2018-19 NBA Division Futures - Eastern And Western Conference

      2018-19 NBA Division Futures - Eastern And Western Conference

      NBA Divisional Futures

      Atlantic Division Odds

      • Boston Celtics -130
      • Toronto Raptors +280
      • Philadelphia 76ers +285
      • Brooklyn Nets +15000
      • New York Knicks +20000

      Now that Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward appear ready to return to full health, the Boston Celtics will be strong favorites to rise to the top of the Atlantic Division for NBA futures betting, according to sites like Bet365 Canada. Despite the Raptors offseason upgrade of Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green, Toronto remains underdogs after a 59-win season that will be difficult to improve on.

      Some believe that the Philadelphia 76ers will be the main rivals for the Celtics this season, with Embiid and Simmons leading the charge. If Markelle Fultz fixed his shoulder and jumper, Philly might have the talent and depth needed to outplay the Celtics for the Atlantic crown. Don’t expect the Knicks or the Nets to play any meaningful basketball this season.

        Central Division Odds

        • Milwaukee Bucks +120
        • Indiana Pacers +135
        • Detroit Pistons +500
        • Chicago Bulls +3500
        • Cleveland Cavaliers +3500

        Depending on how key contributors progress, the Central Division may surprise the association by rivalling the Atlantic in terms of depth and competition. Giannis Antetokounmpo gives the Milwaukee Bucks a chance to win every game. Victor Oladipo emerged as the most improved player in the NBA, nearly leading the Pacers to a first round upset over LeBron. Coach of the year Dwane Casey will likely help Blake Griffin and the Pistons overachieve.

        Milwaukee Bucks
        NBA Central Division Odds

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         The Bulls and the Cavaliers find themselves in the middle of a rebuild, unlikely to challenge the Pacers or Bucks for top spot. Milwaukee’s considered the favorites, but the Indiana Pacers displayed an unexpected organizational toughness last season, which should help them leap over the inconsistent Bucks.

        Giannis Antetokounmpo - NBA Odds

        Southeast Division Odds

        • Washington Wizards -140
        • Miami Heat +170
        • Charlotte Hornets +1400
        • Orlando Magic +1400
        • Atlanta Hawks +7500

        Perhaps the least fascinating of all divisions in the NBA, the Southeast features teams on the downswing, in the process of rebuilding, or simply a shadow of their former selves. Washington will be the favorites to win due to their all-star backcourt of Bradley Beal and John Wall – not because they’re the latest team to sign Dwight Howard.

        Miami’s still reeling from the loss of Chris Bosh, who was forced to retire. Dion Waiters may not start the season healthy, while Hassan Whiteside, Goran Dragic and James Johnson aren’t getting any younger. Nobody really knows what the Hornets or the Magic are doing while the Hawks blew up the lineup which earned 60 wins in 2014-15. The Wizards will be a safe bet to win the sleepy Southeast.

        Northwest Division Odds

        • Oklahoma City Thunder +200
        • Utah Jazz +240
        • Denver Nuggets +450
        • Minnesota Timberwolves +500
        • Portland Trail Blazers +650

        There’s nowhere to hide in the Northwest Division, which features five teams who could contend for top spot in the group. Oklahoma City will be favorites after resigning Paul George and letting Carmelo Anthony go, but the Utah Jazz shouldn’t be counted out after Donovan Mitchell’s incredible rookie season.

        The Nuggets didn’t improve much during the offseason, but Jokic, Harris, Barton, Millsap and Murray form a starting five which can hang with most units in the association. Despite the outstanding talent present on the Minnesota Timberwolves and Portland Trail Blazers roster, both clubs deal with organizational strife which will probably limit their effectiveness in 2018-19.

        Southwest Division Odds

        • Houston Rockets -450
        • San Antonio Spurs +600
        • New Orleans Pelicans +760
        • Dallas Mavericks +6000
        • Memphis Grizzlies +6500

        The jury’s out on whether the Rockets will have a better opportunity to eliminate the Warriors compared to last season, when they were a single game from representing the western conference at the NBA Finals. Swapping Trevor Ariza for Carmelo Anthony isn’t likely to improve Houston’s bottom line, especially with an aging and injury-prone Chris Paul.

        San Antonio’s probably worse off though after shedding Leonard, Parker and Ginobili, which makes it tough to believe that Coach Popovich will be able to orchestrate Aldridge and DeRozan to better results than the Rockets and Warriors. The Pelicans didn’t improve either, which threatens to relegate Anthony Davis to the sidelines again when the playoffs roll around. Dallas and Memphis will not be able to compete in the western conference, focusing on tanking instead. Bet on the Rockets.

        James Harden - Houston Rockets

        Pacific Division Odds

        • Golden State Warriors -2000
        • Los Angeles Lakers +700
        • Los Angeles Clippers +5000
        • Phoenix Suns +15000
        • Sacramento Kings +50000

        Witnessing LeBron in a Lakers jersey will be fascinating, but there’s no match for the Golden State Warriors, who improved on a lineup which has already won three of the last four NBA titles. DeMarcus Cousins signing a cheapo one-year contract is what the rest of the association deserves for refusing to offer Boogie a contract, despite his status as one of the best big men over the past decade.

        Don’t expect James to play an ironman role similar to his last season in Cleveland, which reduces the odds for the Lakers pulling off a regular season miracle to win the Pacific Division. The Los Angeles Clippers and the Phoenix Suns are in the middle of rebuilds, while the Sacramento Kings make the Knicks and the Nets look like geniuses.