Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson - $9m Vegas Duel

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson - $9m Vegas Duel

It's finally happening. After all the talk and speculation, Tiger and Phil will walk the walk in November 2018 and play a one-off exhibition match in Las Vegas.

The contest will be screened on pay-per-view television and will be a $9 million winner-takes-all showdown. It's golf like we've never seen before on our screens, and just another way that you can bet on golf.

There is a huge interest in this match, and the top online sports betting companies will no doubt be all over the event and provide an assortment of ways to bet on the match. Here you'll find our preview and all of the best tips for this big clash.

Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson

Head To Head

Ok, so head-to-head showdowns have been done a few times before throughout the history of golf, although there's not too much history to go off when looking at a straight matchup between Mickelson and Woods. That's because golf is predominantly a tournament sport.

Players tend to take fewer risks in a tournament, because the potential to slip down the leaderboard (and down the money list) can severely affect their paycheck.

But a head to head dual between two old rivals will bring out their best. It's winner-takes-all, and even if it's true that they will both make money out of the event (a la Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor), neither party will give an inch on the fairways of Shadow Creek GC.

It's hard to compare the two for this reason, and it's even harder when you consider the recent rollercoaster that Woods has been on in the last decade. Yet his win at the recent Tour Championship proves he is back and close to his best, and Phil will need to be better than he has been in a while to match him.

You can find more on their head-to-head record right here.

The Odds

Originally, Tiger Woods opened the market at -180, while Phil Mickelson began at +150, although naturally there has been some movement. 

If you shop around you can see Tiger as good as -170, and it's hard to imagine he will improve considering he is in form and surging in the right direction.

Tiger Woods To Beat Phil Mickelson Odds

Tiger is coming off his best season in almost about a decade, finishing in the top-25 in two-thirds of the events he played in (12/18). But it is his second-place finish in the Fed-Ex Cup Standings that really shows how far he has come.

Mind you there is a reason why Phil isn't a huge outsider. Mickelson made 21/24 cuts in 2018, making him one of the most consistent performers on tour.

We feel that the odds are about right, Tiger is probably a safe bet but not quite safe enough to throw the kitchen sink at it.

Correct Score Market

As this is a matchplay event, you will also see odds for the correct score. If you're unfamiliar with matchplay rules it's quite simple - for each hole that a player wins they go up by a point (it doesn't matter if they beat their opponent by one stroke or two strokes).

At the end of eighteen holes, the player with the most points is the winner, although the match can also end early if a player is up by a substantial amount (for example if they are 3 up with 2 to play - in this case the result would be '3 and 2').

The early favourite in this market is for Woods to finish 1 up, meaning it would come down to the final hole. As this is an exhibition match, you could certainly be cynical and think that this will produce the best climax, and this also covers if the match goes to extra holes. This is paying +500.

Alternatively, Phil winning by the same margin will fetch you +600. From there, naturally you will find that the bigger the margin the bigger the odds.

We can't see this match being anything but close, so pick a player and select '1 up' - even bet on both (you will still profit regardless of the player that wins).

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