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Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 4 Odds And Prediction

Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 4 Odds And Prediction

Golden State at Cleveland Game 4

My Team's Next MatchGolden State Warriors

Game three finally produced the elite brand of high-stakes basketball craved by fans the around the world. Unfortunately, after the final buzzer, sports media started to prepare their eulogy for the 2016-17 Cleveland Cavaliers. The series was over just as the NBA championships started to shine. 

LeBron and Kyrie kept the Cavs ahead of the Warriors during much of the second half. The Dubs hung tough, remaining in striking distance before unleashing a devastating 11-0 run to close out the final minutes. No NBA team has returned from 3-0 to win a playoff series, a trend which will remain unbroken in 2017.

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Point Spread - Bet Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors waited until their last possession to beat the spread in game three. Steph Curry hit a couple of foul shots to seal the outcome after LeBron and Kyrie missed their possessions. After setting the record for most consecutive playoff wins in North American pro sport history, the spread has grown from 4 points to 5.5 points on behalf of the Dubs in game four.

Historically, the winning margin for these two teams tends to be in the double digits during the NBA Finals. Only two out of their last ten games have been decided by two possessions or less – game seven of the 2016 championship and game three last Wednesday. Those close matches were two of the best games the basketball world has seen over the past couple of years.

At this point, the Cavaliers must feel deflated given how they wasted an all-time great performance from LeBron. The Warriors have dodged every bullet during the 2017 playoffs, and should feel extremely confident and motivated to clinch their second championship in two years at Quicken Loans arena. Bet on the Warriors beating the spread.

Moneylines - Bet Golden State Warriors

Unlike the first two games, where the moneylines were paltry, the payout has improved somewhat for wagering on the Dubs. You’ll be able to collect roughly $50 for a $100 wager on Golden State, which is a decent reward given the greatness of the Warriors. Betting $100 on Cleveland will pay you around $260 if you win - not great for wagering on a Cavaliers team swimming against the tide of a historically great basketball club.

Home cooking and the pride of LeBron James are the reasons the lines have moved towards Cleveland, increasing the profitability of betting on Golden State. There isn't a logical reason to believe that the Cavs will withstand a locked-in Warriors team, so place your bet accordingly.  

Over/Under - Bet Under

The over/under once again reflects the world-class offensive abilities of both lineups. A projected total of 2228 awaits wagering aficionados, who must decide whether or not Cleveland will put up a fight in game four. Golden State will probably score around 120 points again, so the over/under rests entirely on whether or not the rest of the Cavs will support LeBron.

LBJ will be his usual excellent self, producing a triple double along with 35-40 points, but there's no telling what his teammates will accomplish. This is LeBron James’ Kobayashi Maru scenario, stuck in the middle of a no-win, sinking Cavs vessel. There’s no doubt that he and Kyrie will rage against the dying of the light, but the rest of the team plays like they already made vacation plans after game two. Bet under for game four.

Warriors vs Cavaliers Predictions

After an entire year of torment which revolved around a torrent of “3-1” memes, the Golden State Warriors would prefer to avoid going back to Oracle Arena with a three-one lead for the second consecutive year. A win also cements their legacy as one of the very few major pro teams to run through the playoffs with a perfect record.

Losing tonight’s game will not prevent them from finishing off the Cavaliers at some point over the next week. Few teams force game six after going down 3-0, and only a couple have clawed back to game seven during the modern era. The Warriors have shown that they’re far too powerful to let the Cavs back into the series, which makes a sweep the most likely outcome.

Golden State (1.50) PLAY NOW

LeBron pushed himself to the limits of human basketball potential in game three, resting 83 seconds during 48 minutes of action. This ended up being the only window the Warriors needed, outscoring the Cavs by 12 points in less than two LeBron-free minutes. James was plus seven while on the floor and the Dubs won by five, neatly summarizing disappointment contributions.

Kyrie Irving scored 36 points and J.R. Smith hit 5-10 from deep, but these weren't enough to stave off the Dubs. Kyle Korver, Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, Deron Williams and the rest of the rotation wasted a monumental effort from James, who willed his way 39 points, 11 boards and 9 dimes against the most difficult opponent he’s ever faced.

Coach Kerr was fully aware of Cleveland’s lack of depth, ordering his players to stay aggressive in an attempt to force fatigue. The tactic worked, and the Cavs faded badly down the stretch, turning a six-point edge into a five-point Warriors win. Kevin Durant netted 31 points, Klay Thompson scored 30 and Curry drained 26, cumulatively hitting 29-55 from the field and 15-27 from beyond the arc.

Crucially, Golden State rested their stars while the Cavs depleted James and Irving. Key contributions from Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala, Shaun Livingston and David West balanced what would otherwise be a top-heavy rotation, creating a foundation that let their big three scorers stay fresh during crucial minutes.

A criticism of the Dubs lineup early on in the season suggested that they might have traded away too much depth in exchange for signing Durant. At this point, all detractors have been proven wrong, and the Warriors look like they might remain unstoppable for another half-decade.

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