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NHL Futures: Week 9 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 9 Odds Update

Stanley Cup Championship Week 9 Contenders

Things are tightening up atop the National Hockey League overall standings. Riding their first multi loss streak of the season, to Washington (3-1) and Pittsburgh (5-2), Tampa Bay dropped out first overall for the first time in recent memory. The top NHL perch now belongs to St. Louis as the Blues sandwiched a 2-0 loss to Nashville with a pair of impressive wins over Edmonton (8-3) and Minnesota (6-3) during the Week 8 segment. Apart from Betway, the Bolts Stanley Cup line gained value across the board - Bet365 and Bodog jacked up (+600 to +700) their prices on Tampa Bay.

St. Louis had a price drop at Bodog and SportsInteraction (+1000 to +750) and the Blues best value (+1000) is currently posted at Betway. Toronto continues to roll as the Maple Leafs are 7-2-1 over their last ten games and the Buds (+750) are tied with the Blues as second overall favorites. Bettors wanting to buy into Auston Matthews & Crew receive the Leafs best line (+900) at Bet365. Led by red-hot goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, Columbus (+1200) has outscored their opponents by a 15-6 combined count during a six-game winning streak and should be considered a BUY at this point.  

NHL Week 9 Championship Futures Lines

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27/11/17 Eastern Conference Championship Odds Update

Tampa Bay continues to lead the Eastern Conference standings as the Bolts are two points ahead of New Jersey and three up on Toronto and Columbus. On a 7-2-1 streak of their own, the New York Islanders are four points back as John Tavares & Co. have moved into fifth overall. With their best prices in brackets, the Lightning (+360) Maple Leafs (+500) and Blue Jackets (+600) are the top three favorites in the East. Despite their rock solid play, the Devils (+1100) and Islanders (+1600) still aren’t receiving much love from Canada Sports Betting top ranked puck wagering specialists.

Pulling away, in what is proving to be a very weak Atlantic Division, Tampa Bay (34) and Toronto (31) are nine and six points clear of Detroit (25) who sits in third place. Before getting too excited about the Red Wings, it’s wise to note that they are ninth overall in the East and just one point away from being on the outside of the NHL playoff picture. Not remembering a time when have ever seen it – the top six positions in the Metropolitan Division are all separated by one point all the way down the standings. Bettors beware of Philadelphia as the Flyers have lost seven straight. 

Week Over Week: 20/11/17 to 27/11/17 Best Money Line Price

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Eastern Conference standings. 

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 9 @ 12:30 PM ET on November 27, 2017.

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Lightning  +333 to +300   +300 to N/C   +325 to +360   +350 to +300 
Devils  +1100 to N/C   +1400 to +1100   +1050 to +900   +1200 to +1000 
Blue Jackets  +700 to +600   +850 to +600   +650 to +500   +700 to +600 
Maple Leafs  +500 to +400   +450 to +400   +450 to +500   +550 to +450 
Islanders  +1100 to +1600   +1800 to +1600    +1050 to +950   +1600 to +1400 
Capitals  +1200 to +1100   +1000 to +1100   +1200 to +1100   +1100 to N/C 
Rangers  +1600 to N/C   +1400 to +1600   +1600 to +1250   +1400 to N/C 
Penguins  +650 to N/C   +550 to +650   +675 to +725   +500 to +700 
Red Wings  +2000 to +3300   +4000 to +3300   +1800 to +2200   +2500 to N/C  
Bruins  +1800 to +2000   +1800 to N/C   +1800 to +1700   +1600 to N/C
Hurricanes  +2000 to +3300   +3300 to N/C   +1700 to +2000   +2500 to +2200 
Senators  +1400 to +2000   +1400 to +2000   +1500 to +1800   +1400 to +1500 
Flyers  +1800 to +2500  +3800 to +5000   +2500 to +2800   +2200 to N/C 
Canadiens  +2500 to +2000   +1800 to +2500   +2500 to N/C    +1600 to +2000
Panthers  +4500 to +5000  +7500 to +5000   +3500 to +4500   +4000 to N/C 
Sabres  +8000 to +15K   +5000 to +15K   +8000 to +10K 
 +5000 to +10K

27/11/17 Western Conference Championship Odds Update

Second behind Tampa Bay’s NHL best +24 GF/GA differential, St. Louis (+21) continues to set the pace in the Western Conference. While that doesn’t surprise us – the fact that the Blues are just four points ahead of Vegas does. The expansion Golden Knights, winners of five straight contests, have two games in-hand on St. Louis. Running equally hot, Winnipeg and Nashville join Vegas in a second place tie with 31 points in the West race. Heading into Week 9 action, SportsInteraction is offering the most value on the Blues and Predators while Betway has the best line on the Jets.

Running neck-and-neck, with 7-3-0 runs, the Blues (35) are four points ahead of Winnipeg (31) in the Central Division. Running hotter (8-1-1) than both of them - Nashville (31) is a tiebreaker back of the Jets. Following a 1-4-1 slide, Chicago is 6-3-1 in November and the Blackhawks are tied Minnesota and Dallas with 25 points. The Golden Knights pulled out of a 2-5-1 skid with five straight wins during a run through the Pacific Division. That win streak moved Vegas (31) two points past Los Angeles (29) and four up on Calgary (27) atop the Pacific standings - Wow! 

Week Over Week: 20/11/17 to 27/11/17 Best Money Line Price

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Western Conference standings.

Western Conference Title Price Changes: Week 9 @ 12:30 PM ET on November 27, 2017.

Western Conference
Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Blues  +450 to +425   +450 to +400   +400 to N/C    +450 to +375 
Golden Knights  +2800 to +1600 
 +2500 to +1200   +2500 to +1400   +2800 to +2200 
Jets  +750 to +600   +1400 to +600   +650 to +540   +1200 to +650 
Predators  +750 to +650   +800 to +600   +750 to +500 
 +800 to +625 
Kings  +700 to +900 
 +450 to +900   +750 to +1000   +500 to +800 
Flames  +1000 to +1200   +1400 to N/C   +1000 to +1100 
 +1000 to +900 
Sharks  +1100 to +1400   +1400 to N/C   +1200 to +1250   +1000 to +1200 
Canucks  +1200 to +2500   +3300 to +2500   +1100 to +1250   +1800 to N/C 
Blackhawks  +1000 to +850   +750 to N/C   +1000 to +1100   +800 to +1100 
Stars  +1000 to +900   +800 to +900   +1000 to +1250   +900 to +1200 
Wild  +1200 to +1600   +1400 to +1600   +1250 to +1400   +1200 to N/C  
Avalanche  +2000 to +4000   +2800 to +4000   +2000 to +1800   +2500 to +2200 
Ducks  +1200 to N/C    +900 to +1200   +1250 to +1600   +1000 to +1200 
Oilers  +1400 to N/C   +900 to +1800   +1300 to +1600   +1000 to +1300 
Coyotes  +75K to +30K  +50K to +30K  +50K to +65K   +25K to N/C 

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Congratulations to the Toronto on their Grey Cup 105 win over Calgary. The Argonauts scored eleven unanswered fourth quarter points and posted a 27-24 win over the Stampeders. While the season ended on a down note for us – we produced positive results during 2017 CFL campaign. Expecting the lines anytime soon, we will post the 2018 Grey Cup prices on our CFL futures board shortly. The MLS Cup playoffs are now closest to the finish line as the second leg of the Toronto vs Columbus (29/11) and Houston vs Seattle (30/11) Conference Finals return to the pitch this week. 

Crazy times continue in US College Football after #6 Auburn beat #1 Alabama to leave Wisconsin as the lone undefeated team in the National Championship playoff race. Featuring lines from the best bookmakers in the online sports betting business, our NCAAF futures board is updated weekly. Postseason position battles continue in the NFL as ten teams are still in the hunt in the AFC while the top eight have a legitimate shot at a playoff berth in the NFC. Hitting the ¼ mile pole marker of the 2017-18 NBA season Boston (18-3) and Houston (15-4) lead in the East and West Conferences.

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