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Roger Federer - How Many Times Will He Win At Wimbledon?

Roger Federer - How Many Times Will He Win At Wimbledon?

Roger Federer - The Undisputed G.O.A.T.

You've got to love sport. There is no other subject on earth that will cause hundreds, thousands or even millions of people to engage in a debate that has no definitive answer.

How would Michael Jordan fare against the likes of LeBron? Would Michael Schumacher be more or less dominant in an era containing Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel? Would a prime Jack Nicklaus have as many major victories if he played alongside Tiger at his peak?

Tennis is no different of course, and we have been blessed with a number of incredible champions who have all given us so many great memories.

From Roy Emerson and Rod Laver in the 1960's, who split 23 grand slams between them, to Pete Sampras in the 90's, whose 14 grand slams seemed at the time to be a record nobody would ever surpass, men's tennis has it's fair share of legendary players.

In the women's game, we are unlikely to ever see another player of the caliber of Serena Williams, although despite her astonishing 23 grand slams she is still second on that list to the great Margaret Court. It is impossible to determine the greatest of those two; all we can do is imagine a match between these two in their prime.

But the men's tennis scene has been changed forever by a man by the name of Roger Federer, and there are a number of reasons why he is the undisputed greatest of all time; a number of reasons why all of the hypothetical matches against past champions would end in victory to the Swiss maestro. Former world number one Jimmy Connors best summed up Federer's superiority...

"In an era of specialists, you're either a clay court specialist, a grass court specialist, or a hard court specialist... or you're Roger Federer."

Federer has won nineteen career grand slam singles titles. Nineteen. 

It is only fifteen years ago that Pete Sampras won the 2002 US Open, his fourteenth career grand slam, which as mentioned above seemed insurmountable. Roger has five more, and he's still going, but as incredible as this is we are not declaring him the G.O.A.T. simply because of this statistic.

We are going to nominate one key ingredient. One key name. Rafael Nadal. 

When comparing legends from different eras you first need to stop and take a look at the other great players of their generation. Emerson and Laver perhaps could have had nineteen slams if it wasn't for the fact they kept taking trophies away from each other.

Nadal has established himself as the greatest clay-court player of all time with ten French Open titles, and appears second on the all-time list of grand slam victories with 16, so he is more than worthy of a mention when describing Federer's pedigree.

The simple fact is that if it wasn't for Roger Federer we could quite easily be discussing whether Rafael Nadal is the greatest tennis player of all time. The pair have established one of the most incredible rivalries and have co-existed for over a decade, yet Federer has still managed to come out on top, and it is for this reason that he is the undisputed greatest of all time. 

How Many Times Will Federer Win At Wimbledon?

What we will never know is whether Roger Federer would have realized his potential and risen to the top if it wasn't for his nearest rivals. It is ok to hypothesize that he would already have ten Wimbledon titles and perhaps many more French Open championships if it wasn't for Djokovic and Nadal, but without those other greats of the game pushing him, would we have seen the best of him? And moreover, would we see a 36 year-old Federer still in action?

That is perhaps the best part about his 2017 resurgence, and why it is no longer unreasonable to suggest that the Fed Express could win more than eight times at The Championships.

He has already proved that he could return to the top, but with Nadal still a few years his junior and just three behind on the all time list of majors, Federer almost has to go on, to keep fighting to remain at the top of the tree, and he is relishing the challenge.

So as tennis fans, we are in luck. 2018 promises to throw up another exciting Australian Open where Roger Federer will return to defend his crown. He needs just one more victory in Melbourne to match the record for most singles victories at the tournament, currently shared by Australian legend Roy Emerson and current rival Djokovic.

Then it's off to Wimbledon (assuming he skips the French Open as he has done in the last two seasons). With Andy Murray and Djokovic below their best, and with no young players looking likely to make the step up to join the top players, he is definitely a chance. Imagine the headlines if Roger can record his ninth Wimbledon victory and in the process notch up his twentieth grand slam.

Federer - How many Wimbledons Will He Win?

Incredibly, according to the odds at Betway, he is just as likely to notch up a ninth Wimbledon title as he is to remain on eight: +100. One gets the feeling it is between these two options.

It is very hard to see him winning twice more to make it to ten, especially considering he will be pushing 38 by the time the 2019 tournament comes around, although if you think he can make it to the magic milestone you will receive odds of +800.

Winning an eighth Wimbledon title looked out of reach for a 35 year-old Federer when he entered the 2017 season, yet his Australian Open win gave us hope and he followed it up with one of the most dominant displays at a major since the beginning of his career.

If he stays healthy, sticks to a limited ATP tour schedule and prepares his calendar with the view of going deep in the major tournaments, we could see a ninth title. That is our pick.

Federer's Wimbledon Record

2017 was an amazing year for fans of mens tennis - it was almost like we had gone back to the future. Only two names were needed to be engraved on the four grand slam trophies - Rafael Nadal notched up his tenth victory at Roland Garros and also won the US Open, while Roger Federer's name was etched onto the Australian Open trophy for a fifth time and he also managed a record eighth win at the All England Club.

While Federer's 2017 Australian Open came as a pleasant shock - he hadn't won a grand slam since the 2012 Wimbledon tournament - his victory at the Championships was nothing short of remarkable. He didn't drop a single set over the course of his campaign and all of a sudden an incredible 20th major title is now within reach for the 36 year-old.

Wimbledon remains Federer's most successful tournament out of the four majors. His eight victories include five straight between 2003 and 2007 and have come from eleven attempts; this is a record for the most number of final appearances at one grand slam. He has only failed to make it to the quarter-final once in the last fourteen years, while his overall record at the tournament is 91-11.

If it wasn't for the emergence of Novak Djokovic in the last decade, Federer may have already matched Nadal's record for the most grand slam victories at one tournament (ten at the French Open), and the fact that Djokovic sits equal fourth on the list of all time winners with twelve victories further backs up Roger's G.O.A.T. status. Who knows how many grand slams he could have won if not for the Joker and the King of Clay?

What are your thoughts? Do you think 2017 was an anomaly and that Federer is too old to win another Wimbledon title, or do you believe his return to form combined with a lack of serious opposition will enable him to experience further success at the All England Club? Whatever your opinion, be sure to let us know by joining in on the conversation on Facebook.

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