2018 NFL Division Futures - AFC And NFC Odds

2018 NFL Division Futures - AFC And NFC Odds

NFL Divisional Futures

AFC East Division Odds

  • New England Patriots -500
  • Miami Dolphins +450
  • New York Jets +1100
  • Buffalo Bills +10000

New England’s reign over the AFC East will continue this season, despite signs of the organization fraying at the edges. The Patriots have won the division in 14 of the past 15 seasons, including the last nine years. They’ll remain favorites for Super Bowl 2019 odds by sports betting sites unless they collapse. 

Residing in the weakest division in the AFC helps, as the Bills, Jets and Dolphins offer little resistance against Belichick and Brady. Buffalo might go 0-16, the Jets have tantalizing young talent who require time to learn and the Dolphins are stuck in football purgatory. Barring a season-ending injury to Brady, the Patriots will win their 10th consecutive AFC East title.

AFC North Division Odds

  • Pittsburgh Steelers +130
  • Cincinnati Bengals +215
  • Baltimore Ravens +240
  • Cleveland Browns +1600

Prior to the start of the season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were strong favorites to win the AFC North. Two games without Le’Veon Bell resulted in a tie with the Browns and a loss to the Chiefs. Antonio Brown doesn’t seem happy and management doesn’t have a handle on all the drama.

Two winless games for Pittsburgh have blown the doors wide open for this division. The Bengals started the season perfect while the Ravens split their first two matches, including a loss to Cincinnati. Even the Browns look relatively competitive this year. Despite Cincy’s hot start, the Ravens should be considered a superb value at +240 if the Steelers continue to rust.

    AFC South Division Odds

    • Jacksonville Jaguars -160
    • Houston Texans +500
    • Indianapolis Colts +500
    • Tennessee Titans +550

    The Jacksonville Jaguars have established themselves as the team to beat in the AFC after two games, beating the Giants in New York and stifling Tom Brady and the Patriots in a commanding 31-20 win in Jacksonville. Blake Bortles has picked up the slack during Leonard Fournette’s ailment, throwing four TD passes against New England.

    The Jags will clinch the south with weeks to spare.

    Houston appeared to be a sleeper pick during preseason, but Watson and Watt have lead the Texans to an 0-2 start. Tennessee and Indianapolis feature significant holes in their lineup, including mediocre defense. If Bortles continues to play well and Fournette returns to full capacity, the Jags will clinch the south with weeks to spare.

    Leonard Fournette - Jacksonville Jaguars

    AFC West Division Odds

    • Kansas City Chiefs +130
    • Los Angeles Chargers +220
    • Denver Broncos +240
    • Oakland Raiders +1400

    This was supposed to be the year that Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers finally broke through as an AFC sleeper, but Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs sprinted to the top of the division with a pair of road wins in Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. The Chiefs defense looks suspect, but Andy Reid’s offense has been spectacular, utilizing Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt to shred defenders.

    The Denver Broncos appear ready to challenge in 2018, starting the season with a pair of wins. Oakland losing two in a row puts the Raiders behind the eight ball early, unlikely to climb in the most competitive division in the AFC. Expect the Chiefs to narrowly win the AFC West.

    NFC East Division Odds

    • Philadelphia Eagles -160
    • Dallas Cowboys +350
    • Washington Redskins +650
    • New York Giants +650

    Unless Carson Wentz completely forgot how to play quarterback during his knee rehab, the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles will emerge on top of the NFC East. Wentz returns in week three to reclaim his rightful place as starter, which should kickstart the Eagles campaign after a disappointing loss against the Buccaneers.

    the New York Giants remain a disaster

    Dallas and Washington split their first two matches, but showed difficulty generating offense against mediocre clubs. The New York Giants remain a disaster despite Saquon Barkley and the return of Odell Beckham Jr. Philly should start to cruise to another NFC East win around mid-season.

    NFC North Division Odds

    • Minnesota Vikings -100
    • Green Bay Packers +150
    • Chicago Bears +600
    • Detroit Lions +1600

    The Minnesota Vikings and Green Bay Packers fought to a 29-29 tie in week two, demonstrating the closeness of the NFC North division race. Chicago’s improved defense will lift the Bears to their best season in years, but Mitch Trubisky doesn’t appear good enough to lead the offense to the playoffs. Detroit could be one of the worst teams in the NFC, remaining irrelevant.

    Minnesota will be considered a slight favorite to outpace the Packers for the NFC North, but Aaron Rodgers could overrule the Vikings superior lineup depth. In this particular case, the Vikings defense will probably lead Minnesota to another divisional crown while Rodgers drags Green Bay to a wild card.

    Aaron Rodgers - Green Bay Packers

    NFC South Division Odds

    • Atlanta Falcons +195
    • New Orleans Saints +240
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +300
    • Carolina Panthers +350

    The most competitive division in the NFL will be a dogfight throughout the regular season, with all four teams capable of finishing on top of the NFC South. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been the biggest surprise after two weeks as the only unbeaten team in the division.

    Fitzmagic will eventually fizzle, with the Falcons soaring to a division crown.

    Carolina doesn’t seem to have the offensive personnel needed to excel, while the New Orleans Saints defense barely survived a scare against the Browns. The Atlanta Falcons will be considered the team to beat because of their superb defense, along with the steady combo of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Fitzmagic will eventually fizzle, with the Falcons soaring to a division crown.

    NFC West Division Odds

    • Los Angeles Rams -350
    • San Francisco 49ers +333
    • Seattle Seahawks +1200
    • Arizona Cardinals +5000

    A -350 line to win the division doesn’t communicate just how dominant the Rams will be this season. Los Angeles is stacked at every position, while the Seahawks and Cardinals battle for the NFC basement. San Francisco will be fun to watch, but Garoppolo can only do so much without solid receivers and backs.

    Los Angeles will be the first team to clinch a division title in 2018, with the Rams a strong favorite to win their first NFC conference title since 2001 – when the Rams were in St. Louis.