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NFL Point Spread Picks Week 15

NFL Point Spread Picks Week 15

NFL ATS Picks - Thursday, December 14th, 2017

8:25 PM EST Kickoff

Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts

An epic, eight-game losing streak ended last week, as the Broncos were able to shutout the New York Jets at Mile High. The Indianapolis Colts will be the next offense the Denver defense obliterates, as the unit takes out their frustration for the remaining games on the schedule. Instead of competing for a division title, the Broncos are stuck playing meaningless games against one of the worst squads in the NFL.

Pick: Devner Broncos -3.0

NFL ATS Picks - Saturday, December 16th, 2017

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4:30 PM EST Kickoff

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Bears faithful should feel good about their squad outperforming expectations. Chicago was never meant to make the playoffs, but they weren’t expected to beat the Steelers, Ravens, Panthers and Bengals. Detroit has already beaten the Bears by a field goal at Soldier Field, dominating this matchup with eight wins over the last nine meetings with Chicago. This game also means more to Detroit, so you can expect the Lions to perform well on a rare Saturday game.

Pick: Detroit Lions -5.5

8:25 PM EST Kickoff

Los Angeles Chargers at Kansas City Chiefs

It’s been a tale of two seasons with the Chiefs, starting with a five-win streak before transitioning into a 2-6 groove during the mid-season. Kansas City defeated the Chargers in Los Angeles the last time they met, extending the Chiefs win streak against their AFC West rivals to seven games. The spread favors L.A. due to their strong defense and four-game win streak. None of those victories were against teams better than Kansas, and the Chiefs should be able win a close one with the help of home field advantage. 

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs +1.0

NFL ATS Picks - Sunday, December 17th, 2017

1:00 PM EST Kickoff

Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns

The Browns entertained the masses with an artful display of losing against the Green Bay Packers. Cleveland built a 21-7 lead over the first three quarters, lifting their odds of winning to 96% after their last extra point. Brett Hundley summoned the spirit of Rodgers, leading the comeback with two TD passes to finish off Cleveland. The quest for the perfect losing season continues against Baltimore. Will the Browns win? “Nevermore,” quoth the Ravens.

Pick: Baltimore Ravens -7.5

Green Bay Packers at Carolina Panthers

The Green Bay Packers exciting comeback win kept them in the playoff picture long enough for Aaron Rodgers to return from a cracked collarbone. Suddenly, people are talking about the Packers as if they don’t have a six percent chance of making the playoffs. The popular money has reduced the spread from -3 to -2.5, narrowing the requirement for the favored Panthers, who will finish off Green Bay’s playoff dreams with a solid win at home.

Pick: Carolina Panthers -2.5

Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants

The spread for this matchup looks like an Admiral Ackbar style of trap: tough to recognize until it’s in front of your grill. Certainly, the Giants have been terrible all year. Sure, backup pivot Nick Foles should provide enough offense to let the rest of the Eagles win the game. However, the Eagles will miss Wentz more than expected, which will make it a bit more difficult for Philly to cover a spread above a touchdown.

Pick: New York Giants +7.5

Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have thrived this year, beating up their own division and taking out a few big teams on the way to the top of the AFC South. Jacksonville started their season with a 29-7 romp over the Houston Texans, and now Houston travels to Jaguars habitat for a runback which could seal the division for the Jags. Houston’s too hurt to deal with one of the best defenses in the NFL, along with the shifty and powerful Leonard Fournette. 

Pick: Jacksonville Jaguars -12.5

Cincinnati Bengals at Minnesota Vikings

Now that Carson Wentz will miss the rest of the season, the Minnesota Vikings have a great shot at securing home field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Hosting the Cincinnati Bengals this week helps to improve their odds of running the table for the remainder of the season. The Bengals have a less-than-one percent chance of a postseason spot because of a weak offense and a middling defense. Minnesota’s eight game winning streak was burst by the Panthers, so you can expect the annoyed Vikings to ransack the Bengals with vengeance.

Pick: Minnesota Vikings -11.0

New York Jets at New Orleans Saints

A 16-point spread is one of the biggest of the NFL season, partly a compliment to the Saints, but also a condemnation of the New York Jets. The main story would be the Jets long list on injuries and getting shutout in Denver last week. However, New York losing by 16 is a big margin, even if the Saints possess one of the better attacks in the NFL. The Saints should win, but the spread seems egregious.

Pick: New York Jets +16.0

Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins

Washington has suffered greatly due to injuries, just like the Cardinals, who have played most of the season without their star pivot, Carson Palmer. Arizona has fewer injuries compared to the ridiculous health situation in Washington, but the ‘Skins have an advantage because Kirk Cousins has been OK this year. Neither team’s playing for a playoff spot, but Washington will have extra motivation to play well in front of their home crowd.

Pick: Washington Generals -4.5

4:05 PM EST Kickoff

Los Angeles Rams at Seattle Seahawks

Opposing teams hate visiting CenturyLink Field because the noise and atmosphere created by insane Seahawks fan tends to be a legitimate issue. A study of the numbers showed that Seattle enjoys the greatest advantage of any NFL team, giving the Seahawks a boost of about five points per game. The Los Angeles Rams have been one of the best surprises this season, but they’re about to enter the most hostile stadium in the NFL, which tilts the advantage away from the NFC West leaders.

Pick: Seattle Seahawks -2.5

4:25 PM EST Kickoff

New England Patriots at Pittsburgh Steelers

The Patriots have beaten the Steelers in six of their last eight meetings, not including the 2017 AFC Championship, which featured the Patriots besting Pittsburgh in Foxborough. Despite a stunning loss against Miami, New England’s still considered the favorite to win the Super Bowl. If Pittsburgh manages to replicate what the Dolphins defense pulled off, the Steelers should be considered the favorites. Pittsburgh probably should have lost last week, but clutched out a last-minute win instead. Take the points for the Steelers based on their excellent play this season, including superior defense.

Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers +3.0

Tennessee Titans at San Francisco 49ers

There was some truly horrendous football last week, and it included the Tennessee Titans, who dropped a 12-7 snoozer against Arizona. San Francisco has played inspired football over the past two weeks, creating their first win streak in years, partially under the power of their brand new starting QB, Jimmy Garoppolo. Tennessee was completely uninspired last week, which should be concerning because they should feel motivated by a potential playoff berth. Pick the 49ers because they’re finally enjoying the sport of football again.

Pick: San Francisco 49ers -2.0

8:30 PM EST Kickoff

Dallas Cowboys at Oakland Raiders

This matchup should have more importance than it currently possesses, but both teams have been extremely disappointing during the 2017 NFL season. Neither team boasts a decent chance at making the playoffs, but the Raiders remain closer than the Cowboys. Dallas has done well over the past couple of weeks to remain mathematically alive, but they’ll run into a wall against Oakland, who are motivated by a slightly more realistic path to the postseason.

Pick: Oakland Raiders +3.0

NFL ATS Picks - Monday, December 18th, 2017

8:30 PM EST Kickoff

Atlanta Falcons at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay’s in the middle of their second losing streak this year, mired in a three-game drought. The latest swoon started with a 34-20 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, who decimated the Bucs in Tampa during week twelve. The Falcons return home after an uplifting win against the Saints, ready to demolish their only easy game for the rest of the regular season.

Pick: Atlanta Falcons -6.0

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