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Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl 52 Point Spread Odds Preview

Patriots vs Eagles Super Bowl 52 Point Spread Odds Preview

Super Bowl 52 Point Spread

Counting down to Super Bowl Sunday, which also acts as a giant party that circumnavigates the globe, betting lines have been posted for the NFC Eagles vs AFC Patriots SB 52 showdown at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN. With the NFC designated as the HOME squad, Philadelphia has been tagged as home pups while New England is NFL Championship chalk – a role they are familiar with. Here are the latest lines from five highly recommended online football betting sportsbooks.

NFL 2018 Title Game Predictions: ML NEP (-175) ATS NEP -4.5 (-105) ATS OVER O/U 48.5 (-110)

Last PHI vs NEP ATS Closing Line Update: 2:35 AM ET 4.02.18 UP TO 6:25 PM ET 4.02.18

NFL Championship: Patriots 2-5-1 Eagles 1-1-0 ATS Overall Favorites 26-22-2 (SB 46 EVEN) 
 Super Bowl LII Patriots Eagles
 -4.5 (-110) to N/C   +4.5 (-110) to N/C
 -5.0 (-100) to -4.5 (-115)  +5.0 (-115) to +4.5 (-105)  
 -4.5 (-105) to - 4.5 (-110)   +4.5 (-115) to +4.5 (-110) 
 -4.5 (-105) to - 4.5 (-110)  +4.5 (-115) to +4.5 (-110) 
 -4.5 (-105) to N/C  +4.5 (-115) to N/C

Shaded Green: Against The Spread Odds Super Bowl LII Best Value 

Notable Line Move: 4.5 points across the board with various juice may be the closing line (2/1)

Bet on Super Bowl LII at Sports Interaction

Posted on every NFL Championship, since NFL powerhouse Green Bay faced AFL upstart Kansas City in Super Bowl 1, point spreads have always acted as the great equalizer when betting on the Super Bowl. Ranging from EVEN on the Patriots vs Seahawks SB 49 battle, to the monster -18.5 line on the 49ers and Chargers SB 29 contest, ATS lines have averaged -6.74 during the first 52 SB fights.

Always varying, depending on the teams involved, a field goal (3) has been the most popular spread as it has been used eight times overall. Not far behind, a converted TD (7) has graced seven Super Bowl betting boards. Double digits have been posted 14 times (chalk is 7-6-1) while five points or less has appeared on 22 occasions and chalk squads covered the line in eleven of those games.

Popular recently, posted in 2010 and 2014, this is just the third time that +/-5 points has been used in an NFL title game as it is the majority line on the boards at featured Canada Sports Betting sportsbooks. Dogs won outright in both previous matches as New Orleans beat Indianapolis 31-17 during SB 44 and Denver cruised past Carolina 24-10 in their largely defensive Super Bowl 50 duel. 

NFL Championship Blowouts: Six or more points have decided 37 of 51 Super Bowl duels. 

My Team's Next MatchNew England Patriots

New England Has Spread Cover Issues In The Super Bowl 

Walking around with a bullseye on their backs, as all Champions do, fans either love or hate the Patriots. Haters bring up "scandals" that have swirled around the NFL's version of the New York Yankees. New England backers just point to the scoreboard - which often displays a win by the Bill Belichick led Brady Bunch. Pats bettors have a love/hate affair of their own with New England.

Handicappers who rode the underdogs, during the Patriots first nine Super Bowl battles, are rolling in green as dogs are 4-2-1 ATS overall. Pre Tom Brady, New England lost SB 20 as -10 point pups to Chicago (46-10) during their franchise first big game in 1986. Down 27-14 at halftime, the Pats managed a PUSH versus Green Bay who were -14 chalk during their 35-21 SB 31 victory in 1997.

In the Belichick/Brady era New England is 2-4 against the spread. The Pats won (20-17) as -14 point pups vs St. Louis (SB 36) prior to non-cover wins over Carolina (SB 38) and Philadelphia (SB 39). Two losses as chalk to the Giants (SB 42 & 46) would follow before the Brady Bunch defeated Seattle in the only EVEN priced contest and then covered as -3 chalk vs Atlanta in Super Bowl 51 last year.

Lopsided Contests: Six points or more decided 25 of 36 NEP and PHI matches this season.

Philadelphia Brashly Bears Playoff Home Dog Tag

Not possessing the Patriots NFL Championship experience, Philadelphia was thumped and managed a backdoor cover during their first two Super Bowl appearances. Rolling to a 12-4 record in 1980, Philadelphia beat Minnesota (31-16) and Dallas (20-7) in the playoffs to reach their first Super Bowl. Posted as -7 chalk, the Eagles had their wings clipped (27-10) by the Oakland Raiders in SB 15.

Following a 23-year drought, Philadelphia finally returned to the Big Dance as the Eagles went 13-3 during the 2004 NFL regular season. Philly then eliminated Minnesota (27-14) and Atlanta (27-10) in the playoffs to earn a date with New England in Super Bowl 39. Down 24-14, Philadelphia scored a TD with under two minutes to play and covered the -7 point spread price during their 24-21 loss.

Strangers to the underdog role, Philadelphia was chalk in 12 of 16 regular season contests, the Eagles have been pups in the playoffs. Wearing the dog tag, like a badge of honour, Philly punted Atlanta (15-10) and Minnesota (38-7) as -3 point dogs at The Linc. Soaring away from their home nest, and into an unfriendly U.S. Bank Stadium, diminishes the Eagles "Home Dog Pride" swagger.

Against The Spread Boost: NEP being 2-4 ATS since 2002 bolsters PHI ATS bettors. 

ATS Results Table: Shaded Green is Super Bowl Winner - F/D: Point Spread Winner 

Shaded Blue: Indicates prior Super Bowl battles involving Philadelphia and New England.

SB ATS Favorite FAV DOG Underdog F/D
51 -3 New England 34 28 Atlanta FAV
50 -5 Carolina 10 24 Denver DOG
49 EVEN New England 28 24 Seattle N/A
48 -2.5 Denver 8 43 Seattle DOG
47 -4.5 San Francisco 31 34 Baltimore DOG
46 -2.5 New England 17 21 NY Giants DOG
45 -3 Green Bay 31 25 Pittsburgh FAV
44 -5 Indianapolis 17 31 New Orleans DOG
43 -7 Pittsburgh 27 23 Arizona DOG
42 -12 New England 14 17 NY Giants DOG
41 -7 Indianapolis 29 17 Chicago FAV
40 -4 Pittsburgh 21 10 Seattle FAV
39 -7 New England 24 21 Philadelphia DOG
38 -7 New England 32 29 Carolina DOG
37 -4 Oakland 21 48 Tampa Bay DOG
36 -14 St. Louis 17 20 New England DOG
35 -3 Baltimore 34 7 NY Giants FAV
34 -7 St. Louis 23 16 Tennessee PUSH
33 -7.5 Denver 34 19 Atlanta FAV
32 -11 Green Bay 21 31 Denver DOG
31 -14 Green Bay 35 21 New England PUSH
30 -13.5 Dallas 27 17 Pittsburgh DOG
29 -18.5 San Francisco 49 26 San Diego FAV
28 -10.5 Dallas 30 13 Buffalo FAV
27 -6.5 Dallas 52 17 Buffalo FAV
26 -7 Washington 37 24 Buffalo FAV
25 -7 Buffalo 19 20 NY Giants DOG
24 -12 San Francisco 55 10 Denver FAV
23 -7 San Francisco 20 16 Cincinnati DOG
22 -3 Denver 10 42 Washington DOG
21 -9.5 NY Giants 39 20 Denver FAV
20 -10 Chicago 46 10 New England FAV
19 -3.5 San Francisco 38 16  Miami FAV
18 -3 Washington 9 38 LA Raiders DOG
17 -3 Miami 17 27 Washington DOG
16 -1 San Francisco 26 21 Cincinnati FAV
15 -3 Philadelphia 10 27 Oakland DOG
14 -10.5 Pittsburgh 31 19 LA Rams FAV
13 -3.5 Pittsburgh 35 31 Dallas FAV
12 -6 Dallas 27 10 Denver FAV
11 -4 Oakland 32 14 Minnesota FAV
10 -7 Pittsburgh 21 17 Dallas DOG
9 -3 Pittsburgh 16 6 Minnesota FAV
8 -6.5 Miami 24 7 Minnesota FAV
7 -1 Miami 14 7  Washington FAV
6 -6 Dallas 24 3 Miami FAV
5 -2.5 Baltimore 16 13  Dallas FAV
4 -12 Minnesota 7 23 Kansas City DOG
3 -18 Baltimore 7 16 NY Jets DOG
2 -13.5 Green Bay 33 14 Oakland FAV
1 -14 Green Bay 35 10 Kansas City FAV

Avoid Added Juice At Sports Lottery Kiosks

Unapologetic, but understanding the magnitude of the Patriots epic Super Bowl LI win, we backed New England as -3 (-105) chalk versus Atlanta last year. Our Game Total ticket was toasted in OT but the Pats dramatic comeback made our SU and ATS selections winners. Fortunate wins but luck flows both ways, up and down, the sports betting stream. We like that the SB 51 ATS price came with reduced juice. The -5 point spread vig has been fluctuating all week. As we are publishing this preview (26/01/18) Eagles (-120) and Patriots (EVEN) is a large ATS odds juice price differential.

Still digging into our treasure trove of trends, we will announce our NEP vs PHI point spread pick on or before 03/02/18. While the odds above will be updated regularly - bettors can surf over to the sportsbooks in the CSB Top Five table for the latest lines. Anyone willing to pay some added juice, and then wager on one or two extra non-Super Bowl games, will feel right at home at sports lottery kiosks in Canada. 'Cappers looking for the sharpest prices, or to buy or sell ATS points, can surf over to CSB recommended bookmakers and receive hundreds of Super Bowl 52 wagering options.

SB LII Point Spread Advice: Since points can be bought, or reduced juice can be easily found, we suggest holding off on placing any wagers until one or two days prior to Super Bowl Sunday. There is no time like the present to open a personal online wagering account, load a bankroll and collect a Welcome Bonus to boost your betting balance. Do it now at any of these top ranked sportsbooks.

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