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Future Of Carmelo Anthony Will Include The NBA Playoffs

Future Of Carmelo Anthony Will Include The NBA Playoffs

Carmelo Will Finally Compete For An NBA Ring

Owner James Dolan and ex-president Phil Jackson drained talent and respect from the franchise during Melo’s tenure in the Big Apple - at a faster rate than usual. Phil publicly critiqued Melo on multiple occasions, and threatened to trade Kristaps Porzingis, leading to Carmelo Anthony waiving his no-trade clause. Like Jackson, Anthony’s future is no longer with the New York Knicks.

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Another New York Knicks Front Office Bungle

Carmelo’s belief that he could lift the Knicks to a championship was sheer hubris, even if New York enjoyed a 54-28 record during 2012-2013. Most observers were baffled with the Knicks front office, which received nothing for trading J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert, signed Joachim Noah to one of the worst contracts in NBA history, and traded Tim Hardaway Jr. away to the Hawks before throwing huge money to deter Atlanta from resigning the shooting guard. 

NBA stars typically demand no-trade clauses to prevent uprooting family life at the whim of a general manager. Anthony and family have been happy living in New York, likely one of the reasons why he’s remained patient with the organization, despite the increasingly erratic behaviour of Dolan and Jackson. Tough to determine the final straw, but badmouthing Melo in public and floating the idea of trading Porzingis was sufficient.

Perhaps the petty stupidity of ostracizing a young, elite talent like Kristaps helped Carmelo internalize the fact that the Knicks will not win an NBA title as long as James Dolan owns the club.

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Houston Rockets Close To Becoming A Superteam

The modern NBA requires at least three, all-star, hall-of-fame contributors for a franchise to enjoy a realistic shot at winning an NBA title. The Spurs and Warriors mostly developed these types of players from within, while the Heat and Cavaliers relied largely on free agency delivering LeBron James and other all-stars to the fold.

Houston already attracted Chris Paul from the Clippers to join the record-breaking attack of Harden and the Rockets. General manager Daryl Morey indicated that he was still looking for top talent, and the Knicks increasingly dire situation provides a clear avenue to building a legitimate big three. Even better, Anthony and Paul have become close friends during their time in the association, greatly improving the odds of Carmelo landing in Texas.

GM Morey acquired Paul without decimating his lineup, adding P.J. Tucker and Luc Mbah A Moute to help replace Patrick Beverley and Lou Williams. Nene resigned too; he’ll provide valuable service as a skilled, backup big for starter Clint Capela.

There’s an argument that three ball-dependant players shouldn’t be on the court simultaneously, but Harden, Paul, and coach Mike D’Antoni will have 82 games to figure out how to make the most of a trio of offensive all-stars – assuming Anthony lands in Houston.

Will The Cleveland Cavaliers Swoop In For The Steal?

In a rare moment of clarity, the New York Knicks front office has put trade talks on hold because the offers they’re receiving fall short of Anthony’s value.

Otherwise, this trade would already be complete. Carmelo wants to be with Harden and Paul in Houston, but he also lifted his no-trade clause for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since Cleveland’s front office situation isn’t proceeding smoothly this offseason, there’s a smaller chance that Carmelo will end up with the Cavaliers.

Should this scenario play out, and the Cavs acquire Melo without getting rid of Love, Cleveland will have four all-stars, similar to the Golden State Warriors.

Regardless of where Carmelo plays, he’ll finally have a genuine opportunity to compete for an NBA championship, which was an impossible dream with the Knickerbockers.

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