Mon 19/03/2012 - 15:09 EDT

MLB Baseball Betting Set To Return To Sports Select

MLB Baseball Betting Is Back At The WCLC Website

MLB baseball betting junkies in Western Canada/Northern Territories can get their wagering fix on the Grand Old Game with the Sport Select betting option presented by the Western Canadian Lottery Commission.

Canada’s team, the Toronto Blue Jays, won’t make it all the way North to start the season as they will open their season in Cleveland against the Indians. The Jays return to the Rogers Center Sky Dome to open their 2012 home schedule on April 9 against the Boston Red Sox. A busy winter has made the Jays contenders.

Sport Select Pro Sports Wagering Options

Offered by the WCLC, Sport Select is a sports betting scheme that allows handicappers in Canada the opportunity to cash in on their pro sports knowledge. There are three different games offered under the Sports Select umbrella including the Pro Line, OVER/UNDER, and Point Spread betting options.

One of the sweeter sides of betting on baseball is the fact that, unlike the other sports offered with Sport Select, a tie betting option is not forced on Canadian sports handicappers. Remember, you still have to make a minimum of three selections per betting slip with this straight up or point spread wagering method.

That said, when it comes to online sports betting in Canada, this is as close to Las Vegas style sportbooks wagering as it gets when it comes to the Sport Select online sports wagering option.

Canadian bettors looking to make single wagers on the Boys of Summer, should check out the Canada Sports Betting top ranked offshore betting websites that are listed, ranked, and recommended, within our site!

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