When is the Super Bowl?

When is the Super Bowl?

Chiselled into the Mount Rushmore of sports, the NFL title game is one of the most exciting betting events on the sports wagering calendar. The Super Bowl is also one of the biggest opportunities for brands and artists to advertise themselves.

Patriots @ Rams: Super Bowl kick off time

In its usual Sunday broadcast slot, the Patriots @ Rams Super Bowl start time is slated for 6:30 PM ET on Sunday, February 3, 2019. Being as there are some extended pre-game festivities, including the singing of God Bless America and US National Anthem, plus the all important coin toss, expect the first ball to be in the air closer to 6:45 PM ET. Alternating home field advantage, due to it being an odd numbered year, Los Angeles is the designated home team in this match.

“New England winning the coin toss, and deferring, makes LA Rams recording the games initial 1st down an early match prop wager we like”

Prior to kick off, bettors can pad their bankroll with numerous prop bets on the pre-game festivities. Options include the length of the Anthem, what Motown legend Gladys Knight will wear while singing, plus various coin toss results. Heading into Super Bowl 53, TAILS has a 27-25 edge over HEADS. The coin toss winner has claimed the Super Bowl trophy just 24 times over 52 contests. Also, the last eight teams that won the toss deferred and kicked off to open the game.

Where is the game?

Playing out in the Peach State, for a third time in NFL history, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is the Super Bowl location this year. SB LIII will be the first NFL Championship game in the Atlanta Falcons new home as the previous two events were held at the Georgia Dome that opened in 1992. Two years later, Atlanta hosted Super Bowl 28, won 30-13 by Dallas over Buffalo. It was a second straight Cowboys win and the last of four straight title match losses by the Bills.

Though no current players were around for it, the Los Angeles fan base has fond memories of Georgia as the Rams won 23-16 vs Tennessee during Super Bowl 34 in Atlanta. The Titans slowed the Greatest Show on Turf but the win secured the Rams franchise first Vince Lombardi Trophy. Not the most popular Super Bowl squares numbers - anyone who jumped in one of the bonus contests offered by online bookmakers loved the 3-6 combo when the clock hit double zeros.

Maroon 5 is the head performer of the halftime show

While it should be a day of celebration, with people from around the Planet partying as one, there is always a degree of controversy during SB Sunday. This year, with the Colin Kaepernick issue still unresolved to everyone's liking, several "stars" declined to perform during the Halftime Show. Billboard reports that Rihana, P!NK, Jay-Z and Cardi B all turned done offers from the NFL. Over 100 million watch the Halftime Show so that is dedication to a cause.

"Bet on an eclectic mix of Super Bowl Commercials and Pepsi Halftime Show props - Creative super funny ads have become must see SB TV

Not sure which choice they were, the NFL and PEPSI landed Maron 5 as the head performer of the halftime show during Super Bowl LIII. Adam Levine and Crew will take a break from their Red Pill Blues Tour to hit the stage along with rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott. Online sportsbooks offer Halftime Show props during the second week of the Super Bowl break. 

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