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NHL Futures: Semifinal Playoff Odds Update

NHL Futures: Semifinal Playoff Odds Update

Stanley Cup Semifinal Playoff Contenders

Elite Eight NHL playoff action is upon us as Conference Semifinal fights open in the East and West tonight. Top ranked CSB online bookmakers are forecasting a Nashville vs Tampa Bay Stanley Cup Final. The Predators are listed at (+450) at Bodog and Bet365 while the Lightning are posted with (+480) high end Championship odds at Bet365. Betway bookmakers have tagged Boston with a (+450) low end line and SportsInteraction is offering a (+550) best price on the Bruins.

Winnipeg is fourth favorite with a line from (+500) at Bodog to (+625) at Bet365. Magic continues to morph out of Sin City as the Golden Knights are (+600) across the board. Two-time defending Champion Pittsburgh has the largest price spread as the Penguins best odds (+675) are posted at Bet365 and their low is (+550) at SportsInteraction. Washington's Cup line tops out at (+700) at SIA and Betway while San Jose rounds out the Elite Eight with a (+900) best value at Bodog. 

Elite Eight Thoughts: Tampa Bay, Pittsburgh, Nashville and San Jose are Conference Finalists.

NHL Semifinal Playoff Futures Lines Update

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26/04/18 Eastern Conference Semifinal Odds Update

Following an easy series win by Tampa Bay, six game wins by Pittsburgh and Washington, plus Boston needing seven games to polish off Toronto - we are down to the Final Four in the East. The Lightning were impressive as they ousted New Jersey 4-1 and outscored the Devils 18-12 in the process. Pittsburgh is in full playoff flight as they finished off Philadelphia 4-2 as Sidney Crosby & Crew blasted the Flyers by a 28-15 combined final count. We are pleased to see that our Pittsburgh (+450) Week One Cup selection is still alive and that their offense is clicking on all cylinders.

Boston opened their Q-Final series with Toronto by raking the Leafs by a 12-4 margin in the first two games. The Buds fought back from being down 3-1 but the Bruins prevailed with a 7-4 Game 7 victory. As we figured it would be, Washington versus Columbus was the closest East battle as the Capitals and Blue Jackets went to overtime during four of their six contests. Boston is in tough against a rested Tampa Bay Crew while Washington has lost to Pittsburgh in the second round of the postseason the past two years. A Lightning vs Penguins high-flying East Final would be electric.

East Final Four Advice: Tampa Bay Lightning and Pittsburgh Penguins advance in the East.

Week Over Week: From 26/04/18 to 07/05/18 Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Eastern Conference standings. 

Eastern Conference Semifinal Odds Update: 2:30 PM ET on May 7, 2018.

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Lightning  +200 to -152   +210 to -155   +210 to -155   +200 to -150 
Capitals  +300 to +250   +333 to +250   +333 to +260   +325 to +250 
Penguins Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2
Bruins Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2
Maple Leafs Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Blue Jackets Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Flyers Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Devils Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Panthers  OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27 
Hurricanes  OTB Week 26    OTB Week 26    OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27 
Islanders  OTB Week 26    OTB Week 26    OTB Week 26   OTB Week 26 
Rangers  OTB Week 25    OTB Week 22   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27 
Red Wings  OTB Week 25   OTB Week 25    OTB Week 26   OTB Week 26 
Canadiens  OTB Week 23   OTB Week 22   OTB Week 26   OTB Week 26 
Senators  OTB Week 23   OTB Week 19   OTB Week 26   OTB Week 26 
Sabres  OTB Week 22   OTB Week 13  OTB Week 25 
 OTB Week 25 

26/04/18 Western Conference Semifinal Odds Update

Not as long as the East quarterfinal matchups, the Western Conference Final Four controlled their series basically from start to finish. That is especially true with the matches involving Pacific Division teams as Vegas and San Jose swept Los Angeles and Anaheim in four straight games. The Golden Knights squeaked past the Kings by a thin 7-3 margin while the Sharks blasted the Ducks by a 16-4 count. The Vegas Crew continue to defy the odds as they defeated a very playoff experienced Kings squad. The Sharks looked sharp while dusting off the Ducks who closed the season on a 10-1-1 roll.

Winnipeg was impressive versus Minnesota as the Jets soared past the Wild with 4-1 series win that decided by a 16-9 margin. Connor Hellebuyck posted shutouts in the final two contests and was the difference maker in the Jets advancing. Nashville ran up against a hot Colorado Crew but the Predators got past the Avalanche in six games. Looking to get back to West Final, The Preds scored five goal in three of their wins and held the Av's to 14 goals over the six matches. We bought in on Nashville to win the Cup with a (+900) price back in Week 22 and we still like that prediction.

West Final Four Observation: San Jose Sharks and Nashville Predators advance in the West.

Week Over Week: From 26/04/18 to 07/05/18 Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Western Conference standings. 

Western Conference Semifinal Odds Update: 2:30 PM ET on May 7, 2018.

Western Conference Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Jets  +275 to +120 
 +285 to +120   +300 to +130    +300 to +140 
Golden Knights  +250 to +120 
 +270 to +125   +270 to +130    +260 to +120 
Predators Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2
Eliminated RND 2
Sharks Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2 Eliminated RND 2
Avalanche Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Wild Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Ducks Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Kings Eliminated RND 1
Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1 Eliminated RND 1
Blues  OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27 
Stars  OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27    OTB Week 27  
Flames  OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27   OTB Week 27 
 OTB Week 27 
Oilers  OTB Week 23   OTB Week 22   OTB Week 26   OTB Week 26 
Blackhawks  OTB Week 25   OTB Week 23   OTB Week 26    OTB Week 26  
Canucks  OTB Week 23   OTB Week 18   OTB Week 25   OTB Week 25 
Coyotes  OTB Week 22   OTB Week 12  OTB Week 25   OTB Week 25 

NBA, MLB and NFL Are Also Hot Tickets In Canada

Quarterfinal action continues in the National Basketball Association as the Toronto vs Washington, Boston vs Milwaukee, Cleveland vs Indiana and Oklahoma City vs Utah series are still being contested. Houston, New Orleans, Golden State and Philadelphia are waiting on their the second round opponents after bumping off Minnesota, Portland, San Antonio and Miami respectively. The Raptors, Celtics, Cavaliers and Jazz all hold 3-2 series leads as this goes to print. We still see a Raptors vs Rockets Championship clash. Click here to access our NBA Finals futures page. 

Major League Baseball has reached the one-eighth pole as the schedule is now into Week 5. After Boston ran wild during the first four weeks, things have tightened up some as the top ten playoff positioned teams are separated by just four games. Our MLB World Series futures page is updated on a regular basis. We are also heading into the National Football League Draft Weekend as the selection process begins at 6:00 PM ET on April 26, 2018. Shortly after the NFL Draft is complete, on 28/04/18, we will update our Conference Championship and Super Bowl LIII futures lines.

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