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2018 College Football Recruiting Guide

2018 College Football Recruiting Guide

Just when the endless chatter about Super Bowl Sunday begins to reach its "I can't take this anymore" point, the whims of high school football players preempt the coverage otherwise directed towards their professional counterparts on the first Wednesday in February. National Signing Day marks the deadline for high school athletes to sign a letter-of-intent to the university they intend to play for at the next level, and the whole affair is the culmination of a year's worth of media coverage and dogged pursuit from coaches around the country.

College Football Recruiting is Betting Knowledge

At least a cursory understanding of the recruiting process is needed to become a more informed bettor of college football. Why? Because like the NFL draft, those following the sport need to understand where the the talent is headed. In many cases, a stacked college football roster begins to assert itself more prodigiously as the season wears on and injuries begin to take their toll.


While there may not be a great deal separating the top 25 or 30 players from one power 5 conference team to the next, depth almost always plays a major role in a team's success over the course of a full season. The most prepared bettors typically have an in-depth understanding of how a teams roster changes from week to week during the college football season.

The top teams stockpile talent, so when a starting defensive tackle or linebacker goes down, they have a capable former 4-star or 5-star high school recruit waiting to take his place. With the most fertile recruiting ground in the country located in the southeastern part of the United States, it's little surprise that the SEC and ACC land the bulk of upper-echelon recruits each year and annually churn out the highest number of NFL draft picks. The most talent-rich and football-centric states are California, Texas and Florida, which largely explains the success of teams like USC, Texas, Texas A&M, Baylor, Miami, Florida State and Florida over the years. 

A Look at College Football Recruiting Impact

Over the last five years, no one has recruited better than the University of Alabama and no one has placed more players in the NFL draft. Aside from Nick Saban's perceived coaching genius, the Crimson Tide have simply had more talent than every team they've lined up against during their run of dominance. Since the inception of the College Football Playoffs in 2014, Alabama has earned a spot among the final four teams each year, while winning once (2015).


The other two winners, Ohio State (2014) and Clemson (2016) were not surprisingly among the titans of the college football recruiting world, booking top five classes one or more teams in the five year-span preceding their championship run. So prominent and predictive is the effect of top-notch recruiting, consider this: in the first three years of the College Football Playoffs, only Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, Clemson, Oregon, Ohio State, Michigan State and Washington have earned spots. Michigan State and Washington are the only teams to have failed to crack the top ten in recruiting over the previous five years. Neither one made the championship game.

While the star system used by major recruiting services to evaluate high school athletes is inexact, it is still remarkably efficient. The big boys in college football usually get who they want, leaving the have-nots to battle for scraps and diamonds-in-the-rough types of players. Still, teams like Washington, Louisville, Wisconsin and Bosie State among others, have managed to run successful programs despite not recruiting at elite levels. Bettors looking for surprise teams at the beginning of a college football season can examine recruiting rankings of teams two and three years prior to see which programs have raked in enough talent to be ready for prime time.

Always remember that unlike college basketball, football recruiting often takes two or three years to translate to success on the field. A team that starts the year on a successful run may not be able to withstand injuries as the years progresses if they haven't recruited at a high level in the recent past. Football may be a game of X's and O's, but it's still mostly one about Jimmy's and Joe's.

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