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2016 Rio Olympics Odds : Canadian Medal Hopes And Prediction

2016 Rio Olympics Odds : Canadian Medal Hopes And Prediction

While the nation missed the first edition of the modern Olympics, which took place in Athens in 1896, Canada has been a fixture at the summer Olympics ever since, competing with the rest of the world for well over a century. Other than the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, when Russia and sympathetic nations boycotted the games, the best medal count earned by Canadians was during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996, where they totalled 22 podium finishes. The biggest gold medal total earned by the Canadian team was during the Barcelona games in 1992, which resulted in seven golds earned.

Over/Under Of 2.5 Gold Medals For Canada

2016 Olympics : Canada Over / Under 2,5 Gold Medals

2016 Summer Olympics : Total Medals Canada

Despite the fact that any top three finish in an Olympic event is a huge deal, the most important indicator of a nation’s athletic success tends to be the gold medal count. In terms of specific events, the Canadian team has earned the greatest number of golds during their history through athletics, accumulating thirteen top finishes. The next best event for Canadians tends to be rowing, in which they’ve earned nine gold medals. Swimming is another event in which Canadians perform well, winning seven golds, while canoeing and kayaking have been responsible for four gold medals.

Prediction: Canada Earns At Least Three Gold Medals

The Canadian team at the 2016 Rio Olympic games just might be the deepest pool of talent sent to an international summer sports competition. Part of that depth is derived from Olympians who earned medals during the 2012 London games. Elite athletes like Ryan Cochrane and Adam Van Koeverden have earned multiple medals over the past decade in water-based athletic events. Jennifer Abel is another long-time Olympian who has a long history of competing at the highest level, medalling in the previous Olympics.

The sheer number of talented and experienced Olympic athletes that Canada is sending to the games is propped up by pros such as Milos Raonic and Brooke Henderson, both of whom are among the elite of the tennis and golf world. These competitors are well positioned to beat anybody at anytime, which gives them a great chance to earn a gold medal. While unfortunate for the sport as a whole, the exclusion of many Russian athletes because of doping problems will likely help boost the Canadian gold count as well.

Rio Olympics Andre de Grasse 100m Betting Odds

2016 Olympics : Men's Track 100m Betting Odds

Prediction: Andre De Grasse Finishes In Fourth

Rio Olympics Canada Basketball Team Betting Odds

2016 Olympics : Men's Basketball Odds

Prediction: Raonic Earns Bronze Medal In Tennis

Fresh off his incredible run to the Wimbledon Finals - the first time a Canadian men’s single player has done so - Raonic is entering the 2016 Rio Olympics on a high note, playing the finest tennis of his career. On the way to his historic finals appearance at Wimbledon, Raonic finally beat Roger Federer at a major. He also came back down from two sets for the first time in an ATP major. This mix of resilience and high-quality play makes Raonic a genuine threat to earn the gold in tennis, especially if Novak Djokovic repeats his Wimbledon choke.

2016 Olympics Betting Sites Canada

    Since Canada passed a law that disallows single event wagering, Canadians are forced to put up with gambling products such as Pro-Line, which makes it extremely difficult for players to win due to terrible odds and the need to predict multiple winners on a single ticket. Fortunately, online sportsbooks offer a more reasonable method for Canadian wagering fans, allowing for better odds and a superior variety of betting opportunities for the 2016 Rio Olympics and other sports events.

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