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2016 World Series Outright Odds

2016 World Series Outright Odds

<>Now that the unofficial second half of the MLB season has gotten underway, bettors and media pundits everywhere have begun to project this year's playoff picture and which franchises have the the best chance to win it all. You will hear countless opinions on who media pundits like to go all the way, and with trade deadline moves coming in a few weeks, I'm sure we will see plenty of “flip-flopping” from those same minds. Yet, now that the potential playoff picture is establishing itself between the teams with a chance and the ones without one, if you do thorough homework now and come up with a team that's got great odds right now, it could pay off huge in October.

2016 MLB World Series Betting Odds

2016 World Series Outright OddsScouring over the 2016 MLB World Series Betting Odds offered at William Hill today, you'll see that there are five teams currently projected as the “favourites” with odds less than +1000 to win. They include the Chicago Cubs (+333), Nationals (+600), Rangers (+700), Giants (+750), Indians (+800). All five of these teams went into the All-Star break with healthy leads in their respective divisions and this top tier of teams have all received significant support at sportsbooks all year. That later statement is especially true regarding the Cubs, Giants, and Rangers as I'm sure many oddsmakers would prefer to see those teams falter in September/October.

The second tier of World Series contenders features the Toronto Blue Jays (+1 200), Red Sox (1 400), Dodgers (+1 600), Orioles (+1 800), Tigers (+2 200). These are all very intriguing teams from a betting perspective as they've all got the talent on paper to go all the way and should be very active at the trade deadline to eliminate some weaknesses. All of them could end up winning their respective divisions with a strong second half of baseball and at these current prices provide quite a bit of value to bettors.

Beyond that group there are a few dark horses out there with the Houston Astros (+2 500), Marlins (+3300), Mets (+3 300), Cardinals (+3 300), Pirates (+6 600), Mariners (+6 600), White Sox (+10 000) and Royals (+10 000) all having an outside shot at getting into October baseball. As the defending champions the Royals have definitely got some action at this number and the Cardinals reputation garners respect from bettors as well. But for the most part, unless we see drastic changes over the next two months of baseball, all these teams will have a tough chance of going all the way from a projected Wild Card berth at best.

2016 World Series Futures Prediction

LA Dodgers to win 2016 World Series @+2000

Although the American League earned home field advantage for the World Series with their All-Star game victory, I do believe the better teams are consistently in the National League. Those AL East teams listed there (Toronto, Boston, Baltimore) will likely beat up each other all the way until the end, and having faith in the Indians or Rangers to go all the way is way too risky at their current prices. So look for a winner from the “senior circuit” in 2016.

While the Cubs have gotten plenty of support from spring training and beyond, there is little to no value in backing Chicago at +400 right now. Remember, the Cubs are still a very young team who got their feet wet with playoff experience last year and are likely still a year away from winning it all. They also showed plenty of flaws during a very poor stretch heading into the All-Star break and with no value at the current price, and oddsmakers looking to not pay out the plethora of Cubs backers at the end of the World Series, they are simply not a team you should consider a future bet with at this time. 

The Giants and Nationals are the other NL Division leaders at the moment and while both teams are very strong, the lack of decent value in their odds right now is a huge deterrent. Washington's core has yet to really experience any significant playoff success in recent years, and while that's definitely not the case in San Francisco, their first-half advanced stats like Run Differential and RunBases numbers showed that they were an extremely lucky team to have the record they did. I fully expect San Francisco to start playing to their numbers a bit more as they'll likely end up in a dogfight with the Dodgers for the NL West crown.

2016 MLB Fixtures And Betting Odds

Results / FixturesMLB

Therefore, I'm going with the LA Dodgers as my selection to win it all as there is plenty of value on them at +2000 and they've got plenty of playoff experience having won the NL West the last three years. P Clayton Kershaw is the best pitcher in the world right now and the Dodgers actually went into the break on a high note having won the majority of their games during the final few weeks. Past playoff failures and the fact that they are still looking up at the Giants in the division will be arguing points for those hesitant to bet the Dodgers here, but those same factors are the reason why the present value at +2000 is where it is. 

Offensively, the Dodgers have all the talent you could ask for if they all get it working at the same time, and we still can't rule out a huge acquisition at the trade deadline by this team who isn't shy about opening up the checkbook or mortgaging their future to “win now.” Guys like Adrian Gonzalez, Howie Kendrick, Chase Utley have plenty of playoff experience that younger guys can lean on, and other than rookie SS Corey Seager, the majority of this Dodgers roster has seen (from opponents) what it takes to win in October.

2016 might be the year that this Dodgers team finally puts it all together and goes all the way in October. It would also be quite the fitting end for longtime Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully to see his beloved franchise win one more World Series in his final year. At +2000 to do so at the beginning of the second half, it's tough not to put a few dollars down on a play like this.

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