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MLB Postseason Projections 2017

MLB Postseason Projections 2017

There's less than a week left and then that's a wrap for the regular season. It's been an amazing year, and while September hasn't been that memorable, with so many quality teams in the postseason, it's sure to be a great one. Most races have already been decided, but there is one which is still legitimately up for grabs. We'll take you through some of the postseason and take a look at where the World Series futures stand.

AL: All But Decided

So who's most likely to be representing the American League in the World Series? Well, Bodog has the Cleveland Indians at +175 to win the AL Pennant, and it's tough to find a better bet. This Indians team has been an absolutely epic force in September with their 22 game win streak, including 14 straight on the road, but they also notched 30 straight scoreless innings in August, had 16 straight games with a home run, Edwin Encarnacion reaching base in 32 consecutive games, and Corey Kluber hurling 26 straight scoreless innings. While the Indians still have a worse record than the Dodgers, they are consistently rank higher than them in team rating.

  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Indians OTB +175 OTB +187
Astros OTB +210 OTB +225
Red Sox OTB +330 OTB +320
Yankees OTB +650 OTB +600
Twins OTB +1400 OTB +2000

The only team that could give Cleveland a run for their money is the Houston Astros, but their defensive skill isn't quite as potent as their stellar hitting. Jose Altuve's .348 batting average with 106 RBIs is extremely impressive, and with Carols Correa and George Springer, this team is great in getting movement on the basepaths, resulting in more consistent runs than pounding out homers. That will be crucial in the postseason, but their pitching staff needs to mimic this consistency. They are currently offered at +210.

As for the rest of the field, Minnesota is the weakest, and by far. Priced at +1400 to win the Pennant, they could potentially upset the Yankees in the Wild Card game, but won't make it much further. The Boston Red Sox are priced at +333, but with an inconsistent offense, look for them to struggle a lot against some of these hardened AL aces. 

NL: Wild Card Race Still Heated

Unlike the AL, the National League still isn't decided, and it could come down to the wire. A month ago, we all thought Arizona and Colorado were gonna come out with the Wild Card spots, but the Milwaukee Brewers found their form and are now a threat to take Colorado's spot, while Arizona's safe (partially because of the Rockies' ineptitude against their division rivals). It's not all bad though, as the Rocks are projected at a solid 71.4% to get the spot, while the Brew Crew is 1.5 GB at 20.2%. The lowly Cardinals are at a mere 8.4%.

  Sports Interaction (SIA) Bodog Bet365 BetWay
Dodgers OTB +140 OTB +125
Nationals OTB +300 OTB +300
Cubs OTB +350 OTB +350
Diamondbacks OTB +700 OTB +750
Rockies OTB +1800 OTB +1800

Realistically speaking though, chances are slim that either the Rocks, Brewers, or Cards will be representing the NL in the World Series, so we'll shift our focus to the main contenders. And for most of the season, the main contender has always been the Los Angeles Dodgers. This team has 100 wins, and that's with a very lackluster September. Slumping now is a good sign though, because a surge could have meant a sputtering out in October. Priced at +140 in win the Pennant, it's not an enticing price against a healthy Washington or Chicago team. 

The Nationals and Chicago Cubs are both priced fairly similarly, at +300 and +350 respectively, and that's a very good price for these two clubs. Sure the Dodgers are a powerhouse squad, but the Cubs will go further again this year than the public expects. This team isn't a one year blip. They have a great roster that can take them back to the World Series, and maybe even win it again. The same goes for the Nats. Don't expect the Dodgers to have a monopoly over this league. October hasn't been very good to them.

World Series Look Ahead

According to futures odds, books are predicting a Dodgers-Indians World Series. Both teams are priced at +325 to win it all at Bodog. If this is the case, the Indians should take it to end their drought, leaving Los Angeles stunned in October again.

But as stated before, we do not even believe the Dodgers will make it to the World Series, and we could very easily have another Cubs-Indians showdown, perhaps with a different winner. The Cubs have not been as good this year, and are priced at +800, but it's best not to underestimate them. At +525, the Astros might also be a play. If Cleveland gets eliminated early, look for the 'Stos to stop either the Cubs or Nats in less than 7 games. 

Last year's World Series was an epic barnburner, so maybe a repeat isn't such a bad thing... Do you agree with our World Series opinions? Let us know how you feel in the comments and don't forget to like and share. And don't forget to go to Bodog to take advantage of these great prices!

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