10 Soccer Wives You Need to Follow on Instagram

There are many benefits to being a professional athlete. The hordes of adoring fans, the multi-million dollar contracts and, or course, the beautiful women. Soccer players have a long history of marrying stunning models and beautiful actresses – and that tradition continues on today. There are plenty of soccer players in the many leagues around the world, so narrowing it down to just 10 was difficult. Here are 10 soccer wives and girlfriends you need to follow on Instagram.  

Hot Soccer Wives On Instagram

The Hottest Soccer Betting Lines 

The link between soccer betting – or actually any sport – and the players’ wives/girlfriends is relatively minimal. A very intensive bettor may try to predict when a player could miss a game if their wife is expecting or the impact the end of a relationship could have a player’s production. A fling with a supermodel hopefully would not affect a player’s performance at the FIFA World Cup, but a lengthy and drawn out divorce could strain a player.

The best teams find ways to avoid media coverage of external matters influencing the team dynamic. When big tournaments such as the Euro Cup or UEFA Champions League draw in worldwide coverage and even more opinions – player’s marital relationships are fair game. If a team is well built with smart leaders and managers, then these distractions are nothing more than hot air.

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