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Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 2

Cavaliers vs Celtics NBA Playoff Predictions Game 2

Cavs vs Celtics Game 2

My Team's Next MatchCleveland Cavaliers

By all standards, game one was a complete blowout, with the outcome of the game decided by the time the first few minutes of the second quarter passed. The massacre continued throughout most of the third quarter, before the Cavs started to chill out a bit. LeBron James completely dominated the Celtics, bringing an array of disrespectful moves to the floor.

This represents the main issue facing the Celtics: no one in the eastern conference can hold the King down. James even turned his back on Kelly Olynyk, casually dribbling the ball between his legs before turning on the jets and dropping an easy deuce on Boston’s interior defence. Isaiah Thomas meeting the King at waist level – while LeBron palmed the ball and the top of Mighty IT’s dome – encapsulates the current state of the series.

The final stats don't show the Cavs sheer dominance during game one because Cleveland let their foot off the pedal. Perhaps the most telling number in the end were the number of fouls committed: 17 for the Cavaliers, and 26 for the Celtics. No matter how hard they try, Boston will be unable to hold James to anything less than excellence.

Cavs vs Celtics Money Line

Sportsbooks appear to have missed game one of the eastern conference finals, because the moneylines appear to be soft on the Celtics. Instead of being listed as a heavy underdog, the numbers suggest a moderate one, with Boston’s line sitting at 3.20. Tripling your bet sounds good, but the payout for this game doesn't represent the risk well.

The line for the Cavs sits around 1.32, which isn't bad value for a heavy favourite. If you decide to play the moneyline, attaching the result to the spread will increase the value of your bet through a smart parley.

Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers (1.36) @Sports Interaction

Cavs vs Celtics Point Spread

In game one, the point spread was never in doubt, with the Cavaliers holding a multi-possession lead throughout the match. As a result, the spread has increased slightly, up to six points for game 2. Traditional wisdom suggests that Boston will avoid another catastrophe on court, but many believed that the Cavaliers would be rusty out of gate. Betting against LeBron in the eastern conference represents a mistake that doesn't need to be made. Don't be fooled: bet on Cleveland to beat the spread, earning a victory of more than two possessions.

Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers (1.87) @Sports Interaction

Cavs vs Celtics Totals

The over/under for game two sits at 218.5 because of the scoring prowess of these two teams. A total this high would be absurd for most other playoff series, which focus mostly on defence. However, the total for this series is tricky. In game one, the over won on the last bucket, which was the only outcome which wasn't a lock.

For game two, it's likely that both teams will focus a bit more on defence, especially Brad Steven’s squad. Considering that over barely won in game one, wagering under is a slightly safer bet.

Prediction: Pick Under (1.91) @Sports Interaction

Odds To Win The NBA Eastern Conference

At this point, there's very little evidence that supports the Boston Celtics earning a trip to the NBA Finals by defeating the Cavaliers. Just like the western conference, the east has featured a completely overwhelming force decimating unworthy challengers, while the rest of the conference battles for the right to be eventually destroyed by the favourite.

The Indiana Pacers were close to nabbing a game from Cleveland, but LeBron James completely shut down these opportunities by taking over every game throughout his incredible playoff run. This is a level of cool confidence rarely exhibited by James, who has gone as far as threatening to drink a beer on court. His confidence has spread throughout the team, and no one on Cleveland believes they could possibly lose to the Celtics.

Sure, the NBA is a league that heavily skews towards favourites because of the lack of parity, but the NBA Finals have rarely felt so pre-determined due to a lack of competition. Anything other than a bet on Cleveland during the eastern finals represents money thrown away for no reason.

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