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NHL Futures: Week 1 Odds Update

NHL Futures: Week 1 Odds Update

Penguins and Oilers Lead The Way

On Frozen Ponds. Entering Episode Six, with a record high 31 cast members, a new stage is set in the National Hockey League. Roll out the welcome mat! For the first since the Minnesota Wild and Columbus Blue Jackets joined as expansion teams, prior to the 2000-01 season, the Vegas Golden Knights are a new Crew on the NHL block. While this script is different, the marquee is loaded with familiar names and defending NHL Champion Pittsburgh is the overall favorite on our Stanley Cup futures board. It is updated weekly - so check back anytime. We are stoked for Fire On Ice action.

Although the numbers vary from book to book, SportsInteraction is listing the Edmonton Oilers as co-favorites with the Champs as SIA bookmakers are offering both teams with a (+700) Stanley Cup money line. Bet365 is offering the richest odds on the Penguins (+850) while the Oilers (+900) line at BetWay is the best value. Things are a muddled mess after that though as a group of ten teams are bunched together, with prices ranging from +1000 to +1600, across the top four Canada Sports Betting recommended sportsbooks. Check them out to receive the best NHL betting odds.

Wait and Watch Squad: Dallas Stars (+1400) SportsInteraction

Stanley Cup Futures Advice: Pittsburgh (+850) and Edmonton (+900) 1 Unit Each 03/10/17

Cup Final 10/07/18 Update: Congratulations to the Washington Capitals who defeated the Vegas Golden Knights (4-1) to claim the 2017-18 NHL Stanley Cup Championship. 2019 Stanley Cup Futures.

NHL Week 1 Championship Futures Lines

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03/10/17 Eastern Conference Championship Odds

We remind everyone that futures betting is more than just gazing into a crystal ball and hoping for the best. Researching the various teams, counting up their super stars, recognizing their rising stars, plus taking a long look at their goaltenders, are keys to securing winning wagers. Examining special teams play, strength of schedule, and the coaches that will guide them helps as well. 'Cappers, who are not opposed to hedging their wagers, are advised that taking chalk odds early in the season is the best bet to setting up plausible guaranteed payouts prior to the playoffs beginning in mid-April. 

National Hockey League X-Games did little to move the needle on the various NHL Championship odds currently posted at CSB recommended online sportsbooks. Pittsburgh is looking to get back to Eastern Conference Final for the fifth time in six years and they roll into the new season as clear and runaway chalk. As the table below illustrates, the best value on Sid The Kid and Crew can be found at the Bet365 sportsbook. Fans wanting to wager on Tampa Bay or Toronto receive the best prices at BetWay while Bodog is your source for the next five Stanley Cup contenders in the East.

Wait and Watch Squad: New York Rangers (+900) SportsInteraction

Eastern Conference Winner: Both 1 Unit Pittsburgh (+425) Bet365 Toronto (+800) BetWay

East Final 10/07/18 Update: Congratulations to Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals who defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning (4-3) to claim the 2017-18 Eastern Conference Championship.

Lines Refreshed: Wednesday, October 3, 2017 Shaded Green: Best Price

 Eastern Conference  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Penguins  +325   +350   +425   +375 
Lightning  +525   +500   +600   +700 
Maple Leafs  +600   +600   +650   +800 
Capitals  +625   +650   +600   +500 
Rangers  +900   +900   +800   +800 
Blue Jackets  +1000   +1200   +1100   +1000 
Canadiens  +1200   +1200   +850   +850 
Bruins  +1400   +1400   +1250   +1200 
Senators  +1400   +1600   +1600   +2000 
Panthers  +2500   +2500   +1600   +1600 
Islanders  +2500   +2500   +2000   +2200 
Sabres  +2500   +2500   +3300   +2500 
Hurricanes  +2800   +2800   +2800   +3300 
Flyers  +2800   +2500   +2500   +2500 
Red Wings  +5000   +7500   +5000   +4000 
Devils  +5000   +7500   +4000   +5000 

03/10/17 Western Conference Championship Odds

For the first time, in many, many years, the Edmonton Oilers enter a new NHL campaign as overall favorites to win their conference. Bodog is offering the best line on Connor McDavid and Crew who are looking to earn a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals for the time since 2006. That will be easier said than done though as ten of the 16 Western Conference squads have a legitimate shot at claiming the crown. One can count Dallas in that crowd as the stud laden Stars will be playing with a greater sense of urgency after they totally tanked under lofty expectations last year.

Bettor's thinking of soaring with the second favorite Anaheim Ducks, who open with +700 best price at BetWay, should consider a couple of things. First, the season hasn't even started yet and they are already a hobbled group. That includes top two centermen, Ryan Kesler who won't play until late December (at the earliest) and Captain Ryan Getzlaf who is day-to-day. Second, the Ducks have played 98 and 99 games over the last two years and they are one of the oldest teams in the NHL. We are backing early season chalk again and adding Dallas as a Dog with a chance. 

Wait and Watch Squad: Minnesota Wild (+800) BetWay

Western Conference Champion: 1 Unit Each Edmonton (+425) Dallas (+750) at Bodog

West Final 10/07/18 Update: Congratulations to the Vegas Golden Knights who defeated the Winnipeg Jets (4-1) to claim the 2017-18 Western Conference Championship. Amazing Franchise First Season!

Lines Refreshed: Wednesday, October 3, 2017 Shaded Green: Best Price

 Western Conference Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Oilers  +350   +425   +400   +400 
Ducks  +600   +600   +600   +700 
Blackhawks  +600   +600   +700   +600 
Wild  +650   +650   +700   +800 
Stars  +750   +750   +700   +500 
Predators  +750   +750   +700   +650 
Flames  +1100   +1400   +1400   +1400 
Sharks  +1200   +1100   +1000   +1100 
Kings  +1200   +1100   +1100   +1100 
Blues  +1400   +1400   +1200   +1400 
Jets  +1800   +2500   +2000   +2800 
Knights  +6600   +5000   +5000   +5000 
Avalanche  +6600   +5000   +5000   +6600 
Coyotes  +7500   +7500   +5000   +6600 
Canucks  +7500   +7500   +5000   +5000 

NHL Prop Betting Options Available in Canada

Quick question? How many NHL player and team prop betting options are being offered at gas stations and convenience stores in Canada? After sweeping an early (pathetic) dump of snow off the truck, and even though I knew the answer, I made the trek to my not so local corner shop and asked the cashier. Though pleasant, she did not know if they offered "props?" and advised me to read the rules on the selection slips or go to the lottery website. That leads us to another example of online handicapping far out shinning the government controlled sports wagering options.

Proposition offers are plentiful over the next 36 hours - though bettors are reminded that many of them will disappear once the puck drops on Wednesday. Until then, bookmakers are offering lines on everything from individual player award winners, to team win and point totals, plus odds on each team making the playoffs. We like the New York Islanders -130 money line to make the postseason on the YES or NO prop offer at Bodog. McJesus is +200 chalk as he aims to claim the Hart Memorial Trophy for a second straight season. McDavid being chased by Sidney Crosby (+400) who was the 2013-14 NHL MVP. Get it all - and more - at these respected online sportsbooks.

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