Toronto Raptors Best Picks For 2018-19

      Toronto Raptors Best Picks For 2018-19

      Betting Odds

      Raptors Odds To Win The 2019 NBA Championship

      Favorite – Golden State Warriors -175

      Toronto Raptors – +1600

      The Golden State Warriors will win their third consecutive championship in 2019. Overall, NBA futures betting heavily favor western conference teams for the 2019 NBA Finals. Boston has the second-best line to win a ring because they operate out of the eastern conference, which gives the Celtics an easier road to the finals.

      Whoever emerges as the western champ will probably win a ring. The Rockets gained Melo but lost Ariza, so they’ll have trouble beating the Warriors. LeBron will be surrounded by an intriguing mix of rising stars and grizzled vets, which lends the Lakers an air of unpredictability. If the Thunder stay healthy, the loss of Melo and the return of Roberson makes Westbrook and company a dangerous wild card.

      Boston’s a fantastic team with young and old stars, while the Toronto Raptors improved on paper with the addition of Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green. Under the right circumstances, the Celtics and the Raptors could upset the west, even if the Warriors and Rockets have no peer. The 76ers feature some of the most amazing young talent in the association, but it’s tough to back a team with little playoff experience.

      Adding an all-star big man would give the Raptors enough firepower to challenge any team in the NBA, even if the Warriors would remain strong favorites.

      Raptors GM Masai Ujiri fired Casey and traded for Kawhi and Green to win now. As such, it’s feasible that Ujiri will look to further bolster Toronto’s lineup with a trade prior to the deadline. If the Grizzlies or the Nuggets have a difficult season, a player like Marc Gasol or Paul Millsap might become available. Adding an all-star big man would give the Raptors enough firepower to challenge any team in the NBA, even if the Warriors would remain strong favorites.

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        Raptors Eastern Conference Winner Odds

        Favorite – Boston Celtics -120

        Toronto Raptors – +350

        The irony behind the departure of LeBron from the eastern conference would be the fact that the Toronto Raptors still aren’t favorites, despite fielding a better team on paper. Boston didn’t make any splashes during the off-season, but they’ll be the most improved team in the eastern conference because of the return of Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward from the injured reserves.

        Toronto Raptors
        To Win Eastern Conference Odds

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        In fact, the Philadelphia 76ers (+300) are considered a better bet than Toronto to emerge as eastern champions, despite their lack of playoff experience. Philly could turn into the team to beat in the east if Ben Simmons and Markelle Fultz develop a consistent jump shot.

        The Raptors finished atop the east during the regular season for the first time in franchise history. Toronto will finish top three in the conference during the regular season, but the Celtics or the 76ers are the preseason favorites in the east.

        OG Anunoby - Toronto Raptors

        Raptors Atlantic Division Odds

        Favorite – Boston Celtics -125

        Toronto Raptors – +250

        The Raptors finished atop the Atlantic Division for the fourth time in five years last season because of injuries to the Celtics and the 76ers, which forced Boston and Philly to shut down or rest important players throughout the season. Now that LeBron’s vacated the Central Division, the Atlantic is by far the most powerful group in the east. Expect the Celtics to take the Atlantic with Toronto and Philadelphia battling for second.

        How Many Games Will The Toronto Raptors Win In 2019?

        Over/Under 54.5 wins

        A franchise record 59 wins stunned the experts at Vegas, some of whom pegged the Raptors as a sub-50 win club for the 2017-18 season. Toronto definitely overachieved, benefitting from a soft eastern conference and the rapid emergence of rookie starter OG Anunoby and the Bench Mob. If Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green mesh quickly with their new teammates, the Raptors will finish with 55-58 wins. A slow start will limit the Raptors to 50-53 victories.

        Will The Toronto Raptors Make The Playoffs In 2019?

        Yes -5000 :: No +2000

        It’s tough to imagine a scenario in which the Toronto Raptors miss the playoffs in 2019. Even if Kyle Lowry and Kawhi Leonard miss large chunks of the season with injuries, Toronto’s deep enough to challenge mid-tier teams in the eastern conference. Only a complete disaster will prevent the Raptors from competing in the post season this year.

        Toronto Raptors MVP Candidates

        • LeBron James +350
        • Anthony Davis +400
        • Giannis Antetokounmpo +450
        • James Harden +500
        • Kawhi Leonard +700
        • Kyle Lowry +20000

        Despite missing nearly an entire season due to injury, Kawhi Leonard has the fifth best odds to win NBA MVP in 2018-19. LeBron, Anthony Davis, Giannis Antetokounmpo and James Harden are the only players to feature superior MVP odds, which reveals Kawhi’s value as the association’s top two-way player. A 60-win season for the Raptors could force the NBA to award Leonard the MVP – which would be a first for the franchise.

        Kawhi will serve as Toronto’s superstar, but this is still Kyle Lowry’s team. This is the only reason Kyle’s listed as an MVP candidate, because he’s not going to accumulate the raw stats needed to beat the likes of Harden, LeBron, Davis and the Greek Freak.