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2017 NHL Western Conference Futures Betting Lines

2017 NHL Western Conference Futures Betting Lines

Who is the best out west this year? Can they win it all? The Chicago Blackhawks and the LA Kings are favoured by most to win the NHL Western conference this year, and an argument can be made for either team to win the Cup. Of course, the Mighty Ducks and the Sharks feel they have a legit shot at winning the conference, but neither can make a case that’s convincing to get oddsmakers or experts behind them. 

NHL Western Conference Odds

2017 NHL Western Conference Betting Lines William Hill

I would say there are 6 teams legit teams out West that could win it all, if they stay healthy. The Hawks (+400), the Kings (+500), the Stars (+700), The Ducks (+800), The Sharks (+800) and the Blues (+800) all have a legit shot. Obviously, betting on any of the last 3 I’ve mentioned is a risk, but a very calculated one. I would say top to bottom, their rosters are no less talented (from a potential perspective) than the top 3.

NHL Western Conference Winner Prediction

BET Anaheim Ducks @+800 AT William HillOur money is behind the Anaheim Ducks this year, as they present a really great opportunity for people who want to bet on the NHL. They’re ranked 4th in the Western Conference, with 800 odds. That’s a bargain, in my view. Randy Carlyle is back on the bench and I really feel he can spark the level of play that brought them to the Cup in 2007. The team looked really uninspired in losing in the first round last year, and this was exactly the coaching shakeup the team needed.

All the pieces are thereRyan Getzlaf, Corey Perry and Ryan Kesler have a closing window, but the window is still open. At 31-years-old, most players are at a good age where they’re bodies aren’t failing them yet, but likely have about a decade of pro hockey and experience. If they can get off to a great start, and rediscover their confidence, they can get the hometown crowds very much behind and really put something together.

2016/17 NHL Western Conference Schedule

Results / FixturesNHL

How will the World Cup of Hockey help/ hurt the NHL season? There’s no doubt that there are benefits to having you players playing against the best in the world, and having them prepare for the season in intense and fiery World Cup action. 

For example, the Ducks are sending 8 of their players to the World Cup, to play for their respective countries. Which is great, unless Hampus Lindholm goes down with an injury, and now you’re out a defenceman for the year. The Hawks are sending 10 of their guys, so how will that impact their season? Only time will tell. 

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