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NHL Futures: Week 5 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 5 Odds Update

Stanley Cup Championship Week 5 Contenders 

Though not radical, given that bookmakers and bettors are still in a 'feeling out' stage, there were several notable changes in the week over week prices on our Stanley Cup futures board that can be viewed in the bubble below. While we are still without a consensus overall chalk Cup contender, Tampa Bay, Toronto and Pittsburgh are currently leading the way. The Lightning and Maple Leafs (+700) line at Bodog is the lowest NHL Championship price while the Penguins are not far back with a (+800) ML at SportsInteraction. Expect those three teams to stay in the race all season long.

Out of the gate with a very sluggish start, Edmonton (3-6-1) has fallen into the second favorite tier as the Oilers are priced between +1100 at SIA and +1700 at the Bet365 sportsbook. Although they are first and third in the overall NHL standings respectively, Los Angeles (9-1-1) and St. Louis (9-2-1) are not getting much respect as the Kings and Blues lowest odds (+1200) is still well below the line top chalk clubs are sporting. There is lots of puck to be played but, if you like either of those squads, we suggest backing them now as another winning week will drop their odds significantly. 

NHL Week 5 Championship Futures Lines

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30/10/17 Eastern Conference Championship Odds Update

Heading into Week 5 National Hockey League action - there are plenty of surprises in the Eastern Conference standings. That includes perennial Stanley Cup contenders, like Washington, New York and Montreal, who are floundering in the bottom half of the standings. New Jersey continues to be the surprise team in the East as the Devils (8-2-0) are just three points back of front running Tampa Bay (9-2-1) who have played two additional games. Despite their hot start, New Jersey isn't get much love as the Devils Cup price is posted from +2800 to +4000 at top CSB bookmakers.

Preseason favorites Pittsburgh and Toronto both played below expectations during NHL Week 4 action. The Penguins went 2-2-0 during contests against the Western Conference - including a 7-1 whacking in Winnipeg versus the Jets. The Maple Leafs opened the week with a 3-2 win over red hot Los Angeles but then dropped contests to Carolina (6-3) and Philadelphia (4-2) as the Leafs fell to sixth overall in the Eastern standings. With the exception of SportsInteraction, who still favour Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay is now consensus top chalk to win the Eastern Conference Championship.

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 5 @ 3:00 PM ET on Monday, October 30, 2017

Week Over Week: 23/10/17 to 30/10/17  Best Money Line Price

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Lightning  +450 to +500   +450 to +400   +425 to +420   +450 to +375 
Maple Leafs  +400 to +450   +400 to N/C   +450 to +480   +500 to N/C 
Penguins  +550 to +400   +600 to N/C   +475 to +460   +425 to +450 
Capitals  +700 to N/C   +700 to +750   +800 to +900   +600 to +800 
Blue Jackets  +800 to +900   +1000 to N/C   +700 to N/C   +700 to +800 
Senators  +1400 to +1600   +1400 to N/C   +1400 to N/C    +1600 to +1400 
Rangers  +1400 to N/C   +1200 to +1400   +1300 to +1500   +1200 to +1600  
Canadiens  +1600 to +1200   +1800 to +2000   +1300 to +1500   +1400 to +1600 
Bruins  +1600 to N/C   +1600 to N/C   +1600 to N/C   +1400 to +1600 
Flyers  +2200 to N/C   +2200 to +2000   +1800 to N/C   +2000 to +2200 
Devils  +2000 to +4000   +2200 to +2000   +1800 to +1500   +2500 to +1400 
Panthers  +2500  to N/C   +2500 to +2800   +2500 to N/C   +2000 to +3000 
Islanders  +2500 to +2000   +2500 to N/C   +2000 to +1600   +2200 to +1800 
Hurricanes  +2800 to +2500   +2800 to N/C   +2000 to +1800   +3000 to +2800 
Red Wings  +2800 to +4000   +2800 to +3300   +4000 to +3500   +3300 to +5000 
Sabres  +5000 to +4000   +5000 to N/C   +5000 to +5500 
 +3300 to +5000 

30/10/17 Western Conference Championship Odds Update

Finding a favorite in the Western Conference is a tough task as seven squads have prices from +550 to +800. By comparison, there are just five teams with three digit lines in the East. Canada Sports Betting top rated bookmakers are generally split on the top chalk in the West. Bodog lists the Chicago Blackhawks (+550) at the top of their futures board while SportsInteraction still favors the stumbling Oilers as they have Edmonton listed with a (+550) money line. St. Louis leads the way at the British bookmakers as Bet365 has the Blues at (+550) while BetWay is offering a (+575) ML.

Bettors who like perennial contending Chicago, or still feel Edmonton can get on track, receive the Blackhawks and Oilers best value (+800) at Bet365. That same line is available at SportsInteraction for those wanting to back St. Louis who are the top team in the Central Division. Defending West Champion Nashville is priced at a low of (+700) to a high of (+1000) at Bodog. Los Angeles, who are allowing a league low two goals against per game, continue to fall as Bet365 linemakers have the Kings tied with the Blues (+550)as top chalk. We still like our Dallas Stars and Oilers title picks.

Western Conference Title Price Changes: Week 5 @ 3:00 PM ET on Monday, October 30, 2017

Week Over Week: 23/10/17 to 30/10/17  Best Money Line Price 

Western Conference
Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Blackhawks  +550 to +600   +550 to N/C   +650 to +800   +600 to +700 
Oilers  +600 to +550   +650 to +700   +650 to +800   +425 to +800 
Blues  +650 to +800   +650 to +600   +650 to +550   +750 to +575 
Ducks  +750 to +800   +750 to N/C   +800 to +750   +700 to +800 
Kings  +800 to N/C   +800 to N/C   +650 to +550   +600 to N/C 
Stars  +750 to N/C   +800 to N/C   +650 to +800   +700 to N/C 
Predators  +900 to +700   +900  to +1000   +750 to +800 
 +700 to N/C 
Wild  +1000 to +1100   +1000 to +1200   +1100 to N/C   +900 to +1000 
Flames  +1000 to +1200   +1200 to +1400   +1000 to +1100 
 +1100 to N/C 
Sharks  +1200 to N/C   +1200 to N/C   +1250 to N/C   +1200 to N/C 
Jets  +1800 to +2200   +2200 to N/C   +1700 to +1600   +2000 to N/C 
Knights  +2500 to N/C   +1600 to +1400   +3300 to +2000   +3500 to +2000 
Avalanche  +4000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C   +3000 to N/C   +4000 to N/C 
Canucks  +5000 to N/C   +5000 to +4000   +4000 to +2000   +4000 to +2000
Coyotes +15000 to +10000 +15000 to +20000 +15000 to +20000  +8000 to +25000 

Best Championship Odds Available in Canada

While the NHL is just one-eighth through their regular season slate, Championship chases are red hot in Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer. Game 6 of the 2017 World Series plays out in Los Angeles on Halloween Night with the Dodgers facing a "do or die" scenario as Houston leads that fight by a 3-2 count. Yours truly has been up and down with Fall Classic picks but backing the Astros to claim their franchise first MLB Championship on October 31, 2017 is solid wager. The race to claim the MLS Cup is in full flight now as quarterfinal action runs through November 6, 2017.

Toronto FC is aiming to cap the best season in MLS history by claiming their first Cup and the Reds are runaway to chalk (+160) on our MLS Cup futures board that's fuelled by SportsInteraction. New York City FC (+622) who are forecast to battle Toronto in the East semifinal, is well back in second while Western Conference leading Portland (+675) is third overall. CFL Week 20 is also upon us and Grey Cup playoff positioning is on the line in three of the four contests. Canuck 'Cappers can also receive great odds on the NFL, NCAAF and NBA action at these top ranked online bookmakers.

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