bet99 to team up with him has been fantastic to see. Now, Bet99 is ready to see Matthews make a big-time splash as well.

    Between this new Matthews news, plus the partnerships with Crazy Billions, Bet99 is continuing to show why it's considered one of the most respected sportsbooks out there. They're always ready to bring the best of the best for their users. Things are only going to keep trending in that direction if they continue to add endorsements and reach new deals like the one they did with Crazy Billions.