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The New York Yankees Making Moves At Winter Meetings?

The New York Yankees Making Moves At Winter Meetings?

There's just two more days left in the Winter Meetings, and while things are sure to heat up as we get closer to the end on Thursday, some teams aren't wasting any time and making some news. The Yankees come to mind, but the rival Red Sox know they need to make some noise themselves. The Toronto Blue Jays have some weapons as well, so maybe a deal will be made.

Yankees Wheel-n-Deal

Dialling back to the New York Yankees though, the team that made headlines even before the meetings began with their acquisition of Giancarlo Stanton. Because of that gain, they unloaded Chase Headley and Bryan Mitchell to the Padres for a minor leaguer, Jabari Blash. Headley was set to make $13 million next season, and with Stanton's cost, this was a good move on the Bronx Bombers' part.

The Yanks are reportedly also looking for a starter as well. As expected, CC Sabathia and New York are said to be in talks. The free agent will be expensive though, but definitely worth the arm. Apart from Sabathia, the Yankees are also reportedly in talks with the Tigers about a trade for Michael Fulmer. It was thought no team was interested in any of the Tigers' offerings, but Fulmer and Ian Kinsler are being sought out.

And the 2017 ALCS runners-up aren't stopping there. The Baltimore Orioles are reportedly shopping Manny Machado, who wants to play shortstop. Machado becomes a free agent in 2018, so it would work out for him and the Yankees. The Orioles would also be able to dig into the deep prospective Yankees pool for minor leaguers. This could stack the Yankees, but it's exactly what we'd expect.

Important Signings

The Chicago Cubs signed Drew Smyly to a two-year deal worth $10 million. The pitcher is currently recovering from Tommy John surgery, so won't be available until the end of 2018, and even then most likely won't be at 100% until the 2019 season. 

Also of note, Bryan Shaw signed to the Rockies on a three-year $27 million deal, and Tommy hunter signed with the Phillies on a two-year deal.  

Rumor Mill

Besides signings and trades, the rumor mill is keeping us at the edge of our seats once again.

  • The biggest news is that the Texas Rangers are looking to add a prominant starting pitcher and are looking at the Diamondbacks' Zack Grienke. He's currently on a six-year, $206.5 million deal with Arizona, but has a partial no-trade clause which doesn't include Texas. 
  • Needing more big bats to counter the Yankees, the Red Sox are said to be looking closely at J.D Martinez. Along with Eric Hosmer, they are probably the most valuable players to get your hands on at the moment.
  • One of the better available starting pitchers, Gerrit Cole is reportedly being shopped by the Pirates.
  • The Giants are said to be looking at Reds's speedster Billy Hamilton, to provide better outfield defense.
  • According to manager Dave Roberts, the Los Angeles Dodgers should be keeping starter Kenta Maeda next season. And even though fellow journeyman Yu Darvish let down his team in the World Series, there are talks to renew the free agent's contract as well. 
  • Could Jake Arrieta be on his way to the Nationals? Scott Boras, Arrieta's agent, and also the agent of two other Nats aces, Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg, wants a $200 million deal for the former Cubs starter and compiled a 75-page binder to send to the MLB owners.
  • Carlos Gonzalez had a subpar season in Colorado in 2017, but teams expect a bounce back now that his value has decreased. The Athletics, Giants, Royals, Rays, and Blue Jays are all reportedly eyeing him.
  • Speaking of the Blue Jays, the Cardinals allegedly sparked interest in Josh Donaldson, but he wasn't being shopped. The Cards are also eyeing the market for a closer, and Wade Davis seems to fit the bill.

Who knows if any of these rumors will come to fruition, so join us here tomorrow for more news on signings, trades, and rumors for the MLB Winter Meetings!

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