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Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 3

Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 3

Celtics vs Cavs Game 3

My Team's Next MatchCleveland Cavaliers

Didn't take long for the game two to spiral out of control for the Boston Celtics. For all intents and purposes, the Cavaliers placed the game beyond reach in the first quarter. Early in the second, the Cavs were putting on a show of historic force on both ends of the court. J.R. Smith hit a dramatic turn-around jumper for added emphasis at the buzzer, creating the largest half-time lead in NBA playoff history: 72-31.

After 24 minutes, the Cavs hit 26-44 FGs, including 10-22 from three; the Celtics shot 11-41 and 3-14 from deep, coughing the ball up a whopping 10 times. Cleveland grabbed 27 boards to Boston’s 17, and dominated all statistical categories, including assists, steals, blocks and foul shots. This whupping was strong enough to make Raptors fans feel a bit better about getting swept by this juggernaut.

Even worse, Isaiah Thomas, the Celtics heart and soul, left the game hobbling on an injured right hip, out for the remainder of the playoffs. Without Mighty IT, the odds become unfathomably slim for Boston. Cleveland’s already tough to beat on their own court, and they don't want to show any signs of weakness, or play any extra minutes, before meeting the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals.

Celtics vs Cavs Money Line

Moneylines for this matchup are close to worthless, requiring about $100 to win $2 with the Cavaliers. You'll get about sixteen times your bet for wagering on the Celtics, but that's just tossing your money away because Cleveland will definitely win. If you're going to bet on the moneylines, you should add Cleveland as part of a parley, slightly increasing the payout of a spread or over/under bet.

Prediction: Cleveland (1.02) @Sports Interaction

Celtics vs Cavs Point Spread

The point spread for game three exploded when the announcement of Isaiah Thomas’ injury ripped through the media. Instead of single digits, sportsbooks have decided on a winning margin of 17.5, the heftiest of the postseason. Under most circumstances, betting on a team to win by six possessions of more would be insane. For this upcoming game, it seems likely that the Cavs will win by 20. LeBron’s not going to let up because Thomas is hurt, which means that another blowout is imminent.

Prediction: Cleveland (1.91) @Sports Interaction

Celtics vs Cavs Totals

The over/under has been tricky throughout the eastern conference finals, with the result only a shot away from the listed total. Game one was barely over, while game two was barely under. Before game three, the total stands at 215 for the matchup. There's no doubt that Cleveland will fill the bucket, but Mighty IT’s injury completely decimates Boston's offence. Betting under is the safer choice, even though the final total will probably be close either way.

Prediction: Pick Under (1.91) @Sports Interaction

Odds To Win The NBA Eastern Conference

The Cleveland Cavaliers served notice to the Celtics during their last regular season meeting, warning Boston of their impending playoff apocalypse. This prophecy has bloomed into fruition during the eastern conference finals, as LeBron and the Cavaliers spare the Celtics no mercy on court. In fact, one of the most remarkable aspects of the Cavs dominance is the lack of animosity between the two teams. Cleveland’s just doing what they must – pure business, nothing personal, good luck with your first overall pick.

If you have any doubt that Cleveland will represent the eastern conference in the finals, you're probably thinking about another sport. LeBron, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love outscored the Celtics on their own in the first half, by an absurd margin of 54-31. Cleveland's big three drained 27 shots before subbing off early, while the Celtics hit 31 shots all game. Boston has lost their past three home games against Cleveland by a total of 80 points.

Boston's star players look like a JV squad next to the Cavs lineup, and they can't really be blamed. Horford and Thomas are among the best at their positions, but lack the supporting cast to excel. This allows the Cavaliers defence to zone in on Al and Mighty IT, forcing passes to shooters who haven't been hitting shots: Jae Crowder, Avery Bradley, Marcus Smart, and Kelly Olynyk. Cleveland ruthlessly sags off these inefficient shooters, daring them to miss open shots. The results speak for themselves.

Cleveland will make the NBA Finals, and anything other than a four game sweep will be a big surprise to the basketball world. LeBron James will earn his seventh consecutive eastern conference crown, and the Cavaliers will probably run their playoff winning streak to 15 games, starting from their miraculous comeback from a 3-1 deficit to a championship in 2016.

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