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      2017 NBA Championship Outright Odds

      2017 NBA Championship Outright Odds

      The NBA Finals have LeBron James written all over them for the past six years, and he’s managed to earn a 3-3 record during his streak, winning twice with Miami and once with Cleveland. Over these years, he’s faced off against the Spurs, the Warriors, the Mavericks and the Thunder. Despite the fact that the eastern conference has vastly improved in terms of quality, the Cavs are likely to make the finals again. Similarly, the only challengers to the Warriors look to be the Spurs, which means that Golden State are heavily favoured to meet the Cavs again.

      2017 NBA Championship Betting Odds

      NBA Championship Outright Odds

      Now that nearly all the big free agent names are off the table, the 2017 NBA championship betting odds will begin to take form. Already, the moneylines show that the Warriors are the overwhelming favourites to win, with the Cavaliers listed as the closest contenders. Perennial squads of quality, such as the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Clippers, are the dark horses to win, especially if injury problems plague the favourites.

      2017 NBA Championship Prediction

      Golden State Warriors Win the 2017 NBA Championship -182

      With the addition of Kevin Durant during the free agent season, the Golden State Warriors have become a “superteam” to reckon with, as four of their five starters are NBA all-team members and all-stars. They’ve also shored up their bench with the addition of veterans who took a pay cut in an attempt to earn a championship ring. 

      Comparatively, only the Boston Celtics have improved as much as the Warriors, adding Al Horford from the Hawks, making Boston the most likely challenger to the Cavaliers. In the western conference, the San Antonio Spurs are the main challengers, as they have been for nearly a decade. Dark horses that may challenge include the Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors, who all occupy the tier just below the top four challengers.

      2017 NBA Championship Wagering

      Results / FixturesNBA

      Since the NBA is one of the most predictable sports league in North America, the basketball odds that you get betting on the favourites often don’t result in a huge payday. After the addition of Kevin Durant, it’s tough to argue that the Warriors aren’t overwhelming favourites. However, as the Cavaliers proved with their incredible finals comeback, pretty much anything can happen, which make NBA upsets some of the most dramatic and profitable.

      All it takes is an injury or a run of bad luck to change the competitive landscape. As a result, wagering on one of these high-quality underdogs can be surprisingly profitable. The odds are stacked in favour of Golden State to the point that betting on Cleveland represents a relatively low-risk, high-reward option.

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