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NFL Point Spread Picks Week 16

NFL Point Spread Picks Week 16

Saturday, December 23 - ATS Picks

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4:30 PM EST Kickoff  

Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens

The Baltimore Ravens continue their golden path to the playoffs with another gimme game, this time against the Indianapolis Colts. Typically, the Colts tend to handle the Ravens, enjoying an 8-3 record against Baltimore over their matchup history. Indy’s one of the worst teams in the NFL in 2017, so back Baltimore on Saturday.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens -13.5

8:30 PM EST Kickoff

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Green Bay were eliminated from the playoffs by the Panthers last week, but some NFL observers still believe that it’s a good idea to play Aaron Rodgers against a fantastic defensive team that cracked his collarbone earlier this year. Cooler heads will prevail, Aaron will heal up for next season, and the Vikings will beat the spread.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings -9.0

Sunday, December 24 - ATS Picks

1:00 PM EST Kickoff  

Detroit Lions at Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals have an average defense, but the offense has been kitten-like in 2017, including the notable mediocrity of Andy Dalton. As such, they have nothing to compete for as the NFL regular season grinds to a finish. Detroit plays the role of Sisyphus, winning enough games to push the playoff boulder up the hill. Despite playing well and beating the Bengals, the Lions will miss the playoffs and watch the boulder roll to the foot of the hill.

Pick: Detroit Lions -3.0

Miami Dolphins at Kansas City Chiefs

Somehow, Miami still has a 3% chance at making the playoffs, which doesn’t seem fair to decent teams like Green Bay and Dallas, who could’ve made a splash in the post season but will end up missing the boat instead. Kansas has a 98% chance of making the post season because of their superb start to the year, and they’ll likely lose in the first round. The Chiefs should clinch the AFC West division on Sunday, but they won’t beat the spread.

Pick: Miami Dolphins +11.0

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have proven themselves repeatedly this year, with their latest big win taking place against the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers last week. Tampa Bay’s a far less demanding opponent, so Carolina should clinch a spot as the best wild card team in the NFL. A 12-point spread against the Bucs reflects another terrible year of football in Florida.

Pick: Carolina Panthers -12.0

Cleveland Browns at Chicago Bears

If you don’t know that you should bet against the Browns in all scenarios, you haven’t been paying attention to the NFL this year, or someone’s giving you bad advice.

Pick: Chicago Bears -6.5

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

The Patriots have already beaten the Bills 23-3 in Buffalo this year. New England needs a home win to clinch top spot in the AFC and home field before the Super Bowl. Buffalo has beaten New England four times in 17 years, despite playing in the same division. Odds are slim that the Bills have what it takes to put up a fight.

Pick: New England Patriots -12.0

Atlanta Falcons at New Orleans Saints

The hottest divisional matchup of the week will be the Falcons and the Saints, with New Orleans favored to win and clinch the hyper-competitive NFC South. Atlanta’s won three in a row against New Orleans, including a fascinating Thursday night tilt a couple of weeks ago. The Falcons have a better shot at winning than the spread suggests, so pick Atlanta to cover.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons +6.0

Los Angeles Rams at Tennessee Titans

The Rams have lost only one game on the road this season, against the vicious Vikings in Minnesota, and playing against the shrinking Titans won’t prove much of a challenge. Sure, Tennessee needs this game more than Los Angeles, but coach Sean McVay will make sure his squad’s ready to clinch the division this week.

Pick: Los Angeles Rams -7.0

Los Angeles Chargers at New York Jets

A slow start to the season robbed the Chargers of any chance they had at a playoff spot, especially in a weak AFC West division. A soft schedule to end the year would’ve gifted Los Angeles a playoff spot, but now they’ll have to settle for a pyrrhic win against the Jets. A 6.5 spread is a gift for ATS bettors on Christmas eve.

Pick: Los Angeles Chargers -6.5 

Denver Broncos at Washington Redskins

This football game is one of the most meaningless games of the week, with neither team benefiting much from a win. Washington’s perhaps the most injured team in the NFL, but Denver’s been one of the least inspiring squads this year. At least Cleveland was expected to lose. Another loss for the Broncos will simply twist the knife deeper.

Pick: Washington Redskins -3.5

4:05 PM EST Kickoff

Jacksonville Jaguars at San Francisco 49ers

Hard to believe that Jacksonville’s a legitimate contender, but they allow only 14.9 PPG, best in the NFL. The offense is rated fifth with Fournette and Bortles enjoying career years. San Francisco’s starting to enjoy the Garoppolo era, but the Jaguars still need to clinch their division and fight for a first-round bye, so expect the 49ers to lose in Santa Clara.

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars -4.0

4:25 PM EST Kickoff

Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys

Seattle’s devastating loss to the Los Angeles Rams all but eliminated them from the playoffs, while the Cowboys missing Ezekiel Elliott prevented Dallas from repeating last season’s NFC East division title. Neither team has much of a chance to play in the post season, but Dallas should be able to whip Seattle in Texas now that Elliott’s returned.

Pick: Dallas Cowboys -5.0

New York Giants at Arizona Cardinals

Another meaningless football game features the Giants and the Cardinals meeting in the desert. Both teams have plenty of injuries and a lack of inspiration, making this game tough to call. Home field advantage will be the best indicator of success for this clash.

Pick: Arizona Cardinals -3.0

Monday, December 25 - ATS Picks

4:30 PM EST Kickoff

Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans

The Steelers have played well away from Pittsburgh this year, breaking trends established in past seasons. They’re probably still salty about losing to New England last week because of a questionable call. Houston injuries to Watson and Watts drained the energy from this squad, making a nine-point spread an achievable goal for the Steelers.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers -9.0

8:30 PM EST Kickoff

Oakland Raiders at Philadelphia Eagles

Philadelphia enjoys the best record in the NFL despite an injury to Wentz because of their superb depth. This team’s so good that Foles threw four TDs against the Giants last week. They may not be top contenders for the Super Bowl anymore, but Philly will defend home field against a deflated Raiders franchise.

Pick: Philadelphia Eagles -9.0

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