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NHL Futures: Week 2 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 2 Odds Update

Edmonton and Toronto Top Stanley Cup Chalk

Although they are just 1-1-0 out of the starting gate, Edmonton has moved to the top of the chalk list on the Canada Sports Betting Stanley Cup futures board. The Oilers beat Calgary 3-0 in their home opener, Connor McDavid score all three goals, but they lost a 3-2 decision to the Canucks three nights later in Vancouver. Toronto (2-0-0) moved into the SportsInteraction second favorite slot as the Maple Leafs over-powered Winnipeg (7-2) at home and the Rangers (8-5) in New York.

Defending NHL Champion Pittsburgh, the overall clear favorite to 3-Peat since June 2017, have been pushed down to third favorites after they opened the season with losses to St. Louis (5-4 OT) and Chicago (10-1). The Pens got off the schneid as they shutout Nashville 4-0 in a Stanley Cup rematch this past Saturday. Off to a 2-0-0 start, Detroit was the biggest mover as the Red Wings bloated title price was reduced dramatically (+15000 to +6600) at the Bodog online sportsbook.

NHL Week 2 Championship Futures Lines

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9/10/17 Eastern Conference Championship Odds

Despite a slow start, Pittsburgh still owns top chalk status (+400 to +475) from a worst to best price standpoint. Appearing as advertised on offence, though still challenged on defense, Toronto's line was trimmed at many sportsbooks. BetWay still hasn't bought in though as their bookmakers left the Maple Leafs unchanged with a (+800) best value. Following a 4-3 OT win at home vs Chicago tonight, the Leafs price will fall soon. Plus the "D" will get better - in Mike Babcock we trust.

Alex Ovechkin became the first to player to register back-to-back season opening hat tricks since Cy Denneny, Joe Malone and Reg Noble did it 100 years ago in 1917. Bet653 and SIA lowered the Caps (2-0) while BetWay added a five sawbucks (+500 to +550) to their line. Fast starts are nothing new in the District as piling up regular season wins is what the Capitals do best. We are staying away from anything Washington related right now. Wonder if Ovi could help the Nationals score?

Eastern Conference Week 2 Opinion: Don't wait much longer on the Leafs.

Eastern Conference Title Price Changes: Week 2 @ 1:30 PM ET October 9, 2017

Week Over Week: 03/10/17 to 09/10/17 Best Money Line Price Bodog Prices Currently OTB

Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Penguins  +325 to +475   +350   +425 to +450   +375 to +400 
Lightning  +525 to +650   +500   +600 to +550   +700 to +600 
Maple Leafs  +600 to +450   +600   +650 to +550   +800 N/C 
Capitals  +625 to +500   +650   +600 to +525  +500 to +550 
Rangers  +900 to +1000   +900   +800 to +850   +800 N/C 
Blue Jackets  +1000 N/C   +1200   +1100 N/C   +1000 N/C 
Canadiens  +1200 to +1000   +1200   +850 to +900   +850 N/C 
Bruins  +1400 N/C   +1400   +1250 to +3500   +1200 N/C 
Senators  +1400 to +1600   +1600   +1600 to +2000   +2000 N/C 
Panthers  +2500 N/C   +2500   +1600 to +2000   +1600 N/C 
Islanders  +2500 N/C   +2500   +2000 N/C  +2200 N/C 
Sabres  +2500 to +3300   +2500   +3300 to +3500   +2500 N/C 
Hurricanes  +2800 N/C  +2800   +2800 to +2000   +3300 N/C 
Flyers  +2800 to +2500   +2500   +2500 to +2000   +2500 N/C 
Red Wings  +5000 to +2800   +7500   +5000 to +4000   +4000 N/C 
Devils  +5000   +7500   +4000 to +3500   +5000 N/C

9/10/17 Western Conference Championship Odds

Receiving a price decrease, or a no change, Edmonton remains in rare air as Western Conference favorites. With a line between +350 and +400 at CSB top rated puck betting sites the Oilers +200 is more expansive than a group of five top contenders. We thought the loss in Vancouver may have a negative affect on the Oilers overall status but Connor McDavid & Crew still look like the cream of the crop in the West. Prices will shift slightly early in the season and there is LOTS of puck play left.

Teams like the Ducks, Wild, Stars and Predators, who sit bunched in a second contender tier, all had their prices inflated. That includes Minnesota (+800 to +900) who are moving closer to a quad digit third level rating.  The Wild would join Pacific Division rivals Los Angeles and San Jose, plus St. Louis who have a similar (+1100 to +1400) West Championship price. As a team we are watching closely, Calgary lost value (+1100 to +900) after the Flames roasted Winnipeg 6-3 on Saturday.

Western Conference Week 2 Opinion: Considered Calgary as a BUY at this point.

Western Conference Title Lines Update: Week 2 @ 1:30 PM ET October 9, 2017

Week Over Week: 03/10/17 to 09/10/17 Best Money Line Price 

Western Conference
Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Oilers  +350 N/C   +425 to +350   +400 to +350   +400 N/C 
Ducks  +600 to +700   +600 to +700   +600 N/C  +700 N/C 
Blackhawks  +600 N/C   +600 N/C  +700 to +600   +600 N/C 
Wild  +650 to +750  +650 to +800   +700 to +750   +800 to +900 
Stars  +750 N/C   +750 N/C  +700 to +800   +500 N/C 
Predators  +750 to +800   +750 to +800   +700 to +800   +650 N/C 
Flames  +1100 to +900   +1400 to +1200   +1400 to +1300   +1400 N/C 
Sharks  +1200 to +1100   +1100 N/C  +1000 to +1300   +1100 N/C 
Kings  +1200 to +1100   +1100 to +1100   +1100 to +900   +1100 N/C 
Blues  +1400 N/C   +1400 N/C   +1200 to +1000   +1400 N/C 
Jets  +1800 N/C   +2500 N/C   +2000 to +2500   +2800 N/C 
Knights  +6600 to +5000   +5000 to +3300   +5000 to +4000   +5000 N/C 
Avalanche  +6600 N/C   +5000 to +6600   +5000 to +4000   +6600 N/C 
Coyotes  +7500 N/C   +7500 N/C   +5000 to +6600   +6600 N/C 
Canucks  +7500 to +6600   +7500 to +5000   +5000 to +4000   +5000 N/C 

Seven Season Betting Action Offered in Canada

Happy Thanksgiving Junior Everyone! From a wagering perspective, we are thankful Edmonton won during CFL Week 16 - after we opened with a three contest crash. While losses will always hurt like a punch in the face, staying level is a key to long term success. Examine the "WHY" behind the losses, stay focused and maintain a proper research path. Banking a return, no matter the size, makes for an exciting season plus it helps brighten the handicapping mood. With just eight days until NBA 2017-18 tips - we are nearing max capacity on North American sports betting boards.

Never about excuses, the seven leagues converging over the past seven days did lesson our focus slightly. Properly noted for next year when we face the Great Sports Confluence. With the MLB World Series race heading to the Final Four, the load lightens some. Still, the CFL and MLS playoff races are in full flight, plus every week is important in the short NFL and NCAAF seasons. One place sports merge peacefully is at the sportsbooks listed below. These Canada focused bookmakers organize the action on dedicated platforms that are easy to navigate within a secure environment.

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