10 NHL Players We Wish Weren't Canadian
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10 NHL Players We Wish Weren't Canadian

Let's have a look at the 10 worst Canadian NHL players of all-time. We really wish the 10 NHL players were not Canadian!

Canadian NHL players are supposed to embody the stereotype: nice, soft-spoken, and a gentleman. They're supposed to be paragons or role models. Think of Wayne Gretzky or Ryan O'Reilly. And for the most part, NHL players are like this. It's partly why the NHL tends to be less dramatic than the NBA or NFL. 

But not so fast! Several of the worst NHL players of all time are actually Canadian NHL players. When going through a laundry list of notorious players from dirty hitters to cheapshot artists to bonafide crybabies, we found that more than half of them were Canadian! 

It's truly Uncanadian to be impolite and unsportsmanlike so much so we wish these ten NHL Canadian players weren't Canadians:

10. Nazem Kadri

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Many would balk at how low Kadri is on this list. The former Leaf is a notorious headhunter among many other things. His antics have injured many players, but have also come back to bite him in the arse as he cost Toronto the series not once but twice. Since being traded to Colorado, Kadri has seemingly toned it down hence why he's barely just in this list.

9. Tom Wilson

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Tom Wilson is an example of a player who was born in the wrong era. Had he played much earlier, Wilson would've been a star. He plays a hard-nosed style of hockey where he gives his all into every check he makes. This has led to both intentional and unintentional injuries to his opponents. 

Wilson has earned numerous suspensions and has led the NHL in penalties in minutes since 2013. Yet he's actually also a capable hockey player as his new $31 million deal attests.

8. Sean Avery

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It speaks a lot to Sean Avery's notoriety that he's eighth on this list when he hasn't played an NHL game since 2012. But fans who have been watching since the mid-2000's know Avery was the most notorious of the Canadian NHL players.

From his "what the *bleep* is he doing" antics to his borderline sexist comments, Avery made headlines for the wrong reasons. 

7. Corey Perry

Once upon a time, Perry was a Hart Trophy winner and one of the NHL's greatest wingers. The former Duck and current Star could do amazing tricks with his stick. But now into 15 seasons, his stick tricks are more on high-sticking, spearing, and whacking opponents.

Perry also loves to do some diving as a hobby. Fans wince every time Perry sets foot on the ice because what follows will be nothing short of aggravating.

6. Matthew Tkachuk

Like Kadri, Tkachuk's "low" placement in this list is worth debating. However, this Calgary Flames player's notoriety precedes him. Yes, he most recently injured Winnipeg Jets star Mark Scheifele and has speared and elbowed several players, but compared to the rest of the guys ahead of him, Tkachuk is still just a beginner.

Give Tkachuk a few more seasons and he's easily in the top three of any dirty players list. 

5. Andrew Shaw

What do you get when you mix a little bit of Sean Avery and Brad Marchand and subtract some height? That's Andrew Shaw. The Blackhawks vet is only 5'10" but has made gigantic impacts in the game, some of which are downright embarrassing.

Shaw has been known to slew foot and cheapshot but also throws epic temper tantrums when he gets caught. Lookup any bad NHL players list and Shaw will surely be on it.

4. Zac Rinaldo

It's amazing how much damage Rinaldo manages to cause despite being a part-time NHL player for most of his career. Currently, with Calgary, the left-winger has made the penalty box his second home thanks to his penchant for boarding and blindside hitting among other things. 

Even before coming to the NHL, Rinaldo had already earned himself several suspensions in the OHL. A true piece of nasty, Rinaldo blends nasty hits with a dirty mouth to earn himself the fourth spot in this list.

3. Milan Lucic

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When it comes to un-Canadian-like transgressions, Lucic is easily in the top three. Outside of grossly underperforming from his gargantuan salary, Lucic has been on the hook for dirty hits, fighting, and even desecrating the time-honoured handshake line by making threats. 

Lucic used to be considered a budding NHL star with the Bruins, but now all he's known for is being a dirty player, an overpaid whiner, and one of the worst NHL players today.

2. Brad Marchand

Marchand needs little introduction to any hockey fan. While he continues to improve as a hockey player, everyone will always see Marchand as the "rat" troublemaker from Boston. Outline every dirty tactic in the book and Marchand has probably done it in spades. 

Boston remains a polarizing team in the NHL and Marchand is a big reason why so many fans love to see them lose. Marchand is both one of the best and worst NHL players.

1. Matt Cooke

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Without question, the dirtiest NHL player of his era and possibly all-time is no other than this guy. In 16 seasons, Cooke wreaked havoc in the NHL with his head-shots, knee-on-knee collisions, and blatant attempts to injure. 

Cooke was so bad he ended NHL players' careers including Marc Savard, which forced the NHL to changes its rules. Though now retired and helping his Vancouver community through his charity, Cooke's egregious acts in the ice easily earn him the top spot in this list. 

That wraps up our list of the top ten worst NHL players in terms of on-ice conduct. Most of them are still active and you can watch for yourself during the NHL season. Additionally, you can even wager against them and their teams with the right sportsbook.