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NBA Trade Deadline Blockbuster Rumors And Deals for 2018

NBA Trade Deadline Blockbuster Rumors And Deals for 2018

NBA 2018 Trade Deadline – Are The Big Deals Done?

Blake Griffin Traded To Detroit Pistons

Los Angeles Clippers Traded: 

Blake Griffin

Detroit Pistons Traded:

Tobias Harris, Avery Bradley, Boban Marjanovic, 2018 1st-round pick, 2019 2nd-round pick

Griffin was referred to as a “Clipper for life” less than a year ago, and now he’s the new face of Detroit basketball. Blake’s made an immediate difference for the Pistons, leading them to a four-game win streak after joining the lineup. Detroit’s now a playoff contender which no eastern team wants to face in the first round.

The Clippers will likely attempt to trade Bradley and Harris to gain more picks and prospects while clearing salary cap space. Los Angeles will probably remain busy taking offers right until the deadline for several veterans on their roster, quickening their rebuild.

Nikola Mirotic Traded To New Orleans Pelicans

Chicago Bulls Traded:

Nikola Mirotic, 2nd-round pick

New Orleans Pelicans Traded:

Jameer Nelson, Tony Allen, Omer Asik, 1st-round pick

After Bobby Portis broke Nikola Mirotic’s face in practice, it became obvious that either Portis or Mirotic needed to go. Mirotic handled the situation like a champ, and now he has an opportunity to contribute alongside Anthony Davis, perhaps forming a trio with DeMarcus Cousins next season.

The Bulls were aiming for a pick the entire time, and will likely jettison Nelson, Allen and Asik for whatever picks and prospects possible. Chicago appears confident in their rebuild, especially with Lauri Markkanen displaying Porzingis-like potential.

NBA Trade Deadline Rumors 2018

DeAndre Jordan – Los Angeles Clippers

Potential Destination: Cleveland Cavaliers

Despite free throw woes, DeAndre Jordan’s an elite presence as a post finisher, rim protector and rebounder. The Clippers have already traded Blake Griffin away, signaling a rebuild. Jordan’s an all-star big who will immediately improve any team lacking presence at the five. 

Cleveland’s the obvious destination for DeAndre, but it remains to be seen if owner Dan Gilbert will allow the trade of their first-round pick from Brooklyn. The Cavs would be willing to part with Thompson and Smith, but the draft pick may not be in play if Cavs ownership doesn’t believe they can beat the Warriors – or resign LeBron. 

Lou Williams – Los Angeles Clippers

Potential Destinations: Boston Celtics, Minnesota Timberwolves

Sweet Lou was always a capable scorer, as Toronto fans fondly remember during his stint with the Raptors. Many pundits refer to Williams as a professional point producer, but Lou’s breakout year with the Clippers revealed an elite offensive presence.

Few teams wouldn’t want Lou as their sixth man, or even as a starting shooting guard/forward. As a well-traveled basketball player, he’s proven able to mesh well with new teammates in a short period of time. Irving would love to pair with Williams in Boston, while the Timberwolves would greatly benefit from Lou’s long-range prowess.

Kemba Walker – Charlotte Hornets

Potential Destinations: Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics

Walker’s given his all for the Charlotte Hornets, who failed to surround Kemba with enough support to challenge in a relatively weak eastern conference. He’s a legitimate all-star on a continuously mediocre team, so Charlotte should find him a contender which would make the most of his talents.

Cleveland’s been so awful that any trade which makes a modicum of sense has been rumored for the Cavaliers. Adding Kemba Walker might be the most realistic option for the Cavs. Walker would contribute a truly dynamic element to the Cavs offense, while bolstering perimeter defense.

Avery Bradley – Los Angeles Clippers

Potential Destination: Golden State Warriors, Oklahoma City Thunder

The Clippers may have just acquired Avery Bradley, but that doesn’t mean they’re interested in keeping him on the roster. Los Angeles will hear offers for Avery from contenders who could use a bit of a boost from an elite sixth man.

Bradley’s one of the best defenders available at the trade deadline, earning a spot on the NBA all-defense first team in 2016. He also produces on the perimeter, scoring roughly 15 PPG this season. Avery also has playoff experience, making him an easy add for most contending rotations.

Jordan Clarkson – Los Angeles Lakers

Potential Destinations: Detroit Pistons, Oklahoma City Thunder

Clarkson’s an underrated guard, capable of taking over games with the occasional outburst of unstoppable scoring. Jordan’s improved his interior game, but hasn’t solidified his three point shooting, which leads to hot and cold streaks. He still managed to average 15.5 PPG as a sophomore on a horrible Lakers team, and might benefit from a change of scenery.

The Clippers might be a potential destination, as rumors suggest a Lakers interest in an Avery Bradley for Clarkson swap. Jeremy may still have another gear to unleash as he enters his prime years. Playing with Blake Griffin, Andre Drummond and Reggie Jackson might lift Clarkson into a role as an elite scoring guard. With Roberson injured, the Thunder could also make use of Jordan’s skills.

Julius Randle - Los Angeles Lakers

Potential Destination: San Antonio Spurs

Randle has overcome injury to become a power forward on the rise, consistently improving his game each season. This year, he averages 14 PPG while shooting an efficient 55.1% from the field. He’s yet to develop a consistent three-point shot, which would catapult Randle into an elite stretch four.

Julius would fit on a team with the minutes to allow Randle further growth, but he’d also serve well as a top-notch role player on a contender. Since Randle’s a free agent after this year, the Lakers may have difficulty finding a trade partner, leaving both parties in a conundrum. However, Randle comes across as the perfect type of steal for a team like the Spurs, who would mold Randle in their own championship image.

Tyreke Evans – Memphis Grizzlies

Potential Destination: Boston Celtics

Memphis no longer sees the light at the end of the tunnel after a disastrous year which includes another season-ending injury to Mike Conley. The Grizzlies no longer need Evans as a ballhandling option because they should aim for the bottom of the standings and the top of the draft lottery.

Kyrie could use help on the offensive end of the floor, and Tyreke Evans would mesh well with Irving on the pick-and-roll. Instead of facilitating all the time, Kyrie could spot up around the perimeter while Evans slashes and kicks. The Celtics probably don’t want to pay Marcus Smart, who would fit in well with the Grizzlies grindhouse mentality, making Boston the most likely suitor.

George Hill – Sacramento Kings

Potential Destinations: Cleveland Cavaliers, Oklahoma City Thunder

The association’s never been this deep at the point guard position, and Hill’s strictly a team-first player, which makes George one of the more underrated guards in the league. George would fit in seamlessly with any rotation because of the defensive prowess he displayed in Utah and Indiana. 

In Sacramento, he doesn’t have a chance to compete at a high level, and the Kings would benefit more from getting a solid return for the veteran. Rumors suggest that Sacramento aren’t rushing to trade Hill, squeezing as much as they can from their main potential trading partner – the increasingly desperate Cavaliers. Hill would also work well with the Thunder, who clearly miss Roberson on their starting five.

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