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Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 1 Odds And Prediction

Golden State vs Cleveland NBA Finals Game 1 Odds And Prediction

Cleveland at Golden State Game 1

When Kevin Durant signed with the Warriors, the entire association collectively cringed at the prospect of the Dubs adding another future hall-of-fame player to their lineup. No one in the west, even the San Antonio Spurs, had a reasonable chance of eliminating Golden State.

The Warriors proved the experts right, earning a 12-0 record en route to their third straight western conference championship. In the east, teams like the Raptors and the Boston Celtics made key roster moves in an attempt to usurp the King from his eastern conference throne, but to no avail.

LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers met a single bump on the road to the finals with a 12-1 record. The only rivals for these two elite squads are each other, creating the conditions necessary for another classic postseason series.

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Point Spread

The point spread for game one of the 2017 NBA Finals sits at seven for Golden State, which represents a win by at least two possessions. Considering that the average margin of victory for the Dubs has been 16.3 points, and 13.6 points for the Cavaliers, it appears unlikely that either team will win by a narrow margin.

When you look to the 2016 finals, you'll notice that only game seven – an all-time classic – featured a winning margin below double digits. The rest of the series consisted of blowouts, with the outcome of most games determined before the buzzer. As such, you should place an ATS wager for the team you believe will win. In this case, the Warriors look likely to storm out to a 1-0 series lead.

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The moneylines for this matchup reflect the popular opinion that the Warriors are simply too strong for the Cavs, creating a decent wagering opportunity for those who believe that Cleveland has a better chance than advertised. In fact, you'll have the opportunity of more than tripling your stake by betting on the Cavs, because the lines and betting pools have swung so strongly in Golden State’s favour.

You'll find that a wager on the Warriors will produce a 33% payout – for example, if you wager $100 on the Golden State moneyline, you'll win around $33. Stats analysis of this series show that the Warriors have been touted as strong favourites, with estimates ranging from a 70%-90% chance of winning it all. Based on this, the payout isn’t that bad for betting on the Dubs moneyline. To increase your winnings, you might want to bet on Golden State beating the spread instead.


The over/under has been set at an astronomical 224 points, which seems logical at first glance when you consider that the two teams have combined for 235.1 points per game during the playoffs. However, when you look at last year's finals, the largest combined total was game six, where the teams scored 216 points.

Given that these squads will be ratcheting up their defensive intensity, it seems unlikely that both teams will continue to score as well as they did against the inferior opponents they faced in the previous three rounds. Neither coach, especially coach Lue of the Cavs, want the game to devolve into a shootout. Wagering on under appears to be the safe bet for game one.

Warriors vs Cavaliers Predictions

Everything leading up to the 2017 NBA Finals felt like a seven-month scouting report, with the majority of the league tracking the successes and failures of the Warriors and the Cavs. With the exception of a few surprises, Golden State has dominated all year, while Cleveland decided to start playing defence when the post season rolled around – just as expectations dictated.

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Few projections predict Cleveland winning this series, and for good reason – the Dubs might be the best team ever assembled, and have the edge at every position except centre and small forward. Tristan Thompson has developed into one of the best role players in the league, and will contribute far more than Zaza Pachulia. LeBron James is the best in the world, the only reason the Cavs have an advantage over Kevin Durant at the three position.

Everything else favours the Dubs. Kyrie Irving is a top-five point guard, but Steph Curry happens to be the best shooter in the NBA, warping defences to a far greater extent than Kyrie. Klay Thompson, even if he has been cold during the playoffs, should be considered far superior to J.R. Smith on both ends of the floor. If you have any doubts as to the better player between Draymond Green and Kevin Love, note Green’s selection on the all-NBA team, and Love’s complete absence.

The Warriors also have a deeper bench, despite Cleveland adding Deron Williams and Kyle Korver to the rotation. Andre Igoudala, Shaun Livingston, David West and reserves allow the Dubs to go big or small, depending on what the situation. Game one should go to the Warriors, who rarely drop any matches at the O. The series should be more competitive than the pundits expect, but Golden State will be able to win their third championship in two years, earning a ring in six games.

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