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Top Acquired Prospects Who Will Become Future MLB All-Stars

Top Acquired Prospects Who Will Become Future MLB All-Stars

The future of the MLB is brewing, and the best prospects in the league are farming up to finally get their big league debuts. Who will become the MLB next superstar? We'll be taking a look at the MLB's top prospects and what they can mean for their respective teams. This will also include players who've been in the Majors, but have less than 130 ABs. 

MLB's Top Prospects

The Toronto Blue Jays boast the 6th best prospect in the league, according to the MLB. Vladimir Guerro Jr. is just 18, but was born in Montreal to father Vladimir Guerrero while he was playing with the Expos. Since then, the Expos relocated, but Vlad Jr. still represents Canada as part of the Blue Jays' farm system in Dunedin (Advanced A) and as their top prospect.

As the 2015 top international free agent, the right hander was acquired by Toronto, for which they had to trade two prospects to extend their number of free international slots. He's been an offensive juggernaut in the minors this season, hitting .312 in 340 ABs, and the BJs can be looking at a great young athlete by 2019.  

Ranked as the 5th highest prospect by the MLB, we have Victor Robles. Signed by the Washington Nationals for $225 000, this Dominican player is the top prospect for the team. His 2017 minor league numbers are stunning as well,with a .293 BA in 328 ABs. Although he's only had 37 ABs in AA, he's batting .324 with a .972 OPS. he needs a bit of work on his power, but should eventually learn to be a dominant hitter by 2018.  

Rafael Devers is ranked as 4th, and it's definitely well deserved. Another native of the Dominican Republic, Devers was signed by the Boston Red Sox for $1.5 million. He's batting .311 in the minors in 322 ABs this year, but it's his speed that's an issue. He already has power, and that's sure to increase, but his lack of speed is sure to decrease. In the Majors, no complaints there, as he's batting .406 with 3 HRs in 32 ABs. 

Never to be outdone by the BoSox, the New York Yankees have the current number 3 prospect, Gleyber Torres. He was one of four players acquired from the Cubs back in 2016, in exchange for Aroldis Chapman, as the Cubbies were on a playoff push. At average speed, he's a great fielder and became the youngest MVP and batting champion, with a .403 BA, in the Arizona Fall League. While projected to hit 20+ home runs per season in a few years, he's currently on the DL to undergo Tommy John surgery.

Number 2 prospect, and top prospect for the New York Mets is Amed Rosario. Signed in 2012, the top SS prospect has been showing off his prime attribute, his speed. The quickness to catch balls through the gap, to steal bags, or turn groundouts into infield singles will be crucial. With Jose Reyes now 34 years old, could Rosario speed up his departure from the club? In his 12 ABs in the Majors, he's been average, but that's a good sign at his age.

The number one prospect right now is Yoan Moncada. The switch hitter was acquired from the Red Sox, along with Michael Kopech and two others, in a huge deal that saw Chicago White Sox ace Chris Sale move to Boston. While Sale has been dominant, Moncada has accolades on his own, such as MVP of the 2016 All Star Futures Game and has stole a ton of bases with his speed. He's projected to bat .280/.400/.500, but so far in his 40 ABs for the White Sox, he's only batting .100. Moncada might need more time to fit into his role, but the White Sox were smart in tearing down what they had in order to rebuild. 

These players won't be making an impact anytime soon, but look for them to shine in a few years. You might notice there's an absence of pitchers on the list, but the aforementioned Kopech is the top RHP prospect and also plays for the Sox. They have a couple of other high ranking ones, so don't sleep on the White Sox! Well... give it a few years.

If you like this article, be sure to share, comment and tell us what you think of these prospects, and if they have what it takes to be future All Stars. If you're more about the present, then head over to Sports Interaction and test your knowledge on tonight's games!

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