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2017 Stanley Cup Futures Betting Lines

2017 Stanley Cup Futures Betting Lines

The Pens, Hawks or Caps? They are the big 3 this year, according to oddsmakers and NHL experts. But bettors may not be sold. You may be more interested in a sleeper pick like the Mighty Ducks, or the Los Angeles Kings. Both of these teams have championship-level talent and rosters, without championship-level expectations. Either have the potential to make bettors very happy.

2017 Stanley Cup Odds

2017 Stanley Cup Futures Betting Lines William Hill

Will the Penguins Repeat? While the defending champions Pittsburgh Penguins are looking for a dynasty, they’re actually more fit for a bounty. They’re going to work even harder this year because a) Everyone is now gunning for them, and b) Everyone is getting better. We thought they would string together a few Cups back in 2009, but they came up short. And I don’t feel next year’s team is as deep as they were back in 09. 

Stanley Cup Winner Prediction

BET The The Anaheim Mighty Ducks (+1600) | William Hill 

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m backing the quack. They have a new/old coach behind the bench, and this should breathe in a breath of fresh air, while simultaneously bringing in the familiarity of an old feeling. That feeling is winning. If the Ducks get off to a fast start, they can really be dangerous. They’re experienced enough to outsmart the young teams, and still young enough to compete with young and fast legs. 

What the World Cup of Hockey Means for the Ducks. They are sending 8 players to compete for their respective countries in Toronto at the World Cup of hockey. That means these guys are going to presumably hit the ice in mid-season form, by the time the puck drops on the NHL regular season. But that could also mean they have less left in the tank when it comes to the NHL playoffs. And it also could mean a crucial player picks up a nagging injury before the season even starts.

2017 Stanley Cup Live Odds

Results / FixturesNHL

Trust Experts When Placing Bets… Not FansThe advantage to living in Hockey Nation is that there is a full docket of games on every night. The downside is everyone claims to be an expert, and many can fool you into thinking they are. Remember, just because someone is an expert on the NHL, does not mean they’re an expert on betting. A super-fan can talk a good game, but their judgement is often clouded by their personal bias and loyalty.

So when looking for advice, trust bettors. They’re emotionally indifferent and only care about the numbers. See what our experts have to say by browsing the righthand side of the page. You can also check out the standing below throughout the regular season. 


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