Amelia Vega, Al Horford's Wife

Like how Al Horford is the best Dominican basketball player on the planet, his wife, Amelie Vega was at one point the top Dominican woman. The former Miss Universe Beauty Pageant titleholder wed the Boston Celtics all-star forward last 2011 and is expecting her second child with him. Vega isn’t only a beauty queen but also has worked as a singer, actress, and model. She’ll be front and center cheering for her beau as he helps his new team make a deep playoff run.

Dominican Dream Girl

Boston Celtics Take The East

The Celtics acquisition of Al Horford further vaulted them into contention in a conference playing catch-up with the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron and his boys took care of business against the East leading teams like the Celtics, Atlanta Hawks, and Indiana Pacers to make significant roster changes. The Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks also made blockbuster deals ensuring the Eastern Conference looks drastically different this season. Horford will help the Celtics improve on their 48-win campaign from last year.

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