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MLB 2018: New York Yankees Opening Odds

MLB 2018: New York Yankees Opening Odds

A 2017 Reawakening

The New York Yankees had an above average 2017, but the results bode well for the future. Veteran CC Sabathia has found his groove again and is pitching like in his glory days. Fellow starter Luis Severino also stepped up to ace status and looks to only improve. Aaron Judge also had a record year, breaking the rookie home run season record and becoming the youngest player to have seven multi-homer games since legends Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth.

While they didn't win the division, the Yankees contested it until the end, finishing with 91 wins. It was the first time the club won more than 90 games since 2012, and earned them a Wild Card spot. The rival Red Sox took the division by just two games. 

In the playoffs, Girardi's team shocked the world and provided some entertaining games. After beating the Twins in the ALWC, they took on the Indians as huge underdogs. After being down 0-2, they managed to rally and take the ALDS in seven games. In the ALCS, they found themselves down 0-2 to the Astros, but again managed to rally and take the series to seven games, losing in the end. 

The Yankees in 2018

The main change for the Yankees in 2018 is the exit of their manager Joe Girardi. Right now, the position is still vacant, but whoever replaces Girardi (who managed the team since 2008), will have to learn from his mistakes. They have a great squad; it's best to let them play. Overmanaging is hardly ever a good idea.

With good hitting and a great rotation, it was the bullpen that blew so many games for this team. Behind Tyler Clippard and Dellin Betances, the Yanks could have won a ton more games. With the addition of Tommy Kahnle and David Robertson however, they patched things up. With the relievers there from the beginning of 2018, they should be in good shape bullpen-wise.

Turning to free agents, Masahiro Tanaka has already resigned on a three-year contract. Players Todd Frazier and Matt Holliday are both entering free agency, although the former has stated he wishes to stay with the team, so we should expect him back. CC Sabathia is in the same boat, and losing him after his recent performances would surely be a blow. Relievers Jaime Garcia and Michael Pineda are also free agents. 

The Yankees have a solid squad as is, but are in the position to go for even more glory. If Sabathia leaves, the Bombers could go for a Jake Arrieta or Yu Darvish. And with the Marlins looking to liquidate, Giancarlo Stanton could end up in the AL East with the Yankees alongside Judge.  

Will They Win Their MLB Division?

In 2017, the Yankees only lost the division by two games. Other than the last place Blue Jays, they dominated all of their AL East rivals. In 2018, they'll only be improving and continuing their reawakening. Boston didn't win in convincing fashion, so look for the Yankees to take it in 2018.

StandingsNew York Yankees

Odds to Win the MLB World Series

The Yankees opened at +1100 to win the 2018 World Series, tied for fifth favored alongside the Cubs and rival Red Sox. The Nationals are slightly ahead at +1000, while the Mets and Cards are priced at +2200.

MLB Futures - 2018 World Series Opening Lines

Our Prediction

This is a great price to take the Yankees. They've proven themselves in the face of adversity and showed they had heart. Add that to a team that isn't that bad and you've got yourself a team that will go far. There's no reason for this to be priced the same as the Red Sox.

The Yankees were a better team than them last season (h2h), and will continue to dominate them next year. They'll have a decent bullpen from the start of the year this time. The only way they'll falter is if they lose Sabathia, cannot replace him, and end up with a subpar manager. Any other scenario has the Yankees overperforming in 2018.

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