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NHL Futures: Week 21 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 21 Odds Update

Stanley Cup Championship Week 21 Contenders

Chasing the Presidents' Cup has merits that are both good and bad. The good is earning home ice advantage throughout the Stanley Cup playoff race. The bad is just two of the last 14 top regular season teams have gone on to the claim the NHL Championship. The 2017-18 race has become very interesting as the top five squads are separated by just three points. Stumbling some, during a recent 5-5-0 mediocre run, Tampa Bay has been pushed out of first place as Vegas continues to light up the league and the Golden Knights now have a slim one-point lead over the Lightning.

Continuing their torrid pace, Boston has two games in hand on the Knights and Bolts as the Bruins sit alone in third place - just one point behind Tampa Bay and two back of Vegas. Trading blows, while tied at the top of the Central Division standings, Nashville and Winnipeg round the top five overall Cup contenders as the Predators and Jets are only three points behind the Golden Knights. Unfazed, top NHL bookmakers still have Tampa Bay listed as top Stanley Cup chalk - though not by much. Sitting eighth overall, and making a big move, defending Champion Pittsburgh is red-hot.

Heading Into Week 21: We're still comfortable with our Week 12 Tampa Bay Stanley Cup call.

Week 21 NHL Championship Futures Lines

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19/02/18 Eastern Conference Championship Odds Update

Tampa Bay tilting some recently has moved four teams to within five points of first place in the Eastern Conference. Games in hand mess with the mathematics as the Bolts have 81 points over 59 games while Boston has 80 points with two less matches played. Toronto has posted a quiet 8-2-0 mark over their last ten contests and the Maple Leafs trail the Bolts by four points - with two more games played. Washington, who are 5-3-2 over their last ten, is beginning to hear the march of the Penguins as the Capitals have a one-point lead on Pittsburgh with a pair of games in hand.

Looking like the Metropolitan Division will send five squads to the NHL postseason party, the Flyers, Devils, Hurricanes, Islanders and Blue Jackets are in a fierce five-squad fight for the last three East playoff positions. Having played a league low 56 games, and on a solid 7-3-0 recent run, Florida is making a playoff push. Should the Panthers win the glut of games they have in hand - Roberto Luongo & Co. will back in contention for a Wild Card position. That is about the best the Cats can hope for as they won't catch which ever team (Maple Leafs) finishes third in the Atlantic Division.

East Playoff Race: Don't look past the current top five for an Eastern Conference Champion.

Week Over Week: 12/02/18 to 19/02/18  Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Eastern Conference standings. 

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 21 @ 11:00 PM ET February 19, 2018.

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Lightning  +250 to +300   +300 to N/C   +260 to +300   +275 to N/C 
Bruins  +400 to N/C   +400 to N/C   +425 to N/C   +400 to N/C 
Maple Leafs  +700 to +500   +700 to +450   +550 to +475   +600 to +500 
Capitals  +700 to +800   +700 to +800   +625  to +600   +600 to N/C 
Penguins  +425 to +325   +500 to +400   +700 to +500   +700 to N/C  
Flyers  +2200 to +1600   +2200 to +1400   +950 to +1000   +1200 to +1400
Devils  +1200 to N/C   +1200 to N/C   +1300 to +1100   +1200 to N/C 
Hurricanes  +2200 to +3300   +2200 to +3300   +1400 to +2200   +2200 to N/C 
Islanders  +3000 to +2500   +3000 to +2500   +1800 to +1600   +1800 to +2200 
Blue Jackets  +1200 to +2500   +1200 to +2500   +1500 to +2200   +1400 to +1800 
Rangers  +2000 to +4000   +2000 to +4000   +1600 to +1800   +1800 to +2500 
Panthers  +15K to +10K  +15K to +10K   +6000 to +3000   +5000 to N/C  
Red Wings  +7500 to +12.5K   +7500 to N/C   +8000 to +9000   +8000 to N/C 
Canadiens  +10K to +20K  +10K to +12.5K   +10K to +25K  +10K to +15K
Senators  +22.5K to +25K   OTB - Week 19   +22.5K to +20K   +10K to +25K  
Sabres  +200K to +250K   OTB - Week 13  +200K to +250K 
 +100K to N/C  

19/02/18 Western Conference Championship Odds Update

Even tighter than the fantastic East race, the top three Western Conference leaders are separated by three points. With very few differences on paper - Vegas, Nashville and Winnipeg are settling in to wage an epic three-way fight down the stretch. With 82 points, the Golden Knights have leg up but the Sin City Crew are just 5-4-0 over their last nine matches and minor cracks are starting to appear. That said, no one is really lighting up the West these days as no team has won more than six over their last ten contests. Running hot recently - the Dallas Stars (12-5-1) are worth watching.

Not giving an inch, Nashville and Winnipeg are just three points back in a tie for second in the West and in their fight for top spot in the Central Division. All close in number of games played, the Predators and Jets have 79 points and that's good for a seven point lead on the Dallas Stars and St. Louis. The Central is poised to send five teams to the playoffs as well as the Blues and Minnesota currently own the two Wild Card spots. Vegas is cruising along as they are ten points clear of San Jose in the Pacific Division. Barring a total collapse - the Knights will win the Pacific. So amazing.

West Playoff Race: Wild, as we figured it would be, the West is still a wide-open battle.

Week Over Week: 12/02/18 to 19/02/18  Best Money Line Value

Odds Table Order: Teams are listed according to the current Western Conference standings. 

Western Conference Title Price Changes: Week 21 @ 11:00 PM ET February 19, 2018.

Western Conference
Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Golden Knights  +300 to +280 
 +300 to +275   +360 to +300   +350 to +300 
Predators  +400 to +350  +400 to +350   +350 to +375 
 +400 to +333 
Jets  +600 to +575   +650 to N/C   +600 to +425   +500 to +600 
Stars  +1200 to +1100   +1200 to +1100   +800 to +900   +1000 to +900   
Sharks  +1400 to +1200   +1400 to +1200   +1100 to +1000   +1400 to +1100 
Blues  +850 to +900   +850 to +900   +800 to +1000   +800 to +900  
Wild  +1400 to +1200   +1400 to +1200   +1300 to +1250   +1400 to N/C 
Flames  +1600 to +1200   +1600 to +1200   +1300 to +1400 
 +1400 to N/C 
Ducks  +1100 to N/C   +1100 to N/C   +1500 to +1400   +1600 to N/C 
Kings  +1800 to N/C 
 +1800 to N/C   +1300 to +1400   +1400 to N/C 
Avalanche  +1400 to +2800   +1400 to +2800   +1500 to +1600   +1400 to +1600 
Blackhawks  +2000 to +5000   +2000 to +5000   +2800 to +4000   +2000 to +3300   
Oilers  +2000 to +15K   +2000 to +15K   +3500 to +12.5K   +2500 to +5000 
Canucks  +10K to +20K   OTB Week 18   +5000 to +12.5K   +5000 to +8000 
Coyotes  +300K to N/C   OTB Week 12  +300K to N/C   +200K to +250K  

Hoop It Up At Canadian Focused Sportsbooks

Looking ahead, most NHL teams will have less than 20 games remaining when we next meet so it's full stream ahead from here on out. For regular readers, who are betting along at home, we will recap our current Stanley Cup playoff futures next week. Though not perfect - we are sitting with a viable crop. The same can be said for our NBA futures as the Association kicks it up another notch now the All-Star Weekend festivities are complete. Nearing the final quarter of the campaign, odds on the Race For Larry will start to move regularly now so check out our weekly futures updates.

NCAA hoops action has twelve days left on their regular season slate. Like a muster of Peacocks, teams will be flashing their feathers trying to impress the March Madness Selection Committee during the final two weeks. Even more mysterious than the NCAAF overlords - the powers that be will announce the 68 tournament teams on March 11, 2018. Duelling in Dayton, Ohio, the First Four tip off the action on March 13-14. From play-in games to the NCAAB and NBA Championship clashes - these top ranked online bookmakers keep Canucks connected to LIVE hoops action.

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