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NBA Odds & Dogs – Andrew Wiggins vs Death Lineup

NBA Odds & Dogs – Andrew Wiggins vs Death Lineup

NBA Picks: Will Wiggins Outwork The Warriors?

Nobody argued about Andrew Wiggins incredible athleticism, but observers noted that his impressive speed, vertical and body control would only get him so far. Looks like Andrew spent plenty of time working on his jumper during the offseason – a crazy, banked, buzzer-beater against the Thunder served as a warning to the rest of the league. Wiggins could turn into an unstoppable scorer this year.

The Dubs have been a bit lackadaisical in terms of consistency, allowing teams to get much closer than previous regular seasons. After winning two championships in three years, Golden State will be vulnerable to the occasional off night. They might not lose because of inconsistency, but NBA spread bettors need to keep their eyes peeled to avoid disappointment.

Quick Picks:

NBA Odds Courtesy of Sports Interaction

  • Minnesota Timberwolves at Golden State Warriors – Timberwolves Beat +8.5 Spread
  • Indiana Pacers at Detroit Pistons – Pistons Beat -7 Spread
  • Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics – Celtics Beat -7 Spread
  • New York Knicks at Orlando Magic – Magic Beat -7 Spread
  • Phoenix Suns Beat Miami Heat Straight Up (+190)

NBA Spreads: Dimes On The Line

Timberwolves at Warriors (Minnesota +8.5)

On paper, the Minnesota Timberwolves should present one of the most difficult matchups for the Golden State Warriors. Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns are two of the most athletic players of their position, while Jimmy Butler’s an elite, two-way forward. Skill, speed and length define the young T-Wolves, as does their thin bench. The Warriors will win because of superior talent and home cooking, but Minny’s starters will keep things closer than expected, beating a +8.5 spread.

Pacers at Pistons (Detroit -7)

Victor Oladipo’s strong start to the season suggests that the Thunder didn’t know how to deploy the veteran swingman. The Pistons have their own surprise - Andre Drummond learned how to hit free throws during the summer! Coincidentally, Stan Van Gundy’s group appears to be meshing into a solid eastern squad. Home advantage for Detroit won’t be as strong because of a sparsely attended new arena, but the Pistons will be able to defend their territory against a talent-thin Indiana squad. Expect Detroit to beat a -7 spread, taking advantage of a tired squad finishing back-to-back games.

Lakers at Celtics (Boston -7)

Coach Brad Stevens became known for his creatively explosive offensive set play, but his ability to teach defense might be his most remarkable inspiration. Boston’s gained a commanding lead in the eastern conference through solid defense and Kyrie’ slippery moves. Celtics youngsters also seem far ahead of Lakers prospects. Showtime Lakers may eventually return to the association, but Boston will dominate the most iconic rivalry in the NBA for the next few seasons, including tonight.

Knicks at Magic (Orlando -7)

Kristaps Porzingis looks like he’ll be fighting Giannis Antetokounmpo for the most difficult MVP to spell for quite a while. Porzingod has been hitting threes from the logo and patrolling the paint with ease, already affecting the end result like few big men in history. Alas, New York’s on the dog end of a back-to-back after beating the Hornets last night, greatly reducing the odds of winning against the Magic in Orlando. Kristaps may still have a decent night, but expect the Magic to beat a -7 spread.

Nutmeg Of The Night – High Risk/Reward

Phoenix Suns Beat Miami Heat Straight Up (+190)

The Miami Heat managed to pull themselves together quickly during the post-LeBron era, putting together a talented squad comprised mostly of players unwanted elsewhere in the association. Dragic, Waiters, Whiteside and Olynyk are few of the names which grace this castaway group, lead by genius coach Erik Spoelstra.

Unfortunately for the Heat, they’re in the process of finishing three games in four nights on the road, while the Phoenix Suns have played extremely well after the front office fired the coach. The Heat are favorites because they’re the better team, but the Suns have momentum, home advantage and rest, giving them a better chance of winning than the odds suggest.

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