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MLB 2018: Ranking This Year's Most Wanted Baseball Players

MLB 2018: Ranking This Year's Most Wanted Baseball Players

Top 10 Most Wanted Players

From hitters to starters to relievers, there are still a ton of prominent players without teams. That doesn't mean teams aren't interested though. The list is surprisingly endless, but we'll count down the best 10 players who are bound to have an impact on whichever team they end up on for the 2018 MLB season. Here are this year's most wanted MLB players.

#10 Logan Morrison - First Basement

The Tampa Bay Rays underperformed last season and expect to be worse in the division if the Blue Jays pick themselves up. With Evan Longoria's departure, the team from Florida might also miss out on LoMo. Batting .246 last season, his main strength has been on the road, where he batted .272/.392/.628 with 38 home runs. The 30-year-old is wanted by numerous teams including the Cardinals, Twins, his most former Rays team, and his most likely destination, Colorado. 

#9 Greg Holland - Relief Pitcher

As closer for the Colorado Rockies, Greg Holland's 41 saves was tied for most in the NL in 2017. The 31-year-old ended the season with a 3.61 ERA and a strikeout rate of 11/9. So who wants the experienced closer? The Cards seem at the forefront, especially after losing their own Seung Hwan Oh to free agency. The Rockies are also interested in re-signing Holland, and while the Nationals are downplaying their interest, Holland might end up in Washington as well.

#8 Mike Moustakas - Third Baseman

The Kansas City Royals lost a lot of their core during this offseason. Mike Moustakas was part of this exodus. Moose was initially sought after by a ton of teams, but his price eventually lowered interest in him. He did, after all, hit a franchise record 38 homers last season for the Royals. Among teams interested were the Angels, Royals, Yankees, Brewers, and Mets. The Phillies also have their hand in the jar.

#7 Todd Frazier - Third Baseman

Todd Frazier ended the 2017 season with the New York Yankees after being traded from the White Sox and improved after being with his former team. Batting .213 with 27 home runs in total last season, he's make a good addition for an established team. The Yankees could re-sign him, but he's also being looked at by the Mets. Atlanta was also reported as a potential destination.  

#6 Lance Lynn - Starting Pitcher

Spending last season with the St. Louis Cardinals, Lance Lynn would sign again with his former team, but they don't seem interested. Lynn ended 2017 with a 3.43 ERA and a 11-8 record. Who is looking at the starter? The Nationals and Brewers were the first to show interest, but the Twins reportedly are a good fit for him as well. As one of the three best available starters right now, Lynn will be sure to go quick.

#5 Lorenzo Cain - Outfielder

Another Kansas City departee, Lorenzo Cain might not have Moose's power, but his batting skills are well above average. Batting .300 in 2017, he's also a defensive beast in the outfield. The Giants have expressed interest as they're looking for an outfielder, but the Rangers and Brewers are heading the pack in pursuit of the centerfielder. 

#4 Jake Arrieta - Starting Pitcher

Jake Arrieta's time with the Chicago Cubs was no joke. With a 68-31 record with the club since 2013, it's no wonder Arrieta's one of the most attractive looking starters who are still available. Along with Lynn, Cobb, and Darvish, Arrieta is in the upper tier among these other starters, so should be one of the first to find a home. There are reportedly numerous teams involved in talks for the 31-year-old, including the Cubs, Nats, Cards, and Phillies. Washington would be a better fit, as they need to update their starting pitching.

#3 Eric Hosmer - Infielder

The most valuable Royal of the bunch, Eric Hosmer was reportedly offered a $147 million contract for seven years by his former team, which would be a franchise record. He remains a free agent, but with his .318 batting average and 25 recorded homers for 2017, he's sure to find a home quick. Returning to the Royals would be his best bet, as it's a lucrative deal and the Royals will keep some of their core, but if he doesn't sign, the Padres have expressed interest.

#2 Yu Darvish - Starting Pitcher

Sure Darvish failed on the biggest stage of them all, but the Japan native is still one of the best starters available right now. After being moved to the Los Angeles Dodgers from the Rangers, Darvish posted a 3.44 ERA and strikeout rate of 11.1/9. Who's interested? It's more like who isn't, as the Brew Crew, Phillies, Cubs, Twins, and even his former Dodgers team are pursuing him. Los Angeles or the Cubs would be suitable destinations for the 31-year-old.

#1 J.D. Martinez - Right Fielder

Finally, we have J.D. Martinez. The former Diamondback slugged his way to a stunning 45 home runs last season, the most of his career, with 29 of them coming in the second half after he was traded from the Tigers. If you want a power hitter, Martinez is the man, and the Boston Red Sox have reportedly had their teeth in him for the entire offseason. Even though the Indians also have an eye on him, the Red Sox have dominated the news with their intentions on this player and that's why the 29-year-old just entering his prime leads this list.

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