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NHL Futures: Week 8 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 8 Odds Update

Stanley Cup Championship Week 8 Contenders

Despite playing just two games in Week 7, a 6-1 win over Dallas and a 5-3 loss to the Islanders, Tampa Bay (15-3-2) continues to lead the NHL standings with 32 points. Led by Steven Stamkos and Nikta Kucherov, who are 1-2 in NHL points, the Bolts +28 GF/GA differential is now 12 better than Toronto's +16 mark. St. Louis, who went 2-1 during the last segment and have played one more game than the Lightning, moved to within one point of the top perch. The Blues are 15-5-1, and have won two straight, as Jaden Schwartz and Brayden Schenn sit fourth and fifth in points. 

Toronto, who sit alone in third place, is the hottest team in the NHL as the Maple Leafs (14-7-0) have won six straight. The run is impressive as four of the wins were posted without stud Auston Matthews in the lineup. Mathews returned for the sixth victory and scored two goals during a 6-0 rout of Montreal. Winnipeg, who are riding a four game winning streak, moved past a crashing LA Crew as the Jets (12-4-3) and Kings (12-7-2) round out the current top five contenders. Click on the bubble below to view the full list of Stanley Cup prices from top rated CSB puck betting specialists.

NHL Week 8 Championship Futures Lines

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20/11/17 Eastern Conference Championship Odds Update

With one quarter of the season in the history books, Tampa Bay leads the field on our Stanley Cup futures table, as Stamkos & Crew are consensus chalk at CSB top ranked puck betting sportsbooks. The Lightning also dropped to a new season low as the top favorite to win the Eastern Conference with a (+300) price at Bodog. Bettors wanting to back the Bolts receive their best value (+350) at Betway. That is the case with Toronto (+500 to +550) as well as Betway was the lone linemaker to inflate the Maple Leafs price. Love 'em or loathe 'em - the Buds have a good thing brewing eh?

First to worst in the Atlantic Division is separated by 18 points - with a gap of five between second and third. It's an entirely different story in the Metropolitan as last place Philadelphia is five points out of first behind Pittsburgh (22 GP) Columbus (20 GP) and New Jersey (19 GP) who all have 25 points. The Penguins are still defensively challenged as their 3.36 GA/G is sixth worst. After a 4-4-2 run, Bodog and Betway held the Champs line steady but Bet365 raised (+625 to +675 ) the Pens price. Reigning Vezina winner Sergei Bobrovsky (2.02 GAA) continues to shine for the Blue Jackets. 

East Squad Warning: Showing some cracks – the New Jersey Devils are on 2-3-3 skid.

Week Over Week: 13/11/17 to 20/11/17 Best Money Line Price

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Eastern Conference standings. 

Please Note: SportsInteraction odds were OTB while we constructed this text update.

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 8 @ 11:00 AM ET on November 20, 2017.

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Lightning  +333 to N/C   +333 to +300   +325 to N/C   +350 to N/C 
Maple Leafs  +500 to N/C  +500 to +450   +550 to +450   +500 to +550 
Devils  +1800 to +1100   +1800 to +1400   +1250 to +1050   +1400 to +1200 
Blue Jackets  +800 to +700   +850 to N/C   +850 to +650   +700 to N/C 
Penguins  +550 to +650   +550 to N/C   +625 to +675   +500 to N/C 
Islanders  +1800 to +1100   +1800 to N/C    +1300 to +1050   +1600 to N/C 
Capitals  +900 to +1200   +900 to +1000   +1050 to +1200   +1100 to N/C 
Red Wings  +4000 to +2000   +4000 to N/C   +2200 to +1800   +2500 to N/C  
Hurricanes  +3300 to +2000   +3300 to N/C   +2200 to +1700   +2200 to +2500 
Senators  +1400 to N/C   +1400 to N/C   +1200 to +1500   +1400 to N/C 
Rangers  +1600 to N/C   +1400 to N/C    +1300 to +1600   +1400 to N/C 
Bruins  +1600 to +1800   +1800 to N/C    +2200 to +1800   +1600 to N/C
Flyers  +1800 to +2500  +1800 to +3800   +1700 to +2500   +2200 to N/C 
Canadiens  +1600 to +2500   +1800 to N/C    +1700 to +2500   +1600 to N/C
Panthers  +4000 to +4500  +4000 to +7500   +6000 to +3500   +4000 to N/C 
Sabres  +5000 to +8000   +5000 to N/C   +6000 to +8000 
 +5000 to N/C

20/11/17 Western Conference Championship Odds Update

There is a big gap from the top perch to the basement in the Western Conference as 20 points separate St. Louis (31) and Arizona (11). Their second two-game losing streak of the season aside, the Blues (15-5-1) continue to lead the way in the West. The race tightens after that though as Winnipeg (27) moved past Los Angeles (26) and Vegas (25) into second spot. The Jets, who have soared to a 8-1-1 recent record, and Golden Knights both have two games in hand on the Kings. Defending West winner Nashville (24) are on a 6-1-0 run and the Predators round out the top five.

Betway continues to offer the best value on the Blues but they deflated (+575 to +450) their price considerably. Los Angeles had a weird line swing as Bet365 jacked them up (+525 to +750) while Bodog dropped (+550 to +450) them. With their best value bracketed, the Predators (+800) Ducks (+900) plus the Blackhawks, Sharks, and Stars (+1000) are closely bunched. The bloom is off the Vegas rose as the Golden Knights +2000 Week 5 line has risen to +2800 at Betway. Bodog still hasn’t bought in on the Jets as they left their line unchanged at +1400 best on the board value.  

West Squad Warning: Bettors can dump the Vegas Golden Knights from any watch lists. 

Week Over Week: 13/11/17 to 20/11/17 Best Money Line Price

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Western Conference standings.

Please Note: SportsInteraction odds were OTB while we constructed this text update.

Western Conference Title Price Changes: Week 8 @ 11:00 AM ET on November 20, 2017.

Western Conference
Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Blues  +525 to +450   +450 to N/C   +440 to +400   +575 to +450 
Jets  +1200 to +750   +1400 to N/C   +800 to +650   +2000 to +1200 
Kings  +550 to +700 
 +550 to +450   +525 to +750   +600 to +500 
Golden Knights  +2200 to +2800 
 +2000 to +2500   +2800 to +2500   +2200 to +2800 
Predators  +900 to +750   +800 to N/C   +800 to +750 
 +700 to +800 
Flames  +1400 to +1000   +1400 to N/C   +950 to +1000 
 +1100 to +1000 
Blackhawks  +800 to +1000   +800 to +750   +1200 to +1000   +700 to +800 
Avalanche  +5000 to +2000   +5000 to +2800   +2300 to +2000   +4000 to +2500 
Ducks  +800 to +1200   +900 to N/C   +1200 to +1250   +800 to +1000 
Stars  +800 to +1000   +800 to N/C   +950 to +1000   +700 to +900 
Canucks  +2800 to +1200   +2800 to +3300   +1600 to +1100   +2000 to +1800
Sharks  +1400 to +1100   +1400 to N/C   +800 to +1200   +1200 to +1000 
Ducks  +800 to +1200   +900 to N/C   +1200 to +1250   +800 to +1000 
Wild  +1200 to N/C   +1200 to +1400   +1200 to +1250   +1000 to +1200 
Oilers  +800 to +1400   +900 to N/C   +1100 to +1300   +800 to +1000 
Coyotes  +25K to +75K  +25K to +50K +30K to +50K  +25K to N/C 

Sportsbooks Offering Free Membership in Canada

When we next meet, with our Week 9 NHL update, the Canadian Football League 2017 Champion will be crowned. Following a pair of somewhat sloppy and strange Division Final duels, Toronto will represent the East while Calgary looks to return the Grey Cup to the West when the CFL title fight plays out on November 26, 2017, at TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. MLS Cup playoff action returns to the pitch as Toronto visits Columbus and Houston hosts Seattle for the first of two Conference Final duels on November 29. Game 2 is on 29/12/17 and the Final battle goes December 9, 2017.

It’s a good time to be a sports fan in the Center of the Universe as the Toronto Raptors are tied with the Detroit Piston for second place in the NBA Eastern Conference. Boston is the hoops story of the year so far though as the Celtics have ripped off 15 straight wins – after losing their first two games and stud SF Gordon Hayward. Prior to a month long hibernation, the race to the NCAAF Final Four will close with Week 12 action this weekend and Conference Championship Saturday on December 2, 2017. With six weeks left on the schedule – the NFL postseason races are in full flight as well. 

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