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2017 Super Bowl Odds

2017 Super Bowl Odds

Super Bowl 51 Betting Odds

Just the tip of the iceberg, Canada’s top sportsbooks have posted their Super Bowl 51 point spread, money line and Over/Under odds, as well as numerous exotics and prop options. While there is lots of time to place Super Bowl Sunday wagers – bettors need to watch the numbers to get the best value. Click on the ODDS link on our LIVE betting feed below to peruse the latest prices and lines.

playoff - Matchday 4
Match day
  • 1
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  • 3
  • 4
Away Score Home Money Line
Sunday 03 February
FT Patriots 13 - 3 Los Angeles Rams 1.76 2.15

Although the standard ATS, ML and Total offers look sort of vanilla - bettors need to shop around in order to receive the best prices. Additionally, some bookmakers are heavier into prop offerings than others. If you don’t find your favorite action at one sportsbook, another one is sure to have it posted. We have several favorites that we hone in on every year and we'll post our predictions on those props later in the week. In the meantime, let's have a look at the opening lines for Super LI.

Super Bowl 51 Point Spread Odds

As we expected, the more experienced New England squad has opened as the favorites at every bookmaker on the planet. As noted on our NFL Futures board, the Patriots straight up price is as high as -160 at William Hill and as short as -150 at Bodog. Atlanta meanwhile have opened with +140 ML as a high and +130 as a low. While a ten or fifteen cent price point may not seem huge, money is money. If you've already decided on you Super Bowl winner; back the Pats at Bodog or SportsInteraction and soar with Falcons at Bet365 or William Hill. Always shop for the best value.

Super Bowl 51 Point Spread Odds

Similar to the Green Bay Packers vs Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl XLVI spread back in 2011, New England opened as -3 point chalk while Atlanta is a +3 pup. While the number might move, say by a point either way, the bookies seem to have set themselves up to get equal action on both sides of the Super Bowl 51 point spread odds. Though the number is the same on the boards, what it costs to bet the line does vary from book to book. Bodog for instance has splashed the Black Birds with extra juice on their +3 (-125) odds while offering the Pat with reduced -3 (-105) vig. Shop wisely.

Super Bowl 51 Over Under Odds

Shootouts and pounding have been prevalent during the 2017 NFL Playoffs as the winners have pummelled their opponent’s by an average score of 32.3 to 16.6 over the first ten contests. Those matches have averaged 48.9 points per game, which is way below the near consensus 58.5 Super Bowl 51 Over/Under odds posted at many of the Canada Sports Betting top rated bookmakers. If that monster stands the test of time over the next two weeks, as the closing line, it will leap over the New Orleans vs. Indianapolis Super Bowl XLIV 57 O/U game total as the highest number ever.

Super Bowl 51 Prop Wagering Options

With many more to come, bookmakers have loaded a boatload of prop and exotic betting options. While the prop mountain will keep growing higher, SportsInteraction has bets on everything from the coin toss to Lady Gaga wearing a Pink Pussyhat during the halftime show. Though they started as a “gimmick” with the William “The Fridge” Perry TD prop back in 1986 during Super Bowl XX there is money to made on proposition wagering. Bettors also need to control the urge to bet on everything in sight. Pick your spots, research the propositions you like and hit them. Watch for our all encompassing predictions that will be posted regularly here at CSB during the next two weeks.

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