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      NCAA Football: How To Bet On College Football Championship

      NCAA Football: How To Bet On College Football Championship

      The structure of the playoff system consists of a four-team bracket format where each team receives a seed based on their overall record and season performance. The top four teams are selected and seeded by a committee that currently has 12 members. The committee takes into account multiple factors and aspects of a teams quality in attempt to find the nation's most deserving four. The system, while not without controversey has been more effective and inclusive than the old BCS system which attempted only to select the top two teams. 

      Tradition Meets Innovation

      The playoff system maintains the integrity of the bowl system with the Peach, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar, Rose, and Cotton Bowls comprising what is commonly referred to as the News Year's Six. Each year, two of the bowls assume their turn as the first round of the NCAA semifinals while the other four bowls play host to non-playoff qualifiers for teams just outside the top four. The winner of the semifinal games advance to the Championship game. All bowls outside of the New Year's six are considered lesser bowl games and are contested among less accomplished teams. 

      Betting Bonanza

      College football remains very popular amongst bettors and the College Football Playoffs have sparked even more wagering interest. With the high-profile nature of the games, prime-time television audiences tune in around the January 1 holiday season. As in traditional football betting, point spreads, totals, and an assortment of prop bets are available in most online sports books.

        Football Betting Basics

        In NCAAF and NFL football betting, traditional wagers require a bettor to select a "side" or "total." The side is based on a determined point spread that originates in Las Vegas. If the Vegas line dictates that Team A is a 7-point favorite over team B, then bettors wagering on Team A must root for them to win by more than 7 points. Conversely, a bet on Team B would be a winner if that team can come closer than the 7-point spread. In this example, if the game were to be decided by exactly 7 points, neither side would win, but the game is declared a "push" where all wagers are returned. Betting a "total" is based on the number of total points both teams combine for. Again, Las Vegas odds dictate the total number and bettors can wager on whether the two teams will combine for "over" or "under" the total point value. In addition, sports books offer a variety of "prop" bets where wagers can be placed on individual and team statistics such as rushing and pass yardage. 

        All In the matchups 

        College football is heavily predicated on matchups. Those familiar with the sport can bet successfully by predicting how well one team's strengths might play against another's weakness. For example, a football team with a great passing attack might fare quite well if playing against a team with a demonstrated weakness defending the pass. It's never a good idea to compare weekly scores because each matchup tends to be very unique and present its own handicapping challenges. Some bettors rely heavily on statistical analysis while more grizzled football traditionalists tend to favore the "eye test." In the latter example, a skilled bettor can sometimes gauge the nuances of a matchup in such a way that they are in a good position to progisticate how the game will be played. It's always a good idea for bettors to determine a sound money management system and avoid "spike" wagering, or betting each game for different amounts of money.

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