Super Bowl LV Will Have 20% Of Its Capacity
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Super Bowl LV Will Have 20% Of Its Capacity

The NFL is reportedly planning on 20% seating capacityroughly 13,000 fans - for Super Bowl LV, which is currently scheduled for February 7, 2021, at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

Super Bowl Will Have 20% Of Its Capacity

Super Bowl LV will take place on February 7 at Raymond James Stadium – home stadium of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Early news reports that capacity the Super Bowl LV will have 20% of its capacity. The stadium, on a typical day, holds 65,618 people. The last time it hosted the Super Bowl, seats were added to increase capacity to 70,774. If capped at 20% of normal football capacity, just over 13,000 can attend Super Bowl LV.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were one of the first teams to welcome fans back, with plans to increase the total to 25% of stadium capacity gradually.


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The Buccaneers are one of the best teams in the NFL this season. If they can make the Super Bowl, they would be the first team in NFL history to play the Super Bowl in their home stadium.

The offseason additions of Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and later Antonio Brown have produced for the Buccaneers. The team also has one of the best defences in the league – anchored by Devin White and Lavonte David, two potential All-Pro linebackers. If they keep it up, Brady could add a seventh ring to his legacy. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To win Super Bowl LV

Playing the Super Bowl in your home stadium does not guarantee a stadium packed with local fans. The NFL distributes the Super Bowl tickets – giving 17.5% of tickets to each team in the Big Game. The host city gets 6.2% of tickets. If the Buccaneers make the Super Bowl, they will have 3,110 tickets to distribute to season-ticket holders and fans.

The Smallest Super Bowl Crowd Every

The record low attendance for the Super Bowl was Super Bowl I. On January 15, 1967, at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, Super Bowl I took place with an attendance of 61,946, roughly 30,000 less than the stadium's capacity.

Super Bowl I was between the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs. There is an excellent chance that 54 years later, these two teams are playing again in the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs are the favourites to win Super Bowl 55. The defending World Champions look nearly unstoppable this season. Patrick Mahomes is playing as well, if not better than he did in 2018 – when he tossed 50 touchdowns and over 5000 yards – in his first full season – on route to winning NFL MVP and an appearance in the AFC Championship game.

The addition of Le'Veon Bell, once he is comfortable in the offence, could take this team up another level. They also have a defence that steps up when it matters. I would not want to play the Chiefs in January or February.

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl LV
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Was drafting Jordan Love a plan for the future or a tactful move to piss off Aaron Rodgers. Judging by the play of Rodgers this season, drafting Love may have been the biggest win-now move of the 2020 NFL Draft.


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Rodgers' play this season is matching the levels of his 2011 and 2014 MVP seasons. He matched his passing touchdown total from last season in only nine games and has the Green Bay Packers atop the NFC after ten weeks.

Rodgers is not the only reason for the Packers' success this season. The Packers' backfield combination of Aaron Jones and Jamaal Williams is one of the best in the NFL. Jones has 26 total touchdowns in his last 23 games and has never averaged under 4.6 yards per carry in his career. Williams, on 574 touches, has never fumbled the ball.

The Packers' defence is also improving, with Preston Smith and Adrian Amos playing better after a slow start. If they continue to play well, the combination of them with Za'Darius Smith and Jaire Alexander will give any team problems.

Green Bay Packers To win Super Bowl LV
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You can also bet on both Green Bay and Kansas City making the Super Bowl. Mahomes and Rodgers have combined for 51 passing touchdowns to only four interceptions (over nine games each) for a record of 15-3. Even with limited fans, watching those two go at it would make for an exciting game.   

Green Bay and Kansas City To to Make Super Bowl LV

Smallest Attendance Post-Merger

Since the post-merger (1970), the lowest Super Bowl attendance came at Super Bowl XXVI between the Washington Redskins and the Buffalo Bills. The renamed Washington Football Team is not playing well in 2020.

The Buffalo Bills are having their best season since 1999 when they went 11-5 and lost a wild playoff game (the Music City Miracle) to the Tennessee Titans.

The Bills Super Bowl hopes hinge on the play of quarterback Josh Allen. Allen's play this season has been erratic, but he is an MVP candidate when he is playing his best. He will need to put together four quality games – as we do not expect the Bill will have a bye going into the NFL playoffs.


"Washington Football Team vs. Cleveland Browns - Cleveland, Ohio - September 27, 2020" by All-Pro Reels is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0


Allen's first four games of the 2020 season were stellar. Allen tossed 12 touchdowns to one interception, 1326 yards, and completed 70.95% of his passes. He also added three rushing touchdowns over those four games, helping the Bills go 4-0 to start the season. His opponents included the Dolphins, Raiders, and Rams – all playoff calibre teams.

If he can get hot like that once the playoffs start, which is a possibility – just look at Eli Manning in 2012 and Joe Flacco in 2013 – then the Bills could finally win a Super Bowl.

Buffalo Bills To win Super Bowl LV

Where to Bet on Super Bowl LV futures

The Super Bowl is the most bet on event in North American sports. Its wild popularity means there is a wealth of online sportsbooks offering odds on who will win Super Bowl LV. To help make betting on who will win much easier, you can check out the best sportsbooks to wager on Super Bowl futures below.