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MLB Picks Of The Day: NL Division Series

MLB Picks Of The Day: NL Division Series

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Today the NLDS gets underway Friday with the Los Angeles Dodgers visiting the Washington Nationals at 5:30 PM. The other National League series begins as the San Francisco Giants take on the team with best regular season record, the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field at 9:00PM.

Los Angeles Dodgers @ Washington Nationals 2016 ALDS

My Team's Next MatchLos Angeles Dodgers

  • Game 1 (Oct. 7): Dodgers Win
  • Game 2 (Oct. 8): Nationals Win
  • Game 3 (Oct. 10): Dodgers Win
  • Game 4* (Oct. 11): Dodgers Win
  • Overall Winner: Dodgers Win

This series is destined to be extremely tight, as the Los Angeles Dodgers are taking on the Washington Nationals. Both teams have a very solid pitching staff, accompanied by a very solid batting lineup. The Nationals only had 4 more wins this season than the Dodgers. A 58% winning percentage vs a 56% winning percentage. The Nationals are dealing with a few key injuries to Bryce Harper and Daniel Murphy, with both players missing parts of September. Both are expected to be in the lineup this week, but neither are definitely not necessarily 100%. Nationals’ pitcher Stephen Strasburg, whom the team has relied on heavily for the past several seasons, is not expected to pitch this series due to injury as well. 

Game 1 showcases Ace VS Ace; Max Scherzer VS Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw posted an extremely stingy 1.69 ERA this season, and a WHIP under 1. Kershaw is taking on Max Scherzer who had 284 strikeouts this season and 20 wins. His ERA was 2.96, which isn’t quite as low as Kershaw’s. Look for game 1 to be a low scoring game, with the Dodger coming out on top. The Washington Nationals went 1-5 against the Dodgers this season, although overall it was a tight run differential with 20 runs scored VS 23 runs against. Due to the stellar pitching staff and the solid batting lineup, we predict the Dodgers are going to takedown the Nationals in 4 games.

San Francisco Giants @ Chicago Cubs 2016 ALDS

My Team's Next MatchChicago Cubs

  • Game 1 (Oct. 7): Cubs win
  • Game 2 (Oct. 8): Giants Win
  • Game 3 (Oct. 10): Cubs Win
  • Game 4* (Oct. 11): Cubs Win
  • Overall Winner: Chicago Cubs

Here in the NLDS, we have the Chicago Cubs vs the San Francisco Giants. The Cubs held the best record of any MLB team in the regular season with 103-58, compared to the Giants 87-75. Although the Giants have stellar pitching, we are going with the big bats of the Cubs to overall win this series in 5 games. The Giants will be starting Bumgarner and Cueto, but the Cubs will be countering with Jon Lester, Arrieta and Hendricks. Should be low scoring games overall. The Cubs bats of Bryant, Rizzo and Russell are just too consistent to be shut down the Giants.

The Chicago Cubs have a winning record against the Washington Nationals with a 5-2 record. They only outscored them by 6 runs in 7 total games, so expect every game to be very close. The Cubs didn’t lose a game at home VS the Nationals, going 4-0. The Chicago Cubs are not injured and appear extremely well rested, as they had 23 different players have AB’s during the month of September. With the Cubs having such a stellar lineup from top to botton, additionally having one of the best starting pitching staff, next to no injuries and the best winning record in the MLB, we predict the Cubs should handle the Nationals fairly easily in some low scoring games this NLDS.

2016 NL Wild Card Highlights

The 2016 Wild Card Showdown between the Mets and Giants will go down as one of the best pitching duels in history. The Mets starting pitcher, Noah Syndergaard took a no hitter into the 6th inning, while the Giants Madison Bumgarner basically equalled his Syndergaard by not allowing runs. Late in the game after Syndergaard had been pulled, Mets pitching staff gave up 3 runs while Bumgarner finished the entire game with a complete game shutout.

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