Top 10 Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names
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Top 10 Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names

Sports betting should not be taken lightly. However, that doesn’t mean a little humor can’t be tossed into the mix here and there. We see that often in fantasy football team names as general managers can get very creative with the monikers for their squads. From a twist on a favorite drink like "Pass The Patron" to a parody of a star player with "Party Like a Gronk Star" team names are limited only by your imagination.

Some of These Funny Fantasy Names Can Help Cash Winning Wagers

Hilarious fantasy team names are not exclusive to football owners who conjure up unique, clever and witty handles. “Doughty by Nature” honours NHL star Drew Doughty, “Werth Our Weight In Gold” is a play on Washington Nationals MLB player Jayson Werth and “Temporary Linsanity” is a parody on NBA point guard Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets. That is a discussion for another day though, as this article focuses on the top 10 funniest fantasy football team names so let's get to it.

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Gronk If You Wanna See My TDs

Not many sports stars have their name mixed into more team monikers than New England Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski. Gronk If You Wanna See My TDs, a twist on a bumper sticker a girl who isn’t shy may have on her vehicle, is very popular but there are many others. The long list includes “I Came, I Saw, I Gronkered” paraphrasing Julius Caesar, “The Big Gronkowski” which is a parody on the crime/comedy movie The Big Lebowski and “Make America Gronk Again” that spins Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign slogan. Fun teams names a side, Gronkowski and QB Tom Brady are a dominating force on NFL fields and the fantasy football landscape.

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Airing Out Our Dirty Landry

Twisting a term that referring to publicly discussing private matters “Airing Out Our Dirty Landry” is for fans of Miami Dolphins third-year wide receiver Jarvis Landry. Often recognized for spectacular catches, Landry and his QB Ryan Tannehill have aired it out together a few times. After a solid career as a member of the LSU Tigers, Landry burst onto the NFL scene with 118 touches, 1,270 total yards and five touchdowns during his 2014 rookie season. Following a slight sophomore slump in 2015 (754 yards - 5 TD) Landry was a question mark heading into 2016 drafts but he is on pace to match his year one numbers for those fantasy owners who trusted him to have a rebound season in South Beach.


Go Hyde and Go Zeke

New for NFL 2016, “Go Hyde and Go Zeke” is of course a play on the old children’s game that may turn into a winning combination for fantasy football general managers. Given their average draft position separation, fantasy owners could have selected Dallas Cowboys rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott in the first round (RB 4) and San Francisco 49ers third year RB Carlos Hyde in the fourth round (RB 15) from a backend position during their draft. They are enjoying life if they did as Elliot has 627 total yards and five touchdowns while Hyde has chipped in 443 total yards and six scores. Those numbers have Elliott and Hyde sitting third and fifth respectively in overall running back scoring through the first five weeks of the 2016 fantasy football season.

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Scoring With Green Initiatives

Referring to the “Go Green” phenomenon sweeping the planet (or perhaps mocking it) “Scoring With Green Initiatives” can be used by fans of NFL players whose last name is Green. It would be a nice fit for a fantasy squad that includes Cincinnati Bengals star wide receiver A.J. Green and Pittsburgh Steelers tight end Ladarius Green. A.J. Green is having another stellar season in Cincinnati with QB Andy Dalton as he is well on pace to catch 116 passed and post 1657 receiving yards. Injuries have sidelined Ladarius Green (who played his first four seasons for the San Diego Chargers) so far in 2016 but he will be a force in the Steelers high octane passing offense once he returns for Week 9 action.

Cam Newton 2

Wham! Bam! Thank You Cam!

There is a slight sexual connotation here but it is a funny name for any fantasy squad that has Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton on it. It is also what a lot of fantasy owners where saying to their opponents once the 2015 National Football League season ended. That’s due to Cam doing a lot of whamming and bamming on his way to winning the NFL and Fantasy Football MVP awards. Newton was on fire raking up 4,473 total yards and 45 touchdowns while throwing a measly ten interceptions. Injuries and a terrible O-line lead us to Isaac Newton’s quote “what goes up - must come down” as Cam has struggled through the first five NFL 2016 contests.


What Can Brown Do For You

Answering the hypothetical question in the “What Can Brown Do For You” fantasy football team name is dead simple - he can deliver a lot of green. This aggregation ties the long time advertising slogan (now retired) for package delivery company UPS with Pittsburg Steelers all-world wide receiver Antonio Brown. After posting 7,093 receiving yards and 38 touchdowns, through his first six seasons, Brown was the undisputed number one selection during the majority of 2016 season long fantasy drafts. Delivering as promised, Brown has posted 37 catches for 447 yards and five scores through the Steelers first five games in this year. Those numbers give Brown 111.7 fantasy points in “points per reception” scoring leagues.


Le’Veon On A Prayer

Music and football mix with the “Le’Veon On A Prayer” fantasy football team name. A play on Bon Jovi’s signature song “Livin’ on a Prayer” this is a classic moniker for any fantasy owner who has Pittsburgh Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell on their squad. There was some praying as fantasy owners spent the first three weeks of the 2016 NFL season hoping Bell would tear it up once he returned from his three game suspension. While the touchdowns are still to come, it’s been so far so good for Le’Veon Bell owners as he had 332 total yards during his first two games back. It will only get better for fantasy managers who are Le’Veon on a Prayer.

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All About The Benjamins

Crossing a wide variety of genres, the name “All About The Benjamin’s” fantasy team ties many entities together. Including Carolina Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin and San Diego Chargers WR Travis Benjamin (pictured when he played in Cleveland) a Puff Daddy rap song, a movie that Ice Cube starred in and, most importantly, the common term for USD $100 bills that feature US Founding Father Benjamin Franklin on them. Both Benjamin’s have delivered decent numbers during the early part of the 2016 NFL season as Kelvin has 308 receiving yards and four TD over five contests while Travis has 411 yards and two scores during his six games played.

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Bend It Like Beckham Jr.

European and MLS LA Galaxy soccer stud David Beckham, a hit movie, and All-Pro NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. all come together to form the “Bend It Like Beckham Jr.” fantasy football team name. Hauling in passes from New York Giants two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning, Odell Beckham Jr. burst onto the scene with 2,755 receiving yards and 25 touchdowns during his first two seasons in the National Football League. Selected second overall in many 2016 season long drafts, behind Pittsburgh Steelers stud WR Antonio Brown, the often hotheaded Beckham has not lived up to his fantasy football expectations yet. OBJ has hauled in a decent yardage total (359) but he has just one touchdown and 27 catches through his first five NFL 2016 matches.

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Just Messam With Your Mind Bro

Canadian Football League fantasy contests don’t have the same following NFL games enjoy but we close out our top 10 funniest fantasy football team names by slipping in a CFL entry. “Just Messam With Your Mind Bro“ sounds like a stoners tribute and it's tied to Calgary Stampeders battering ram running back Jerome Messam. As one of the leaders of the 13-1-1 Stampede City Crew, Messam has racked up 1,466 total yards and twelve touchdowns through fifteen games during CFL 2016 action. Those numbers include 1,002 rushing yards and eleven scores on the ground, which are both top marks in the CFL. Expect Messam to be a key cog during the Stampeders victory in the 104th Grey Cup Championship on November 27, 2016, and you can bet on it at SportsInteraction.