Top 10 Funniest Fantasy Football Team Names

Sports betting should not be taken lightly. However, that doesn’t mean a little humor can’t be tossed into the mix here and there. We see that often in fantasy football team names as general managers can get very creative with the monikers for their squads. From a twist on a favorite drink like "Pass The Patron" to a parody of a star player with "Party Like a Gronk Star" team names are limited only by your imagination.

Some of These Funny Fantasy Names Can Help Cash Winning Wagers

Hilarious fantasy team names are not exclusive to football owners who conjure up unique, clever and witty handles. “Doughty by Nature” honours NHL star Drew Doughty, “Werth Our Weight In Gold” is a play on Washington Nationals MLB player Jayson Werth and “Temporary Linsanity” is a parody on NBA point guard Jeremy Lin of the Brooklyn Nets. That is a discussion for another day though, as this article focuses on the top 10 funniest fantasy football team names so let's get to it.

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