Top 10 Funniest NBA Inspired Pranks
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Top 10 Funniest NBA Inspired Pranks

Pranks are a timeless part of sports culture, but looking at the top 10 funniest NBA inspired pranks would show that NBA players and personalities are steps above everyone else.

It's partly why the NBA remains the most popular sports league outside of soccer: NBA players know how to have fun.

Searching the web for the most popular NBA pranks revealed dozens from every time period. But we were partial for pranks that were: 1) laughter-inducing; 2) elaborately set-up and believable; 3) timeless - pranks that would be funny no matter what era. 

Let's look at the 10 funniest NBA pranks:

Top 10 NBA Pranks of All-Time

Here it goes. The Top 10 list of the NBA pranks of all time. I hope you agree with our list.

10. Fake Woj bombs and other fake Twitter accounts

Although technically not a "prank", we had to include this as one of the best NBA pranks because of how well it fooled sports media members. Not a single one of the four panellists even acknowledged it was a fake Adrian Wojnarowski tweet. 

This has often happened where fake tweeters get highlighted in legitimate sports media making it worth laughing about. 

9. Popping rookies never gets old - Sacramento Kings

The NBA popcorn prank is one of the funniest among overdone NBA player pranks. Demarcus Cousins and the Sacramento Kings took one of the classic popcorn NBA rookie pranks into a new level by swamping Nik Stauskas's entire condo. The then-rookie was a good sport and basked in his place's impromptu renovation.

8. The double prank - Orlando Magic

You've probably heard of the halfcourt shot prank the Orlando Magic and its fans pull during halftime - a "lucky" fan is blindfolded and makes a halfcourt shot in which the audience and PA react as if they made it.

After missing the shot, the fan then confessed he just got laid off his job making everyone feel horrible for giving this fan false hope. Psyche! The fan turned out to be a paid actor who was pranking the would-be pranksters. 

7. Owning the referee and the crowd - Dallas Mavericks

NBA April Fools pranks aren't limited to just players. Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban got into it with an NBA referee that included shoving and some wrestling. After a minute of tension, where everyone on the Mavs' coaching team got involved, Cuban laughed revealing his ruse. 

This remains a classic because of how believable it was and the look on Mavs' assistant coach Del Harris's face says it all. 

6. Shaq ranked at #9 - NBA on TNT

nba april fools prank

Shaq has earned himself a reputation as one of the NBA's greatest pranksters, but he's on this list from the other end. The NBA on TNT crew, with some help from Bleacher Report, published a "Greatest NBA Centers" article ranking Shaq only at #9 (lower than Jack Sikma and Dwight Howard!)

Thankfully, the crew revealed it was an NBA April Fools prank as Shaq was just getting ready to HULK SMASH! 

5. The "you got fired" prank - Golden State Warriors

In what could be the meanest of NBA player pranks, Andre Iguodala teamed up with Lyft to prank Festus Ezeli that he had just been cut from the Warriors. The Warriors had just won the NBA title the season prior!

The entire footage was shown with Ezeli being driven around and it culminated with him dumping his gift cake on the 2015 NBA Finals MVP. Ezeli later asked if he should have kicked Iguodala's butt. We don't blame him if he actually did.

4. The good ol' scare prank - Detroit Pistons

Top 10 Funniest NBA Inspired Pranks

NBA mascot pranks are fairly common but the Detroit Pistons' Hooper deserves a spot on this list for his consistency. Hooper has been notorious for coming out from anywhere to scare not just unsuspecting NBA players but fans and random strangers as well. 

It's always hilarious seeing people jump back in fright. But what makes this placement so high is that Hooper's jokes will always be secondary to the joke of a franchise he's employed by.

3. Organic turkey dinner - Miami Heat

Country singer Luke Bryan got one over Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler. Bryan, with help from his family, invited Butler and Meyers Leonard over for some turkey dinner. Unbeknownst to Butler and Leonard, Bryan would pull out a real turkey and ask for their help in gutting it. 

This would go down as one of the best NBA pranks because Bryan managed to do what most NBA players couldn't: strike fear into the heart of Jimmy Butler. Well-played Mr. Bryan!

2. Messing with the script - NBA on TNT

NBA on TNT makes another appearance on the list, but this time with Shaq's BFF: Sir Charles Barkley. Inspired by Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, the crew made Barkley read off the teleprompter thinking he'd fall for the "he reads everything on the teleprompter" prank pulled in the movie.

Charles "I am a dumbass" Barkley fell hook, line, and sinker. Got 'em!

1. Jurassic joke - Phoenix Suns

The Suns know a lot about being laughed at lately. On the flip side, they're also one of the best NBA teams when it comes to organizing pranks. It's been hard to top the dinosaur prank Goran Dragic organized during Halloween 2014.

This was one of the most elaborate NBA pranks and the various reactions from the Morris twins running for the hills to Archie Goodwin throwing his water jug and trying to fight the T-Rex will make this an all-time classic NBA April Fools prank. 

That's the list of NBA pranks and jokes.

But if you want a real laugh, you can sign up for sportsbooks and wager against several of these teams. Franchises like the Pistons, Suns, and Kings have been pushovers for so long they're practically begging for you to bet against them.