Great Picks for NFL's Week #3

Great Picks for NFL's Week #3

Teasers - Adding a certain number of points to 2 or more spreads/totals.

  • PRO: higher margin of error
  • CON: Less payout than betting games individually

Parlays - a combination bet of at least 2 games where all games have to win to be victorious

  • PRO: Higher payouts
  • CON: More risk as 1 bet depends on multiple outcomes

Player Prop - betting on a player's individual performance rather than the outcome of the game

Parlays, Teasers and Player Props

Otherwise known as fun, fun and more fun

So let's start with the best parlay of NFL week 3. I will be parlaying the following 3 teams on their respective Moneylines:

Parlay of the week:

The Philadelphia Eagles + Jacksonville Jaguars + New England Patriots

And whilst I'm still waiting on a line for the Jaguars game, I'm hoping to get a return of 2 to 1 on my money.

Coming off a loss, the Eagles welcome back their young MVP Candidate Carson Wentz against a Colts team that will be playing road back to backs.

The Titans aren't special, and Jags look like they are on to something special. They will keep the momentum rolling

Bill Belichek is 18-9 in his career on the 2nd of back to back road games. Tom Brady is 11-2, with a QB rating of 112.0 playing in domes in his career. The Lions now head coach Matt Patricia was the reason the Patriots didn't have a good defense in the last half decade. Josh McDaniels and Belichek, school their old colleague on Sunday night.

Which segways nicely into my Favorite Player Prop

Player Props


Even if Josh Gordon doesn't play much of a factor Sunday, I gotta think TB12 and Company really stick it to their old defensive coordinator. The Patriots hate losing and the Eagles didn't have to punt once in the Superbowl. The Golden Boy will carry out a football clinic on Sunday.


Antonio Brown skipped a team meeting this week for personal reasons. The Steelers will punish him by throwing him the ball 25 times on Monday night.


Furthermore the winless Steelers' Season may be on the line. And in desperate times, you go to your best player. In what is expected to be a shoot out against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Brown could put up an audacious line. We've already seen Michael Thomas go for 16/180 against the Bucs this season so a comparable performance is attainable and even expected from the NFL's best pass catcher.

and speaking of seasons being on the line...

6-point teaser of the week


If the Saints lose on Sunday they fall to 1-2 but more importantly 0-2 in the division. At worst, they'll lose a close game to the Falcons, who are missing lots of key personnel.

Sants & Redskins Odds

Through 2 games, the Redskins defense is allowing the least amount of yards per game in the NFL. Now Aaron Rodgers is a different beast, but hobbled by an injury and the Packers having just played a 5 quarter game against the Vikings leans me towards the Skins keeping this one close.  

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