Montreal Expos Prop Bets: Will Expos Return to MLB By 2022?

Montreal Expos Prop Bets: Will Expos Return to MLB By 2022?

Montreal Expos Return To MLB

Will Major League Baseball Return To Montreal By 2022?

Montreal Expos In MLB By 2022 Prop Bet

YES +800

Sports Interaction created a prop bet for the Montreal Expos to return to the MLB by 2022, offering a +800 line. This indicates a decent probability of an MLB team moving to Montreal, or the league confirming the Expos as a franchise team for the second time in history.

Montreal Expos Will Return to the MLB Odds

Montreal Ready To Play Ball As American Clubs Fail

Canadian baseball scores have looked a bit empty since 2004 without the Expos, as the Toronto Blue Jays became Canada’s only team. For many Montrealers, the idea of rooting for any team based in Toronto is sacrilege, adding additional pain to the loss of the Expos.

Rubbing salt in the wound, poor attendance and ownership hostile to success characterizes teams like the Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays, warm weather markets which should enjoy far more success in Florida. Tommy Pham, recently traded to Tampa Bay, lambasted the Rays for a non-existent fanbase, despite a club filled with outstanding talent and one of the best coaches in the league.

In terms of fan support and the love of baseball, Montreal and the surrounding area would easily outperform fading American franchises.

Four clubs – Miami, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay and Oakland - averaged less than 20,000 in attendance throughout the 2018 season, an embarrassing figure which Quebec’s fanbase would easily top. In terms of fan support and the love of baseball, Montreal and the surrounding area would easily outperform fading American franchises.

Swinging At Red Tape

Acquiring a Major League Baseball franchise is an exercise in bureaucracy and business. The business end of the Expos looks great after investors released a study on the potential market for baseball in Montreal. Data confirms that the city would rank in the top half in terms of television market size.

Compared to other potential expansion cities like Portland, San Antonio and Las Vegas, Montreal has the “largest population, TV market, corporate base and the second-largest median household income,” as per the Canadian Press. This study, performed by Conventions, Sports & Leisure International, also indicated that a downtown stadium would be a must, as most fans would walk or hop on transit to visit the venue.

A small sample of interviews with 13 executives from large Montreal corporations showed that all would buy seasons tickets. Three out of four would buy premium seating, while about half of respondents would choose a luxury suite.

Montreal fans want baseball. Big business wants baseball. The mayor wants baseball and the son of the former owner wants baseball too.

All signs point to success for the MLB in Montreal, so who’s playing hardball in these negotiations?

Montreal Must Respect The Process

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has made it clear that Tampa Bay and Oakland will be given the opportunity to fix stadium situations before those franchises move to Montreal or Portland. Apparently, expansion will proceed only when the Rays and A’s decide their fates.

Part of the reason Stephen Bronfman proceed at a cautious pace for the Expos revolves around the process Montreal must respect to return to the MLB. Logically, Montreal would significantly outperform Tampa, Miami and Oakland without breaking a sweat. Nonetheless, commissioner Manfred will consider current teams first.

The moment the Expos return to the MLB, the team’s likely to become so popular that the only way to get tickets will be through Montreal Kijiji and other secondary markets. It’s only a matter of time before MLB baseball returns to Montreal, which will likely happen sooner than later as American-owned teams falter in warm weather markets.

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