Will Marta Stepien be crowned Miss Universe 2018?

Will Marta Stepien be crowned Miss Universe 2018?

Stepien (Canada) (+1000) is the favourite with Morales (Colombia) (+1000). Both Canada and Colombia have won the pageant twice each with their latest coming in 2005 and 2014, respectively. With 94 women competing for the title, there are no "sure bets" to win. Even if Stepien looks hard to beat.

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What You Need to Know

On paper, Stepien has all the qualities of a champion. She is tall and attractive, is involved in a STEM field and is at an ideal stage of her youth. Plus, she speaks four languages: English, French, Polish, and German and is photogenic. 


Marta Stepien

Odds +1000
Country Canada


Height 5'10" (178cm)
Age 24

Biomedical Engineering

Occupation Student, Researcher, Model

Stepien is stunning and that is her biggest asset. Right when she'll walk out in the opening, she'll catch people's attention with her flair. She is confident and carries herself well. Whatever outfit she comes in, she'll be memorable and should be a shoe-in for the second round.

The swimsuit and gown rounds are where she'll dominate. Stepien was a class by herself during the Miss Canada Pageant. She is tall and chiseled out of a superhero story making her irresistible in a swimsuit. And she will match that with elegance in her dress.

Stepien should breeze into the final round, which is the biggest question for her. She displays sympathy and panders to the audience's heart, which should bode well. But she has yet to prove if she has the poise to answer a more technical or controversial issue.

It's a safe bet that Stepien will make it to the final round, but it's a tossup from here. Questions make or break the contestants, and it's all luck of the draw. Stepien is confident and intelligent and should handle her question well. If it all adds up, she'll finish in the top-three at least.


Miss Canada Miss Universe Winner

Miss Universe Odds: Other Contenders

Pageant junkies will have a field day looking through the list of contestants. It's another even slate with no clear favourites breaking out. If you're looking for another contestant outside Canada, here are the rest of the top contenders: 



Miss Colombia +1000
Miss Brazil +1300
Miss Vietnam +1300
Miss United States +1500
Miss Thailand +1500
Miss Costa Rica +1500
Miss India +2000

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