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Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 5

Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 5

Celtics vs Cavs Game 5

My Team's Next MatchCleveland Cavaliers

Kyrie Irving showed the value of having two unguardable players on the same team. After a slow start in game four, Irving elevated his handles to max power, making Celtics defenders look completely helpless. Deft drives, long and mid-range jumpers - Kyrie barely missed all night. He finished with 15-22 FG, including 4-7 from the three point arc.

LeBron James shook off his one game malaise, shooting 15-27, with a shockingly poor 1-6 from three - a trend which might make it a bit more difficult for LeBron to drive if he doesn't start knocking down threes soon. Kevin Love absolutely thrived in the chaos of Kyrie and the King: he shot a tidy 3-5 from deep, dished five assists and snagged 17 rebounds.

The big three enjoyed their most productive game together during their brief history at the top of the Cavaliers flowchart, scoring 93 points. Obviously, Cleveland would love to have better contributions from the rest of their lineup, but the Cavs need all three to be firing on all cylinders to have a chance at another ring.

Celtics vs Cavs Money Line

Similar to previous game, moneylines for the Cavaliers have been extremely stingy, and for good reason. Cleveland has LeBron and the second deepest rotation in the league. Game three and a strong start to game four shouldn't give you the idea that betting on the Celtics is a good idea. They're most likely to lose big.

Another victory for Boston would be considered an extremely negative portend for a second straight NBA championship for Cleveland. Losing one bad game happens to all great teams, but losing a pair to a a depleted Celtics squad would have the Warriors smelling blood in the water. Add the Cavs as part of a parley for a quick payout boost.

Prediction: Cleveland (1.18) @Sports Interaction

Celtics vs Cavs Point Spread

Considering that Cleveland has won their three eastern conference finals games against the Celtics by at least 13 points, a point spread of 10.5 appears to be a modest winning margin for the Cavs to accomplish. The momentum has swung firmly in Cleveland's direction after the halfway point of game four, when Kyrie set the court on fire.

The Cavaliers have played better on the road than at home during the eastern conference finals, a fact that sportsbooks seem to ignore when setting this spread. Cleveland won't fall behind again, and the four quarter rut they were in appears to be a thing of the past.

Prediction: Cleveland (1.87) @Sports Interaction

Celtics vs Cavs Totals

The totals have been a close call for most of the series, including the firsts two games, where the over/under was determined by a single bucket. Cleveland started scoring less than usual during game three and the first half of game four, before returning to their powerhouse offensive game. The Celtics without Isaiah Thomas simply don't score as well as when he's on court.

A projected total of 217 implies that the Cavs will score around 120 points while Boston nears the century mark. Considering the likelihood of a blowout, both targets are realistic point total for both squads to achieve. Cleveland and Boston tend to play better offensively at TD Garden, making an over bet a safer choice.

Prediction: Pick Over (1.91) @Sports Interaction

Odds To Win The NBA Eastern Conference

With the exception of four quarters between the last half of game three and the first half of game four, the Cleveland Cavaliers have looked exactly like the overwhelming favourites that they're supposed to be. There isn't a team in the eastern conference that truly challenges Cleveland and LeBron James. The Celtics should be applauded for making the eastern finals, and for being the only team to take a game from Cleveland, but their time has come to an end. 

At this point, most observers have turned to the NBA Finals for the past week or so, especially after Kawhi Leonard and Mighty IT went down with injuries. Cleveland showed cracks in its armour when they dropped an exciting game three to the Boston CelticsThis pointed towards the best path for a Golden State Warriors squad looking to avenge last year's finals defeat: stop LeBron and you stop the Cavs.

Boston will come out of the gates with pride, firing on all cylinders to begin game five, but the Cavaliers have too much talent and will be motivated by their previous embarrassment. A clinical display of marksmanship should ensue, including a big game from Kyle Korver, who has been noticeably quiet.

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