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Euro 2016 Outright Betting Odds Before The Quarter Finals

Euro 2016 Outright Betting Odds Before The Quarter Finals

Once the Euro Cup reaches the Quarter Finals each game is so important and popular that they have their own day. Below is a schedule of the quarter final matches, with all the games starting at 3PM EST. With the schedule all set and ready to go, it is now time to preview the upcoming action and check out the odds.   

  • Poland - Portugal, June 30 (21:00, local Time, Marseille)
  • Wales - Belgium, July 1 (21:00, local Time, Lille)
  • Germany - Italy, July 2 (21:00, local Time, Bordeaux)
  • France - Iceland, July 3 (21:00, local Time, Paris)

Euro 2016 Outright Odds

The tables are set for the Quarter-finals after the knockout stage wrapped up on a few days prior. The host nation France and perennial favourite Germany are in – to the shock of very few – while a handful of nations – especially Iceland – pulled off some large upset that likely hurt the pockets of more than a few bettors, but now is not the time to live in the past. Now is the time to live in – and look at – the futures.

Euro 2016 Championship Prediction


It was 1984 a host nation last won the Euro Cup and that nation was France – who defeated Spain 2-0. Since then each host nation has lost with only Portugal in 2004 making it to the final game. France faces Iceland in the Quarter-finals, a team with plenty of heart but before 2016 had never qualified for the Euro Cup or World Cup.

France is favoured in that match and will likely go on to face Garmany in the Semi-finals. If the host nation can beat their largest competitor, Belgium has the best odds of making it out of the other side of the bracket. Belgium and Germany are both strong squads and will give France quite a challenge, but France – still recovering from tragic events in late 2015 and usually home field as an advantage – will rally and become only the third host to win the Tournament.   

Outside of the three favourites mentioned above, there is a great sleeper pick that bettors should not overlook. With no previous appearances in the Euro Cup and a lone World Cup appearances, Wales is not the country that comes to mind when thinking of a great or even average soccer nation. Throughout the Euro Cup though Wales – led by Gareth Bale – has been mighty impressive. At 25 to 1 odds the bookmakers are not giving them much love, but anyone who has watched the Euro Cup knows that they are not a team to be underestimated.

Euro 2016 Games Odds And Wagering

Results / FixturesEuropean Championship

Whether the advice above helps in the wagering process or not now is the time to pick the winter and enjoy the long weekend in Canada with some great weather and hopefully even better soccer. With live soccer odds and bonuses from the best sportsbooks for Canadians betting on the Euro Cup has never been easier or more enjoyable.  

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